Sonny Ace Pa-Go-Go 45 Ya Volvio La Palomita

Pa-Go-Go Discography

Story of how Cameo acquired “96 Tears”, Billboard, October 1, 1966 note “Bago Records” (sic)

Any help with the discography or info on Pa-Go-Go in general would be appreciated!

Lillian Gonzales and her husband Joe “Pato” Gonzales owned the El Pato grocery store in Saginaw, Michigan, and also ran the Gonzales & Gonzales artist management company. Joe, whose name I’ve seen in print as Jose Gonzales or Victor Gonzales, owned half of Bego Records with Paulino Bernal, which had been releasing conjunto records in McAllen, Texas since the early ’60s.

Joe started the Pa-Go-Go record with brothers Rudy “Tee” Gonzales and Manuel Gonzales (apparently no relation to Joe – see comment from Cisco below), basing the label out of San Antonio where Rudy Gonzales had his group, Rudy & the Reno Bops. Pa-Go-Go’s focus would be less specialized than Bego’s, with rock, soul and r&b releases.

Lillie Gonzales brought ? & the Mysterians to Art Schiell’s Recording Studio in Bay City, Michigan in April, 1966 to record a version of “Midnight Hour” and their original song, “96 Tears”, with Rudy Gonzales producing. The first pressing was 750 copies, but there were additional pressings as the single broke out on stations in Saginaw, Flint, Windsor and Detroit.

According to Billboard, Neil Bogart, a twenty-three year old sales manager at Cameo-Parkway flew to McAllen, Texas to purchase the master of “96 Tears” from Bego, winning out over a verbal agreement with Roulette’s Morris Levy.

Although Pa-Go-Go’s address of 408 Hazel St. San Antonio, Texas was on the labels of every release, about half the acts were from Michigan. A Billboard item from October, 1967 even mentions the label being headquartered in Saginaw. Pa-Go-Go only existed for about a year and a half, but released some fine music in that time, with the last single I can find mention of, Count & the Colony’s “Say What You Think” being sold to SSS International.

Pa-Go-Go Discography:

101 – Danny & the Tejanos – “Mi otra movida” (Polka) / “Con esta copa” (Ranchera)
102 – Question Mark & the Mysterians – “96 Tears” / “Midnight Hour” (April, 1966)
103 – Sir David & His Knights – “Shotgun” / “All My Love”
104 – Fernando Y Juan – “Se te llego tu dia” / “Vuela vuela Palomita”
105 – Chavez & the Chevelles – “Buscando Una Estrella” / “El Trenesito (The Train)” (D.A.R.)
106 – Danny & The Tejanos – “Confecion” / “Mundo raro”
107 – Little Henry & His Band – “No soy tu arroz con pollo” (Isidrio Lopez) / “Amor sin medida” (Jose A. Jimenez)
108 – Sonny Ace- “Ya volvio la Palomia” (Lonnie Guerrero) / “Sandra” (Martin Linan)
109 – ?
110 – Al Pinckney & the Exclusives – “Coasting” / “La-Hai”
111 – Chavez & the Chevelles – “Pido” / “Angelitos Negros”
112 – Danny & the Tejanos – “Listen, Sweet Thing” / “What’s the Word” (Danny Martinez)
113 – Conjunto Los Galantes de Manuel Gutierrez – “Contestaction a ‘Me Voy Lejos'” / “Ellas”
114 – ?
115 – Freddie Fender & His All Stars – “Cool Mary Lou” / “You Are My Sunshine”
116 – ?
117 – ?
118 – Staffs – “Another Love” / “I Just Can’t Go to Sleep”
119 – ?
120 – ?
121 – Count and the Colony – “Can’t You See” (Dick Brown, Butch Burden) / “That’s the Way” (Larry Wheatley, Butch Burden)
201 – Count and the Colony – “Say What You Think” / “Symptoms of Love” (October, 1967)

Billboard, July 1, 1967
Billboard, July 1, 1967
#101 shows only “Go-Go” on the label.
Little Henry Pa-Go-Go 45 No Soy Tu Arroz Con Pollo

See the entry on the Staffs for more about that band.

At this point I’m not sure if the missing numbers were actually issued, as I haven’t found any evidence of them, nor has Davie Gordon (see his comment below) or Mike Markesich.

? & the Mysterians, Sir David and His Knights, and Count and the Colony were all Michigan acts. Danny & the Tejanos, the Staffs and Al Pinckney & the Exclusives were from Texas (see comment from Robert Villarreal below).

Sources: background on Bego from Wikipedia, most complete account of the early days of ? & the Mysterians I could find was at, with further background from the, Fredric Dannen’s Hit Men, and info on Danny & the Tejanos and Sir David & His Knights from I’m Shakin’.

Thank you to Martin Hancock for info on the Little Henry 45 and to Antonio of La Plebe for his contributions to the discography. Thanks also to Francisco Candia, Shane, Alfonso, and Josh (jollyrarestuff) for their help with the discography.

Sonny Ace Pa-Go-Go 45 Ya Volvio La Palomita

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  1. I’m Robert Villarreal and was Al’s drummer during 1969 thru 1971, and we WERE from San Antonio. Although, I was not in on the recording of Pagogo #110. We played gigs in San Antonio and surrounding Military Bases.

  2. I have my doubts that the “open” numbers were ever issued as I have the same gaps in my listing.

    “Shotgun” by Sir David and his Knights is the Junior Walker song.

    The writer credits for “That’s The Way'(121) are Larry Wheatley and Butch Burden –
    recorded at United Sound Studios, Detroit

  3. Hello, I’m currently writing my dissertation on the San Antonio Chicano R&B bands and I have interviewed many musicians including Rudy T.
    You got the names right for Pa-Go-Go Records, but Joe was not related to Rudy and his brother “Red.” Rudy got connected to Joe becasue he was touring in MI a lot with his band, The Reno Bops. The name Pa-Go-Go is made by taking the first to letters of “Pato” (nickname for Joe) and “Gonzalez” (last names for Rudy and his brother). Interesting fact is that Rudy’s bass player Nando Aguilar who went by the name “Freddy Hill” wrote and recording the bass part for “96 Tears.”

  4. Pa-Go-Go

    101 – Danny & The Tejanos – Mi Otra Movida (Polka) – Con Esta Copa (Ranchera)
    111 – Chavez & The Chevelles – Pido – Angelitos Negros
    113 – Conjunto Los Galantes De Manuel Gutierrez – Contestaction A “Me Voy Lejos” – Ellas

    Hope this helps..!!


  5. I recently dug through a DJ’s 45 collection from a Spanish language radio station in Fresno, CA. I snagged a number of PaGoGo releases, two of which are these:

    104- Fernando Y Juan, Se Te Llego Tu Dia/Vuela Vuela Palomita
    106- Danny & The Tejanos, Confecion/Mundo Raro

    Also, my copy of 101 has the label name listed as simply “Go Go”. Everything else looks the same as the standard yellow/black Pa Go Go label.

  6. Hello,

    My Grandparents are Joe (Joseph) and Lillie Gonzalez. I found this blog and thought I would mention that my Grandmother passed away Saturday, May 17th, 2014. She would have been 99 years old June 12, 2014. Pa-Go-Go was one of many enterprising ventures my Grandparents, especially my Grandmother, worked on.

    If the link for the article about her passing isn’t in the above link, it’s here as well:

  7. This one is not on your list and probably is one of the most sought after on the Pa Go Go discography:

    115- Freddie Fender & his All Stars – Cool Mary Lou / You are my sunshine

    All the best,

  8. Pa-Go-Go missing #’s
    109 – Vince Cantu & The Nu-Dominoes – Hermosisimo Lucero (Cuco Sanchez) ‎/Negra Jornada (Johnny Herrera)
    116 – Fernando Y Juan – Amor Necio/Devolucion
    117 – Little Henry & His Pa-Go-Go Band – Hello Young Lovers / The Masquerade Is Over
    120 – Rocky Gil & The Bishops – Gritenme Piedras Del Campo (Cuco Sanchez) /Amore Por Corello (Rocky Gil)

    Composers N/A on 116 & 117
    Cuco Sanchez –

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