Patrician-Anne in RPM, October 11, 1965
RPM, October 11, 1965

P.F. Sloan's Blue Lipstick, Patrician-Anne, Billboard, November 13, 1965
Billboard, November 13, 1965
Ivan Amirault sent in these two great ads for Patrician-Anne, who had a single featuring a P.F. Sloan original “Blue Lipstick” b/w “What About Me” on Arc 1113 from late ’65.She also has the great “Changin’ Time” on the CTV After Four LP that is best known for the song “Four in the Morning” by the Quiet Jungle (as the Scarlet Ribbon).

Patrician-Anne was the stage name of Patrician Anne McKinnon, sister of singer and actress Catherine McKinnon, and wife of Brian Ahern, a long-time producer and musician.

Brian had his own groups, the Offbeats and the Badd Cedes, whose song “Dolly Magic” was released on two singles as the Chapter V: Verve Forecast KF5046 with “The Sun Is Green” and again on Verve Forecast KF5057 with “Headshrinker”, all three songs Ahern originals. Brian also played with 3’s a Crowd. More on the Badd Cedes at Nova Scotia Classic Rock.

Patricia often appeared on Frank Cameron’s TV show, Frank’s Bandstand. An Arc LP Do You “Wanna” Dance (The Best of Frank’s Bandstand) has covers of “I Only Want to Be With You” and “As Tears Go By”, credited to Patricia McKinnon, along with a couple songs by the Offbeats, “Wild Weekend” and “Swingin’ Shepherd Blues”.

Patrician-Anne is also featured on various volumes of CBC-TV’s Singalong Jubilee, which I haven’t heard.

 RPM, November 15, 1965
RPM, November 15, 1965

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  1. Yes, Changin’ Time was a memorable reack on that album, sort of a bit like Sharon Tandy meets Pozo Seco, they don’t make them like this now.

    Arc was an odd label that had some real exploitively packaged budget price sound-a-like covers albums but sometimes some very good releases too like the very first Anne Murray LP (it was all downhill for her in my opinion from there though). After Four however was on Yorkville and spun off from a CTV afternoon show competing with Let’s Go.

  2. oh man… theres no mp3 for this?? T-T i was curious to hear the cute girls voice…

    amazing sleeve just love the elegance from the 60s



  3. I love these photos! Thanks for posting stuff about her. It’s been 10 years since she died (almost 11, I suppose!), and I really regret that she didn’t live long enough to see all the YouTube videos and commentaries about her. It would have meant a lot to her to know she is not forgotten. Thanks!

    1. Hi, I remember meeting Patrician Anne in Renforth, NB where she drove to the beach in her pink two-tone Mustang convertible with a contract in hand for my friend and great musician singer (then a life guard), Ken Tobias. It was a magical time! Never forgotten! <3

  4. PF Sloan & FE Feinberg’s book “What’s Exactly The matter With Me” is commented reading …..
    MVJ Presents
    I am forwarding S.E. Feinberg this webpage …. he is administrator for P F Sloan estate …… I am in contact with S.E.Feinberg & working with him on his musical ” Last Yiddish Pachuco”

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