The Mods

Mods Revelation VII 45 Go Steinbach's Go Mustang & Satisfaction
Sleeve for their first 45, (click to see back)

Mods Revelation VII 45 Go Steinbach's MustangA sharp 6-piece group from Rumson and Seabright, New Jersey. The Mods often performed in Asbury Park and at Le Teen de Vous in Middletown and The Oaks in McGuire’s Grove, with competition like the Castiles (one of Springsteen’s first bands) and the Inmates.

The original band members were Rich Lillie on vocals and guitar, Phil Watson on lead guitar, Bob Busch on bass and Bruce Cunningham on drums. Soon they added Rich’s brother Bob Lillie and Wally Hageman on guitar.

The band released two 45s on Al Mott’s Revelation VII label, the first a promotion for a local Ford dealer, “Go Steinbach’s Mustang”, written by guitarist Phil Watson. It’s probably based on some other song by Ronny and the Daytonas or the Hondells and clocks in at 1:45. The flip was a pounding cover of “Satisfaction” lasting nearly four minutes without even a guitar break – must have been some workout for vocalist Rich Lillie.

Bruce Lowe (Cunningham) recalled a time when Rich Lillie really did lose his voice, when the band played seventeen shows in two weeks during December of 1964!

The Mods photo

Mods Revelation VII 45 RitualTheir second release has their greatest recorded moment, the fantastic “Ritual”, another original by Phil (impressively rendered Phillips Cromwell Watson on the label). “Ritual” has some of the most misogynistic lyrics of any garage song (which is saying a lot!). There’s no denying the power of the opening riff when the bass and drums kick in. The double-tracked vocals are also unusual.

This release has a good cover of “Everybody Needs Somebody” on the flip. This band had a polished image – short hair, sharp suits, but “Ritual” and these Stones’ covers shows a tougher side – in the right venue they must have been a great group to see live.

“Ritual” appears a second time on the Mod label as the b-side to a song based on the TV show Candid Camera. This was a tie-in to the band’s appearance lip-synching the song on the show.

Mods Revelation VII 45 Everybody Needs SomebodyThe show aired in November of 1966 and led to offers to tour, but by that time the members were attending college. The Mods played occasional shows for years afterwards with changing personnel, but never again strived for national attention.

Mods Mod 45 Candid CameraBruce Lowe used to keep a page on the band online, but I think it’s down now. The photo, article and ‘Go Mustang’ scans were taken from his site.

Article announcing appearance on Soupy Sales show – Rich Lillie not in this photo lineup
Mods promo sheet
Promo sheet announcing their second 45, September 18, 1965 (I’m not sure why it says their first Revelation VII release – this 45 had a label #R 105, while the Mustang promo has #R 104).

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  1. I attended Croyden Hall Academy with Rich Lillie in 1965-66, and saw the Mods perform on a few occasions. I’m wondering if anyone knows what Rich did post-Mods. Thanks

  2. I believe he became a chiropractor with a practice at the Shore (Red Bank – Asbury Park area). I went to RBC class of ’66 – saw them loads of times at “The Oaks – in Middletown) and various other dances in the area. His brother Bob still had the Mods in the late 80’s – we hired them for one of our class reunions.

    Those were great old days. I remember the “Battle of the Bands” competitions that Linda Sharaba would book over at the Oaks. Great area. Great era.

    1. Wow..what memories! I attended Red Bank High School with Linda Sharaba (what a character she was!) and remember her voice as lead singer for a shore bar band known as “Gildersleeve”(is that the correct spelling?) during the ’70s/80s. I remember Le teendevous in New Shrewsbury as well where they had the local bands and kids would drink/smoke in the parking lot and get loaded on soda and puke their brains out.

      1. If you remember Linda, you must remember her best friend Judy Clark and Linda’s voice and laughter booming all over the hallways at the old RBHS. She had her “groupies” too, seems like each year the prettiest freshmen girls would join the group. On the Du-Kanes, a group by that name cut a 45 in 1964, surf instrumental called Shock Treatment backed by Our Star (probably a vocal group ballad). HSH label. I don’t think it’s the same group from Sunnyside in L.S. though.
        Were you class of 1966 by any chance?

      2. By the way, an interesting coincidence, Pam Sharaba, Linda’s younger sister, is now Pam Lillie, married to Rich Lillie of the Mods. They were recently at the Kiernan Surfing Assoc. reunion. Pam Lillie is on FB, photos of her and Rich should be posted there. Back in 2014, I hadn’t realized that Pam Lillie was Linda’s sister.

  3. Does anyone remember the Vic-Tors? I think that’s how we spelled it. It had 3 Italians and 1 Jewish guy who sang really tight four part harmony. The guitar player was this insane little dude name Bobby Vacarelli or sometime like that. I played keyboards for that band when Christ Trent graduated Rumson Fair Haven Regional and went to college. This is back in 1966-1967. I was friends with some of the guys in The Mods. They were a really good band. I also remember Bruce Springsteen’s band too although I was never privileged to meet Bruce in person.

    1. Bobby Vac had a band called Everyone back in the early 70’s. They played the Gangplank in Long Branch frequently.

      1. The Everyone was my favorite band back in the day, Bobby Vararelli, Leon Trent (Still at it with Waterfront Duo singing around the Jersey shore), Andy Rovito, used to see them at the Captains Garter. Moved on to the Osprey and spent at lot of my misspent youth following SALVATION around, now that was a band. Unfortunately, we lost lead singer Chuck Guy and drummer Arnett in the past few years but Denis Quilligan is still singing up in Jersey has a new group on Facebook.

    1. My husband and I were the owners of LeTeendezvous in New Shrewsbury and remember the Mods as well as Bruce Springsteen performing at our Club. I have many good memories of those days in the 60s.

      I am living in Jupiter, Fl and still miss all of our friends in NJ.

      1. Dear Marilyn,
        My name is Barbara Power (formerly Barbara Ebert) and I spent many happy hours at La Teendezvous back in the sixties. I enjoyed working the snack bar and dancing and everything about the club. You and your husband provided a safe place for me to be and the ability to get away from a far from perfect home life and I thank you for that!
        I have a question for you. During the time I was there, Kodak came to the club and took pictures for one of their campaigns. I remember those pictures hanging on the wall at the club. I have been trying to find those pictures for years without success. I was wondering if you have any idea where I could get a copy of them. I’ve looked online without success.

        I would love to hear from you and thank you again for providing me with great memories !
        Barbara Power

    2. Don’t want to pick at straws but actually I think LeTeendezvous was in Shrewsbury; Tinton Falls started about 1/2 mile west on Sycamore Ave. If you were around at that time, speaking of Middletown, anyone remember the great parties the Kuhn brothers (don’t know the exact spelling) used to throw. Couple of 100 “crashers” and a live band. Believe they lived in Oak Hill development.

  4. The Vic-Tors were very good. Albie Rothstein is the guy you’re trying to remember. Other local bands were the Chelseas, The Broadways, The Five Old Men, The Cavaliers, they’d play the beach clubs, parties, dances.

    1. I remember the Mods from LeTeendezvous as well as The Castiles. I’d say the Mods were the most popular of all the garage bands that played the area. They were from Rumson. The Five Old Men were from Red Bank. They put white powder in their hair to make them look old. I remember Richie Maida was in that band, can’t remember who else was. It’s been a long time but I seem to remember they were more of a do wop styled vocal group and not a garage band.

      Most of the garage bands that formed in the wake of the British Invasion played mostly cover songs – a lot of Beatles and Stones and danceable garage rock like Little Latin Lupe Lu, mixed in with a few originals. Most of the band members were classes of ’65, ’66 and ’67.

      I remember Albie Rothstein too but I thought he was a few years older and sang with the Valtairs, not the Vic-tors. I remember them being more of a do wop group than a garage band but they might have done blue eyed soul. They put out a couple of records on Norman Seldin’s Selsom label. Norman played a big part in promoting battles of the bands up and down the shore and at places like the Keyport-Matawan Rollerdome. He had his own band, the Soul Set; Clarence Clemons played in his band before becoming an E Street member.

      Back to The Mods, I’m glad I found this post. I was only aware of one record, the Go Steinbach’s Go Mustang b/w Satisfaction single which I always assumed was a promotional item for Steinbachs, a Jersey Shore department store – in Red Bank, Long Branch and Asbury Park, and not a Ford dealer. Mustang was just about the coolest car in 1965 and I’ve had the 45 (without the pic sleeve) and I always thought that Steinbach’s got the Mods to write the song to help connect the store to teens and give it a hipper image.

      Maybe Phil who wrote it will notice this blog one day and set the story straight.

      1. Albie Rothstein did not sing with “The Valtairs” who were managed, and recorded by Norman Seldin of Red Bank, NJ. The lead singer was the late Harry Ray who sang with both Norman Seldin & The Soul Set, after he came back from the Army and stayed with Norman until he went with Ray, Goodman, and Brown (Love On A Two Way Street). At the same time Norman Seldin managed, booked and recorded The Motifs, The Uniques w/Leon Trent, Tony Maples, Nicky Addeo, and the Shondells. Stormin’ Norman Seldin currently both performs and records also in 2015.

        1. Hi Stormin’ Norman, great to hear from you. Albie Rothstein has posted several times in this blog and talked about some of the Vick-Ters member (my mistake, he wasn’t in the Valtairs, that was you’re group. Vick-Ters are in facebook with 6 of their tracks, NJ Vick-Ters if you search. Thanks for clearing things up regarding quite a few things. Been some confusion over Chris Trent and Leon Trent (no relation). So Leon sang with the Uniques with Nicky Addeo, quite a Asbury Park legend in his own right. Vinnie Roslin played in the Motifs I believe before joining Steel Mill which became the E-Street Band and your Soul Set became the Joyful Noyze with Clarence Clemons as your sax player. I saw The Motifs several times, regret never having seen (that I can remember) The Uniques. Here’s a link to your Motifs’ picture sleeve which I hope can be accessed because it’s from popsike, a subscriber site.

    2. Not to mention the DuCanes..featuring my former next door neighbor from “da hood” on Sunnycrest Dr. in Little Silver (Mike Destefano). His group rocked in the area in the late ’50s/early 60s. Great stuff!

    3. I played tenor saxophone in the Cavaliers. Bobby Calabrese from West Long Branch on lead guitar, Louie Dombroski from Shrewsbury on bass, Herb Sinclair from Fair Haven? on drums. Herb was replaced by John Poland from Shrewsbury. Later we added Billy Fitzgerald from Asbury Park on rythum and Steve Lusardi on organ. Tony Manfredi from Little Silver also played bass with us.

      1. dear robert clark,

        Saw your mail. You mentioned Bob Calabrese – Cavaliers – Lou Dombrovski etc. – I remember hearing the Cavaliers maybe 1963-4. Guitar, bass,drums,vocal. I played piano with the Viktors for a time. Is Bob Calabrese still around? Also played gigs with Tony Manfredi,

        thanks for your info chris

        1. Chris……Have tried to find Bobby Calabrese but to no avail. I see Tony Manfredi around Red Bank now and then. I used to be friends with Mark Nachmias back in the 60s & 70s but grew apart. Lou Dombroski passed away some years ago. The Cavaliers I played sax in was around from December 1960 to March 1964. Do you remember the Fidels…..Billy Borden from Shrewsbury played guitar.

          1. dear Robert
            Thanks so much for your news. The Fidels – does ring a bell. Might I venture to say you are a couple of years my seniour – I was born in 1947. Would you kindly give my regards to Tony Manfredi. I’m in Portugal so a personal visit is a bit difficult.
            May the Lord bless and keep you and yours.

          2. Chris……I will certainly tell Tony when I see him. He still lives in Little Silver in the house he grew up in. BTW, my wife visited Portugal about ten years ago with some friends (I did not go)….she loved the country and said Porto was her very favorite city. Peace, health and happiness to you as well.

        2. I remember the Vic-Tors well. I worked with Nicky Adeo who was a major help to Bruce getting his start to stardom. I was good friends with Bobby Vacarelli and Chris Trent.

          Lou Dombroski was the bass man in my band the Five Old Men and also my barber.

    4. The Vic-Tors have their own page on facebook with links to 6 of their recordings. I love their version of Way Over There. Every bit as good as The Miracles. I think Albie sang lead on that one, not positive. Five Old Men put white powder in their hair to make them look like ..well..old men. Richie Maida was in that band, don’t remember who else.

  5. Fun to read. I began singing with the Vik-Ters as a freshman in high school in 1959. The three Italian members of the band were Bobby Vacarelli, Andy Rovito, and Ricky Celli. I was the Jewish guy (Albie Rothstein) in the band even though I looked more Italian than they did. 🙂 Chris Trent played keyboards, he was our resident genius. Jimmy Sanford was our terrific drummer. We were proud of our singing and harmonies and that you could actually understand the words to the songs, which wasn’t usually the case with a lot of rock bands at that time. Aside from playing at colleges in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, we also sang at clubs up and down the NJ coast from Atlantic Highlands down to Brielle as well as hosting rock ‘n roll shows at a beach club in Seabright. Lenny Welch, ?And the Mysterians, and the Isley Brothers were three of the acts that came to play in our shows. I believe it was Scott Muni one of the dj’s from New York’s WMCA radio “good guys” that brought them. One of our local opening bands was the Castiles. Vacarelli tells me that the leader of that band was Bruce Springsteen, obviously before he was “Springsteen” and started the E St. band.

    1. Albie, great for you to join the conversation and sorry for confusing your band with the Valtairs (who did cut a couple of records for Norman’s Selsom label). Well, they both start with V. Don’t think we ever met but we had friends in common at RBHS. I knew Mark Namias from the Valtairs and I thought you were in that group. I knew your little sister Diane, everyone loved her. How’s she doing? Well, back to music, guess the Vik-ters preceded The Mods, The Castiles (which became Steel Mill) and all the other bands that formed at the time of the British Invasion by 3 years or so. Did your band ever release a 45? Can’t find a listing for one? We’d love to hear what you’re up to now.

      1. Mark, Dianne’s doing fine. She’s married 22 years to Alan Collins. who is from England. They have a business together teaching people, corporate officers to Quantum Think, which is included in the name of her highly acclaimed book, Do You Quantum Think?” Check it out on Amazon and Google Dianne’s profile.

        The Mods and the Vik-Ters were contemporaries and friendly rivals. 🙂 They did mostly British, we did mostly pop rock and Motown, which required more emphasis on vocals.

        We had a deal with ABC Paramount to record. We did a master of “Way Over There” a cover of Smokey Robinson’s original and were in the midst of recording the “B” side of the 45 when three of us got induction notices from Uncle Sam and that killed the deal. C’est la vie.
        We do have six songs recorded as demos preserved on DVD’s so as we get old and lose our memories 🙂 we will always have some of our music.

        I’m 12 years retired from Paramount Pictures Television Group, living in Ft Lauderdale with my wife of one year, Connie! I have two sons (one married) from a previous marriage. Connie has two married daughters. We have a combined 5 grandchildren from 20 months to 14 years of age.
        It’s a happy time.

        1. Albie, thanks for filling us in and glad to hear thinks are going great for you and for Dianne. I don’t think we ever met (you were class of ’63, right?) but Mark Nachmias was a counselor at the same summer camp as I was and he used to speak (highly) of you. Way Over There is one of my two favorite Miracles’ songs (though I think the Temptations remake from 1965 was slightly better), the other being From Head to Toe. You need to guard those tapes/ DVD’s like they were gold (no pun intended). Maybe it’s time to finally release the best tracks or get them included on one of those Nuggets type compilations. You think Lenny Kaye might be interested in putting out a Vol. 3?

    2. Albie Rothstein..blast from the past! I’m Linda Hartman’s brother, Bob Hartman and remember those groups as well. I graduated from RBHS in ’66 with your sister, Diane, so please send my regards to her. I’m somewhat in touch with Ricky Celli (I believe he lives in MD) and hope you’re doing well. Linda did not make it to your 50th class reunion but is in touch with several members of your class. I see you recently remarried? Congrats! Be well. Bob.

    3. Asbury Park actually had its own music scene back in the day and Springsteen, being from Freehold, and the Castiles played both areas / northern Monmouth County (Sea Bright, Long Branch, Le Teendezvous and the Rollerdome) and the Asbury Park scene which included Johnny Lyon, Steve VanZandt and Bill Chinnock whose band, after a sort of merger with Child / Steel Mill in the late 60’s and post-Castiles) was the foundation of the original E Street band. Vini Lopez, Vinnie Roslin, Gary Tallent, Danny Federici.

    4. Bobby and Andre formed everyone with Mike Trochia and Tommy Zvonchek who later joined fate with the the Tallerico brothers

      1. Their band was known as The Clique. I just posted a question about them. Emile Talarico was same year as me in RBHS. They were one of the best bands north of Asbury Park.

        1. I knew some of the guys in the Clique: Jimmy Scott (guitar), Emil Tallerico (drums), Vinnie Tallerico (vocals & drums), I don’t recall the bass guitar player’s name but he had blondish hair. I think they had a keyboardist also. JimmyScott was a fine guitarist. I worked with Jimmy Scott as we both taught at Red Bank Music on Shrewsbury Avenue for years. We cut at least one record together in NYC which was produced by Tommy Falcone. Jimmy and I both attended MTHS.

          -John Cubbage

      1. Just had the opportunity to revisit some old memories by listening to a medley of tunes from the Vik-Ters (Red Bank, NJ) from the ’60s. Wow..great stuff! I forgot how great these guys were! I can’t believe that I knew a lot of them and my man, Rick Celli was a classmate of mine and had a great voice. Love to hear these guys, again, if they ever reunited for an oldies show.

        1. Bob, love their remake of The Miracles’ Way Over There too. Albie sang lead on that one. Talk about a great voice and a whole lotta soul. It’s too bad the Vick-Ters never got the break they need to cut a few records. They have a facebook page with links to 6 of their songs.

  6. Mark, what year did you graduate from RBHS? I’m from the class of ’66. Graduated with Albie’s sister, Diane (who’s goal in life at the time was to have a perpetual tan and live in Miami). Richie Maida I knew from high school and the “Five Old Men”..I remember the powder in thehair to make the guys look like old men. Also, was it Chris Trent or Leon Trent ? The Trent I remember was a black guy (very unusual for the times to sing rock music) who appeared with the group “Waterfront” and sang at the original Tradewinds in sea Bright. Those guys did great covers for CCR. What times they were…

    1. Bob, I was ’66 also but went to Rumson-FH HS my freshman year. That’s how I know Phil Watson from the Mods. I played briefly with the Beau Mondes (farfisa), a group founded by my best friend, John Kroll. We rarely got paid, not the same caliber as the bands like Albie’s, Mods, or the ones that recorded for Norman Seldin. I hung out with Little Silver kids since 6th grade. A guy named Larry Kugler was once one of my best friends (c. 1961) and he knew Albie’s sister. Small world 1965-66. Le Teendezvous, Tradewinds and Driftwood were my stomping grounds. Best evening of my life, Norman Seldin, an old friend from grammar school, was playing a gig (1978) at the old Lock Stock & Barrel and “the Big Guy”, Clarence walked in with his sax – unexpectedly. During the breaks, we had a ball talking about the 60’s. Never did get to meet that guy who was in the Castiles though, Bruce what’s his name.

      1. Mark, the late John Kroll from Shrewsbury? If my memory serves correctly, red haired tall guy who died from cancer in his 20s. A very bright, personable guy. So, did you graduate from RFH or RBHS? One of my closest friends is from Rumson, Chuck you know him? Also, Gene Clay (nickname “Osco”) passed years ago. He was a major character! We should still in Rumson area?

        1. Bob, I went to Rumson-FH my freshman year (62-63) then transferred to RBHS where I graduated in 1966. That’s how I know Phil Watson of The Mods (who’s now a college professor at High Point Univ. in NC last I heard and that’s where I am, Raleigh). So Albie of the Vik-Ters graduated the year before I came to Red Bank and we never met. I went to grammar school with Norman Seldin who was very active in promoting those battles of the bands at the beach clubs, roller domes, etc. (and still active in the music scene, check out his website). Sad to say another musician from Rumson, Tim Ryan, passed away some time ago – he had his own band. A super nice guy. I had thought he played with the Mods but Phil tells me he never did. Albie was a legend – I heard about him from Mark Nachmias (called him Namias by mistake) – we were both counselors in the same summer day camp. Glad to hear his little sister is now a big success and doing fine. Cheers! John Kroll, founder of the Beau Mondes, did die from cancer in 1980, he went quickly. Very sad. He was brilliant and funny. I loved being around him. Sorry to hear that Gene (Osco) Clay died too. I had no idea. He was a real character alright and a sharp dresser, eh? If anyone wants to contact me, I’m at

          1. Dear Mark:
            Tim Ryan is on keyboards in the Candid Camera appearance. He was my Dad’s cousin. I thought of him as I’m reading the new book by Bruce, and he’s discussing his early days performing at Shore clubs.

      1. Been told it was Osco and the Playmates. Yeah, Osco was Gene’s band name but Playmates doesn’t sound right. Have to check my HS yearbook.

    2. This is part of an article that just appeared in today’s (1/11/16) Asbury Park Press, the reporter Chris Jordan interviewed Norman Seldin. Jan. 11 is now Clarence Clemons Day, his birthday. Norman mentions Clemons’ first gig with Springsteen, also Leon Trent (now with Waterfront) and the band Clemons was in, The Chosen Few, a backing band for the Broadways (with Leon Trent) and other west side Asbury Park bands. Clarence joined Norman’s Joyful Noyze before leaving to join Springsteen’s band. Here’s that part of today’s article. “Seldin’s Joyful Noyze took a hit initially when club promoters refused to book the integrated band.

      “You know what it was like at the Shore in those days — there was a black side and you never crossed the tracks,” Clemons said in a 2009 interview with Gannett NJ. “You didn’t mix the two together.”

      Clemons, to that point, had been a member of the Chosen Few, which backed Asbury Park West Side vocal groups like Broadways, featuring Asbury Park’s Billy Brown, Leon Trent and Ronnie Coleman.

      Once he hit the Boardwalk clubs, Clemons was hit.

      “He had the ability to command an audience,” Seldin said. “I was the lead singer but he could hold a crowd. He was influenced by (saxophonists) King Curtis and Junior Walker and I noticed it right way. We used to do the ‘New Orleans Strut’ and Clarence would lead the audience around the club in a line.”

      Seldin and Clemons became such hit that others in the scene started to notice. As Seldin recalls, Bruce Springsteen first played with Clemons at a Joyful Noyze show at the Beacon Manor in Point Pleasant.

      “You could tell they had the chemistry the minute he sat in,” Seldin said.”

    3. Leon Trent was the black guy and he’s still performing as Waterfront as a duo. According to his FB page, he lives in Asbury Park. Search under his name. Chris Trent was white. Not positive about this but I think he was with the Vick-Ters for a while. Both excellent talents.

  7. Great historical. By the way, the Vik-Ters was Vac’s band, I was just lucky enough that he invited me to join it. At that time the “band” was Vac on rhythm guitar/vocals, Andy Rovito vocals, Mark Nachmias vocals, and George Murphy drums. I replaced Mark who for some reason had to quit. Leon Trent (not to be confused with Chris our genius who joined the Vik-Ters circa 1962-63) practiced singing with us a few times but was never a member. I recall Ricky, vocals/bass, joined in 1961-62. I forgot if Jimmy Sanford replaced Murphy on the drums before Ricky joined or right after Ricky joined. I was a member for ten years, quitting to pursue a career and living in NYC. I’m going to forward this link to Andy living in Florida, Vac living in Shrewsbury, Ricky in Baltimore, and Chris Trent living in Portugal for more than 20 years. One will know how to connect with Jimmy Sanford.

  8. I remember Le Teendezvous like it was yesterday! It was the best plase for music and to hang out with your friends. One parent carpool would drop of us off and another one would pick us up! They also opened the beach club and hearing live bands on the beach was awesome. I attended Monmouth Regional High Schhol, 1964, 1965 then moved to Chicago with the family and was so unhappy….no beach or teen club! Does abyone remember the band called “the Clan” with Russ Howard? They were pretty good too!

    1. I recall that on one Talent Show at MTHS (1965?) we played a song or two together, I think one song was “I like Bread and Butter.” In the group was Russ Howard (vocal), Jimmy Scott (guitar), Christine Trautvetter (drums), and I played bass guitar. I don’t recall who else played. Russ Howard sang the lead. It was fun.

      – John Cubbage

  9. I remember the Mods, mostly through Bob Busch. He came to Red Bank School of Music on Shrewsbury Road in Red Bank, NJ and took bass guitar lessons from me. I remember at one point the Beach Boys came to play (I think it was on the boardwalk in Asbury Park) and Wilson (bass guitar) was not going to play so they paid Bob Busch to play with them for the concert. (I know this same thing happened with the Beach Boys in Greensboro, NC and they got Jim Lambert to play bass guitar in place of Wilson.)
    By the way, is the above Chris Trent the one who attended Fairview School and used to live in Middletown off Glenmary Ave. but later moved to Rumson/Fair Haven?

    1. To John Cubbage
      John, I certainly remembre your name. We were little squirts. I remembre Miss Burns, our teacher at Fair View in Middletown, correct? The name of another little squirt was Brenda Harris. Who was the other little guy who often was put in the corner for misbehaiving?
      Wonderful to see your name and hope to receive your response.
      God bless chris

      1. Chris-
        I just now (10/10/2016) saw your reply online.

        Miss. Burns taught Kindergarten in the corner room on the bottom floor of the old section of Fairview School. She was a good teacher.

        You might have been in the class with my brother Richard (Buz) who later played a lot of guitar. He eventually won a Monmouth Arts Foundation award in 1965 or 1966 on classical guitar. Other MAF winners about that time were Robert Watts (A.P.H.S.?) on french horn (who later graduated from New England Conservatory and played in the L.A. Philharmonic), April Showers (L.B.H.S.?) on flute, and Tommy Elliott (L.B.H.S.) on trumpet (later Henry Hudson H.S. Band Director).

        I came through Miss. Burn’s class a couple of years after Buz. Later studied bass guitar and “upright bass,” got a masters at Juilliard, played in a symphony for 12 years & taught at Duke Univ. before going into education. I’m retired now. During 1966-1968 I played in the George Thomas Quartet (Tommy Elliott) performing mostly at the officer’s clubs at Ft. Monmouth and Joseph’s Restaurant near Monmouth Park Race Track.

        Sounds like you did a lot of work on the keyboard. Do you still play?
        Great to hear from you after all these years (60).

        Blessed is the man…[who’s] delight is in the law of the Lord and in His law doth he meditate day and night.” – Psalm 1

        John Cubbage

    2. Oh my gosh, if I had not seen your post here, I would have always wondered what your name was…when I reminisce about my childhood experiences! I instantly remembered though, when I saw it. I took guitar lessons from you for a very short time. I doubt that you would remember me, as I was extremely young, shy and quiet! I was forever regretful that I didn’t keep up with the lessons, and then we moved away after my parent’s closed up their lamp business in Red Bank. It is good to know you are still around! How did you find this site?

  10. There’s going to be a 1 hr. interview with Norman Seldin, one of the driving forces between the Battle of the Bands & Sound of Asbury Park, this Thursday, March 19, 8:30 – 9:30 on Hamilton Radio, Need to register with the site on-line to hear it. Nancy Ryan is the host. Norman probably is going to mention some of the bands and names discussed in this blog.

  11. Forgot to mention, Norman will be at Bum Rogers in Seaside on Friday starting at 8, no cover. Wish I could be there, but unable to break away from NC until April. Those of you who still live in Jersey, I’m sure he’d love to see you.

  12. Cheryl Lusteck Rogan yes, I remember The Chlan with Russ Howard. I also remember Guildersleeve and have a picture of Phil Rizzo, Lew Longo, Linda and Scott. Still in touch with my old friend Lew Longo. The Source was another great band from that era.

  13. An excellent band from Red Bank that should be mentioned was The Clique. I graduated RBHS with Emile Talarico, he was in the band, I think he might have been their lead singer. Anyone remember who else was in The Clique? This was not the same band from Houston that had a hit song Sugar on Sunday.

    1. Mark, Emile’s brother, Vinnie, I think was in the Clique as well. Emile’s band later evolved into “Fate” and vinny sang lead in that one. He had great pipes! as far as “Osco” went, all I remember was Gene Clay..bopping down the hallways, always singing. I don’t know who sang w/him in that group.

      1. Bob, here’s your answer. Posted earlier this year. I missed it.

        Joseph Donato
        March 28, 2015 at 3:54 pm

        “Bobby and Andre formed everyone with Mike Trochia and Tommy Zvonchek who later joined fate with the the Tallerico brothers”

      2. Eugene (Osco) Clay wasn’t in a garage band and they played a different circuit. Doubt any who visits this site knows the other members. I was just curious about the name of his group, not so sure it was The Playmates.

    2. In 1965 the Clique was made up of Keyboard: Nick Soviero of Little Silver; Vinnie Talerico of Red Bank as compo singer; Drums: Emil Talerico of Red Bank; John Presti of New Shrewsbury on Bass Guitar; Jimmy Scott of Middletown on Lead Guitar. (source: The Daily Register, Friday, July 16, 1965, p. 15, sec. ?) They played and various clubs and Le Teen de Vouz in Red Bank. I think later Bobby Nolan may have played Bass Guitar with the group. Jimmy Scott taught at the Red Bank School of Music with me in the mid to late 1960s. The Clique was a good group.

  14. How about the band Marlboro Street Blues, my garage bands of the 60s brothers and sisters. I was positive they were gonna be huge and Springsteen was going nowhere.

  15. Does anyone remember the TEKES? Played all the Sea Bright beach clubs from 1964-1966 plus Clearwater Beach club. Jim Addonizio, Mike King, Chuck Cook, Harold Trenton, and Don VanNortwick.

    1. Great find. Was the Mods picture sleeve included or just the 45? I had the 45 at one time, still might have it but never have seen the picture sleeve except an on-line photo.

  16. Well worth the price, and that’s an understatement. I’d love to find their 45 of Ritual. Satisfaction is one of the songs that was part of their playlist at Le Teendezvous.

  17. Howdy All, Greetings from The Tampa Bay. Tony Manfredi is my uncle. His sister, Rose, is my mother. She went to RBC..graduated in 1965 I believe; maybe some of you remember her. My grandfather, Tony Sr, was also a musician. He taught guitar for a while. I don’t seem to have inherited any musical ability myself, Unfortunately. Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to some monmouth county natives who knew my family back in the day.

  18. What address was the Leteendevous in shrewsbury? I live there now and am curious where it was on sycamore Ave and what is there now in its place.

  19. Dear Chris, Al Mott here, and I am happy to tell you that SCOTT ZUPPARDO’S Magazine article. as far as I am concerned is in the PRETTY SECTION OF UGLY THINGS MAGAZINE. In fact, since we have been in almost every important magazine in the country, including being endorsed by AARP, Senior America can honestly say that it wouldn’t matter, who published the story, it would be very worthwhile news for music lovers of the JERSEY SHORE area. Ugly Things is now officially out, PUBLISHED for all those who want it, thru direct order to Ugly Things on-line. Scotto Z has left a door wide open for us to examine closely thru his excellent choice of words, and his love for good music wherever it comes from. We are presently exploring ways in which we can have the Magazine obtained by some music outlet in the Jersey Shore area. For example: Chris Bishop is given credit for your contribution to the article and I am attempting to tell you that I am sitting at my desk with the Magazine opened to the right page, at the right time. In case you do not have any information, I want you to please announce to your audience that Scott Zuppardo restored the music history of Asbury Park, NJ and now people who are aware of the true history of the music that starting in 1960 have found a new voice, thru his literary ability. Those who are interested in the MODS, especially those who took the time to write a commit, and after those who order Ugly Things Magazine, from the internet directly, will find out the music industry in Asbury Park will take on a different meaning. Scott’s article is called RITUAL AND REVELATION ON THE JERSEY SHORE! All MOD FANS and all music fan should rejoice in the Ritual and Revelation of the real story of JERSEY SHORE MUSIC REVIVAL, WHICH IS BEING PLAYED OUT ACROSS AMERICA! Please reach me directly…

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