The Moanin’ Glories

Ritchie Kunkle (guitar) and Andy Gore (bass) formed the Candelles in Wichita, Kansas in 1965. They changed their name to the Moanin’ Glories after Karl Berkebile (keyboards) and Marc Mourning (drums) joined in 1966.

The Moanin’ Glories recorded just one 45 for the Yorkshire label in 1967. The organ and harmony vocals give a dense sound to “She Took The Rain Out Of My Mind” and “You Better Watch Out For That Girl”. Both sides were written by Kunkle and Gore, and produced by Ken Ham.

Andy Gore had the band filmed performing both sides of the 45, using the set of KAKE-TV in Wichita for a promotional reel. The photos here are screen shots I took, but I unfortunately didn’t try to save the videos themselves. These were up on YouTube until a few days ago, hopefully they’ll be made available again soon.

The band relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1970, and toured Japan that year, but I’m not sure what they sounded like by that point. They broke up in 1971.

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  1. I am an original member of the Moanin’ Glories from 1965 til we broke up in 1971. We lost Ritchie Kunkle 12 years ago. The remaining MG’s kept in touch and 3 years ago decided to reform for a one time show. We solicited the services of Joe Sauer, leader of the Wichita band 3 Ring Circus, to fill Ritchie Kunkle’s shoes. After several months of rehearsals we played an outdoor concert in July of 2005 for KEYN Radio in Wichita and a club gig at Margarita’s in Wichita. We recorded the events and have printed a live CD from the 2 shows that is available from any one of us. A couple weeks later we were asked to open for Martha Reeves and Vandellas.
    We had so much fun reharsing and playing together that we decided to continue to perform a yearly show or two. We had to cancel the 2006 show for personal reasons but began rehearsing in earnest late 2006 for 2 shows this July 27 and 28. We are playing another KEYN show at Old Town in Wichita July 27 and on July 28 we will be at the Roadhouse Blues in Wichita. Please feel free to contact me for any other details, gigs, CD purchase or random stories. We are working on a website at which we hope to have up before the end of 2007. We are thrilled about any interest in the group.
    Karl Berkebile

  2. I lived a couple of doors north of you on Ridgewood, my sister Janet, went to Southeast with you. When I was at Robinson, I got a little respect for knowing you, or at least living that close to you. I always enjoyed your music the time I got to go to the Cotillion for the battle of the bands, or you were rehearsing in the garage. I write for a weekly newspaper in Amarillo, TX. Janet, and our older brother Roy, live in Plano, TX. I won’t be able to make it up to Wichita for the show, although we all get back there pretty regularly. As a bonus, if the Joe Sauer that is in your band the same Joe Sauer that went to East High from about 1968-71, I was in a drivers’ ed. car with him one summer, the summer Jimi Hendrix was supposed to come to Wichita, but Joe was one of the about 47 people who had bought tickets, so the show was canceled.
    Best of luck,
    Greg Rohloff

  3. Was surfing the net for the “Moanin Glories Band”, and ended up here! Just wanna say I sure enjoyed the 60s era music-scene, and sure wish I had recordings of my first garage-band called the “Texas Nightriders” ca. 1967!! I still have a copy of “1-Mod Band photo”, and thats all I have left from that orig San Angelo,Tx garage band!! Sure miss my 1st bass-guitar also, a “black Univox beatle-bass” but dont miss that Kustom bass amp at all!! The tone matches exactly to what I hear on the Moanin Glories recordings!!I was fortunate enough in my lifetime to meet, to work with Karl Berkebile in Dallas,Tx for a few yrs in the “Turnabout” Band!! Never a “better-person”, or “more-talented”, have I ever met!! He also does the BEST solo version of Randy Newman’s song “Louisianna”, you ever heard!!Ah, the memories!! Keep Rockin “Moanin Glories”, dont forget to wear “mod boots & wide belts,bellbottoms”, and semi-long hairstyles!! Your music is awesome!! Crank that B-3 Karlos!!& play “Louisianna” for me!!! Sincerely, your old bud!!!, Randino

  4. Hello~
    So glad you have posted info on your band. My mother is a HUGE fan!!! Too many stories of the Cotillion/Battle of the Bands. I’d love to get her more info or if you know where I can purchase a copy of the cd you made a few years back. Will you perform again? Is there another site I should be checking out?


    Second Generation Fan

  5. Karl, you may not remember me, but I remember you and your group. Ritchie and I were really close as children, but as teens he followed his talent and passion for music. I wasn’t as gifted but was a drummer wanna be. It’s nice to see something about the group. You were really the best in Wichita! I miss Ritchie. He lived a hard life after the group broke up. The last time I saw him was 1985 at my dad’s funeral. Take care! Long live rock!!

  6. Hey Karl! The renunion sounds great. I know Ritchie would be thrilled. However, he isn’t the last Kunkle guitarist. My middle son, Stephen, took up guitar at about age 12. Hes’s 22 now and is truly gifted. I see a lot of Ritchie in him. He’s currently in the Army(at Ft. Hood) and is going to Afganistan later this year. When I hear him play memories of Ritchie flood my mind.

  7. Just setting here reading about our old Wichita band days and many great moments came to life. Out of the ashes of the breakup of the MG’s, Ritchie and Marc met up with two boys playing out of Oklahoma City at a local radio station with DJ Sam Stone, you might remember him,one of Wichita’s best back in ’71.

    Hoppy Niles and I were playing with the Marble Phrogg, wild Led Zep side show with all the Hair, Hooks, and everything needed to blow our ears out. Little John Fredrickson, Mama’s Pride musician/promo-man, and friend thought, hey these four should get together. This mixture of MG and MP might bring out some crazed music.

    The band Crank was formed. Started out at Riverside Park, Nomar theater, and every club, prom, barn dance, anywhere people would listen. A little later down the line, Marc decided to persue other avenues and we brought on drummer Kenny Morrison, now deceased, who I had worked with in previous bands. Put that boy beside Keith Moon and you wouldn’t have wanted to be in the same room. The same kind of energy. Ended up playing with REO Speedwagon, James Gang, Hollies(including Komar the Magnificent. The guy swallowed swords, and layed on a bed of nails. I never did quite understand why he was on the tour, but it was great fun), and Frank Zappa said who are those glitter boys from Kansas, and what are they doing on my tour? He recorded the band and even seemed to enjoy us being around. This was probably my musical highpoint. To spend time on the stage with Zappa’s band, who at that time included George Duke on keyboards and Jean Luc Ponte on violin, my head would just spin. The band stayed together 2 1/2 years and great music was made.

    Ritchie and I ended up moving to Dallas to see what this Willie Nelson, progressive country movement was about. Man, we couldn’t have taken a bigger degree of turnaround in our music style, but we rode it out. Flash back to Karl Berkebile, who was already in Dallas, and we just kind of showed up to partake in the atmosphere. Karl was playing with some Dallas area musicians and was great to listen to, but Ritchie and I seemed to have the road on our mind and we ended up on the south Texas border playing in hard drinking bars. We thought we found reality and then we burned to a crisp. Ritchie stayed on the border for a while and eventually moved to Nashville. He passed away while living there.

    I am very glad to have spent those years on stage, sharing every sort of hotel room, and in the desert with Ritchie. We lived and died on multiple occasions and life was truly on the edge. I moved back to Dallas and Karl took a look at me, must have felt sorry for my ragged edges, and we started playing great music together.

    Next stop, the Suzee Waters band. This girl had a voice mixed with Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin. The band also included Dick Dunn on drums, who went on to play with Charley Pride. Karl is one of the musicians and friends who I have truly admired. He has used his talent to bring good times to so many people and I would never get tired of listening to him play.

    The writer of a previous insert mentioned his playing of Randy Newman’s Louisiana, and I certainly agree. I shared the stage with him for many nights and played bass to that song with him on piano, and that is the most memorable song of the time for me.

    See those Moanin’ Glory boys made a lot of waves.

  8. Hoppy,
    Just lost my job. Want to start a band with a old deaf guy? I’m livin’ in Wichita. When I saw the Stones last year, I thought we should have been opening for them…
    It’s been a long time comin’ brother.

  9. Hi,, I have 4 45’s of the Moanin’ Glories 3 are promo copies and one is with the blue label, as on this site.
    I have listed them on EBay if your interested.

  10. Rebecca, I haven’t looked at this website for a long time which explains the year long delay in responding. I don’t know if any of the other guys in the Moanin’ Glories have responded to you. I have copies of the live CD from a couple years ago and would be glad to send you one. They are $12 plus shipping which is about $1. You can contact me by email and we can make arrangements if you are still interested. Now, what is your mother’s name. Those days at the Cotillion were so much fun for us all. We hope to have another reuninon in a year or two. Unfortunately, Joe Sauer just is now recovering from a heart attack. He’s doing fine for now. I am planning to play with Marc and a couple other guys at the Orpheum in Wichita on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a Christmas benefit show. Thanks for your interest.
    Karl Berkebile

  11. Rick,
    How are you? It’s been a couple years now since I saw you. Please get in touch. I’m still in Dallas playing weekends at Gator’s in the West End. Give me a call or an email. I’d love to talk to you. I live in Euless and am listed.

  12. Hi, Karl,
    I met you maaaany years ago (early 70’s) at your parents’ home along with John Badwey and his daughter Robin. We all lived in Great Bend. (He was the sports writer for the newspaper) Some folks from Great Bend High School contacted me a few days ago to see if I knew how to locate Robin for a reunion. My Mom remarried and we moved away, so I lost touch with Robin. Do you have any idea where Robin might live? (I think her dad passed away in 1988.) If you can help I will pass the info on to the folks at GBHS. Thank you! Barb Mason Caudle

  13. OMG, Rick and Hoppy! It is so good to see that the two of you are still out there. I found your posts by trying to figure out whatever happened to Little John. I ended up marrying my BFF Larry 26 years ago. We left Wichita, moved to KC, and then 20 years ago moved to the San Francisco area. Larry is still in the music biz – and still friends with Mike Finnigan (Finnigan & Wood). I recall those Crank days so very well. I think I still have some of those old CRANK stickers. I also remember that awesome show (wasn’t it in Oklahoma City?) with Frank Zappa. It was a highlight. -Jan

  14. Hoppy and Rick,

    I am so glad to see ya’ll are still kicking. I am still in Dallas. I still see Karl. We need to get in touch!

    Email me:

    “Lime Bob had two good times and he knew it.” Richie, circa 1967

  15. I remember Crank opening for the Grateful Dead in Wichita at Century II. You mention Riverside Park…do you remember Redneck? Sundance? The old Phone Booth bar? I don’t know what’s made me so nostalgic lately, maybe old age or something, but those were good days. Crank, the Moanin’ Glories…sheesh…it seems like a lifetime ago but at the same time just like it was yesterday.

  16. Karl not only continues to play regularly in Dalls, but he’s recorded a new Christmas album, which is available from him. Email him a karlberkebile (at) sbcglobal (dot) com to find out how to order your copy. I’m sure he’ll be doing songs from it at the December show in Wichita and will have copies with him to sell.

    Even more exciting news is the fact that the Moanin’ Glories will be inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame on March 6, 2010 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS. I’m looking forward to seeing the band play again.

  17. Just to throw a little more history at ya:

    I was a neighbor of Ritchie and knew him when he first started taking guitar lessons. We formed the Candelles in junior high; Ritchie had become friends with Andy. We started practicing in Andy’s basement as a trio. We had a great time learning the current hits, watching Shindig and Hulabaloo and just hanging out. After their freshman year, they went to Israel and England with Andy’s parents. They came back as real Brits. Not too long after that they brought Mark and Karl on.

    Ritchie, Andy and I attentend a Beach Boys concert together in 1965, my first rock concert.

    Later, in high school, Ritchie and I set across the table from each other in study hall. I remember the day the cames to school and told me about the new Hendrix album, Axis: Bold as Love.

    I don’t believe I ever saw him after he graduated. I was sorry to hear he had died too young.

  18. Greetings and salutations, one and all! It really is nice to know that people remember The Moanin’ Glories after all these years! Although I haven’t been following the postings on this website very often, it is good to see some familiar names of pre- and post- Moanin’ Glory members. Hello Rick Hodge and Hello Tom Krebs! I have a couple of news flashes for all of you. First, the promo videos from KAKE-TV of our single (that were up on Youtube for a while and then were taken off) are now on the web again on The Moanin’ Glories Facebook page. There you will also find lots of vintage photos of the band, information, sound clips, etc. Secondly, the Moanin’ Glories will be inducted into The Kansas Music Hall of Fame along with other area musicians at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas on Saturday, March 6th. There will be a ceremony and short performance by all the inductees. For details and ticket information see Thanks to all of you for all your support through the years!

  19. It is so bittersweet reading about The Moanin’ Glories and my father, Ritchie. I’m so proud of him and all his accomplishments and I know that he would be so thrilled to be on stage with the rest of you as you are inducted into the KS Music Hall of Fame. From the earliest I can remember, my father always had a guitar in hand and was playing rock, country, and the blues. The stereo was on everyday in our house. I grew up listening to the best music and to this day, those tunes bring memories of happy times and put a smile on my face. That was when he was most happy and carefree. He was a great father and had a wonderful sense of humor. But, he was a lost soul too and I didn’t realize until many, many, years after I became an adult, that he was struggling with so many demons. He was a dreamer, an artist, a poet, and always so optimisic about the future. On the other hand, I think he was really sad and hugely disappointed after the break up of the band and the connections lost to dear friends. I think it ate at him like a cancer, and eventually got the best of him. I wish I could be in Lawrence on Saturday to see all of you and listen to the music my father helped to create. I know he’ll be watching and listening from above with a smile on his face. To all of the band members & Ritchie’s close friends, I would love to see any memorabilia and keepsakes that you might have. I have one of the 45’s and used to have a calendar from the tour in Japan but it became lost over time. There are a few pictures of him I come across now and then, but would love to see any others you could share! Have a great time on Saturday! (

  20. Reading all of the comments about the Moanin Glories brings a tear to my eye for it’s all so bittersweet. I know my father Ritchie would be so thrilled and proud to be with the rest of the band members as you are inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame this weekend. I had no idea that my dad & the band had such an influence on music history! My father loved music with a passion and always had a guitar in his hand. He practiced the latest tunes, whether they were rock, country, or the blues, and was always creating music of his own. The stereo and record player were a staple in our home. It was on morning, noon, and night and to this day, when I hear songs from my childhood, it brings a smile to my face because I am reminded of my father. Because of him, I have a deep appreciation for music, it’s history, and the connections it brings to people’s lives. He was a wonderful father and so much fun. He was a dreamer, a poet, an artist, and a musician. Yet, he was a lost soul as well. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized just how many demons my father was battling. They ate at him like a cancer and eventually won. I think over time he was deeply saddened by the breakup of the band and the lost connections to dear friends. He missed what he was with them and ultimately what he didn’t become. I miss him deeply and wish I had told him how proud I was of him and his hard work. I wish I could be there to watch you guys be inducted .I know Ritchie will be watching from above on Saturday and be there in spirit as you accept this wonderful honor. I would love to see any memorabilia, pictures, momentos, etc. that any of you have. I have one 45 with the blue label and that’s it. I used to have a calandar from the Japan tour but it is long gone. Take care!

  21. Rick,
    I can’t believe that I found you on a page about old Wichita Bands. Those times that I got to spend with you and Cathy Ring and the guys from your band were a lot of fun even if I was just pretending to be a roadie. Our trips to K.C. were always an adventure!
    Take care,

  22. 3-5-10
    Dear Gina

    I knew the band briefly from both Hays and Wichita, and they were not only good musicians, but also good people.
    Since each band member is given a personal award, you and your mother should DEFINITELY come up for the induction and receive your dad’s award in his place.
    The Inductions are a great night, and they have become a reunion night for bands and crews that were always on the road at the same time and couldn’t go hear each other.
    Please come; I know you’ll connect with old friends and fans who appreciated your father’s music and will have a great time. The unplugged event at the holidome tonight is more laid back, but just as much fun, too. I hope you decide to attend!

  23. Hey Marc, your cousin Mike Crabtree here from the band (The New Destination); Congratulations on being inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. Glad to hear that you’re going to do a few shows a year. We heard you last year in Old Town in Wichita. I have added a lot of pictures and music recorded live at our club (Central Station) in the 70”s Hope to see and talk with you next time the group is in Wichita.
    Mike Crabtree

    1. I remember when you guys played at Skateland North. My cousin was Mike Debacker. I went to North but a few years after you guys.

  24. Karl, Marc, and Andy,
    I was very pleased to see of your induction to the Hall of Fame. Would have enjoyed going up to see you. My days of working with you, Karl and Marc are very fond memories. Andy, I was only sorry that the concept of 2 bass players never caught on, we could have done well.
    Gina Bell,(you’ll always be “The Bell” to me),
    It was so good to see your words.Terri and I talk of you often and
    have so many good things to remember. I do have pictures of Ritchie from our road years and even some recordings from concerts and clubs. So much was lost when he passed on, but you know heaven has never been the same since he arrived, after all, each of us changed being around him. He did love you and your mom so much. We had many conversations before we both got lost in the desert and never came back the same.
    Jan and Larry,
    Sounds like a great life you are having. San Fran is our favorite part of the world and it really worked its magic on us. D. Oropeza is around here somewhere, we just run into each other every few years. He is doing good work for the community, and I don’t mean the Hawaiian. Seems to have lost that alias. Did we really survive that cold winter night walk on highway 50 coming back from the Great Bend Crank gig, when Dan ran out of gas in the Pinto? The concept of a trucker stopping for the two of us, with me in platform shoes, hair longer than I even like to remember, and glitter eye liner, dropping us off at a truck stop in Hutchinson now seems like something out of Fear and Loathing, but it was our life as Smichney recalled. Ritchie played good that night. Steve Miller in a gorilla suit, Wishbone Ash, and Boones Farm for everyone. Did Dan really drive?
    Bob Reimer,
    To hear from you was so special. Do you think the Ring family ever figured out where the cement bus stop and 20 real estate signs came from in their front yard? If that wasn’t a sign of true infatuation for someone, what else could there be? We were
    coming back from KC recently and I thought about the guy who dozed off in front of us on the Turnpike, on the way back from the KC Pop Festival, I believe, slid into the guard rail, and showered us with sparks. Glad we all lived through that moment.
    I loved it when Mel answered the door. “No she didn’t come home!”
    He was just “so Mel”. Come home for a visit and see us too.
    I miss seeing all of you! Can’t hear much of anything, so the phone ai’nt great, so send an email if you get a minute.
    Take care

  25. Get hold of Karl Berkebile and get a decent picture of the Moaning Glories on here. There was a “flyer” that has them all and the text that said, Outstanding in their field. It’s a great picture of all of them. I was in and promoted several bands during the time and the Moaning Glories even played for the last 9th grade to graduate from Minneha. I will miss Richie. Went to Southeast with him and he had a style like no one else. Very sorry to hear of his passing and his passing did not sound well which is very sad.

    I don’t have the email for Karl but get a hold of him and see if you can get this picture of all of them standing out in field of I believe sunflowers. It was an important, great time. S.Angle

  26. Is this the Hoppy? : ) Would love to chat if this is the real Kenneth S Niles…If you remember me : ) It’s been a long time…

  27. Hey Andy, I remember seeing you guys at some teen activity center in Wichita around 1970. Some of the things I remember were you guys doing a hell of a version of “Midnite Rambler” with Karl playing the hell out of the harmonica! and the black tuck&roll Kustom PA cabs with Altec horns added. The same horns you sold to Joe Sauer. We used those horns a lot when I joined up with Joe,Ron Schauf,Gail Gilbert, and Bob Mitchell. I was drumming for them for a while in the early 70s. I still play here in San Diego. Hope you are well, Todd

  28. I was surprised to see someone is trying to contact me. I currently live in texas and I believer I remember you, Barb…Wasn’t your mom and my dad friends…maybe even date? You are welcome to contact me…Sincerly, Robin Badwey (P>S> dad did pass in 1988)


  29. hey yall
    I have never forgotten Crank. I lived in Plainville, Ks, and they used to play at the CYO hall there. I remember a guy with an SG and a guy with a hook hand who played a Les Paul.
    Crank did the Immigrant Song and it’s still the best cover of it ive ever heard. they played through these massive Kustom amps. the drummer told me he slept on them in the van.

    Anyway, Crank was a great band. I was a green teenager then, and I remember walking into the hall with my first super hot girlfriend, and two guys from Crank were sitting there. The dark-haired guitar player had this look on his face(when he saw my girl) that i didnt understand, but i sure do now. Ha!

  30. Will,
    It was good to hear from you. They were great, insane days. Remember many school principles and officials, signing our checks with trembling hands, just wanted those wild boys out of their facility as fast as possible before we were able to corrupt the local citizens, glad to hear that we were able to bring some of that corruption your way. We loved to rock…
    Did you hang on to that girlfriend? Lucky those Crank boys didn’t whisk her away.
    Hoppy Niles, the guitar player with the hook, is playing out of Oklahoma City. The group is One Armed Bandit. Playing some excellent music. Still rocking the house down.
    Take care!

  31. Hello

    My name is cindy falls I’m a filmmaker do a documentary on Mr.Badwey’s son John Kevin Badwey. If you can give information on John please contact me

  32. I saw the ‘The Moanin’ Glories’ when I was 14 years old at a skating rink sock-hop. Drummer was cute…wished he was my boyfriend. Saw Marc again when was doing the ‘crank’ thing. LOL!! Soon after we got married…moved to Tulsa…had a son, loved and divorced. I retired from nursing, Marc is still work, playing hard….meaning ‘the drums’. HA HA.
    We have a 13 year old grandson, we are still hangin’….GRANDPA (sorry Marc) takes us to ‘Savute’s’ in Wichita, Ks. Yummy!! Sending out HALLA to all the ‘MG’s’. God Bless Richie and love to Gina Belle.

  33. First tagged along with Marc to hear Moanin’ Glories @ church youth dance in mid ’60’s, later caught band in Joplin Mo and visited briefly with Marc backstage back in Tide, White Eyes era. Had garage band with Roger Wellman (also friend of Marc) and Eddie C (forgot rest of last name). Later in Joplin went union (AFM local 620) and played with Changin Times, after which joined KS band Fifth Amendment. Recall first seeing Mike Finnegan and the Serfs cover for Swinging Medallions no-show @ the Cotillion. Karl met you @ a Kapaun (don’t know if that’s spelt right, Catholic HS as i remember) football game decades ago. Rock on guys. TB

  34. Hey y’all – My fond memories of the MG’s are from the many dances at the Indy Civic Center in the mid 60’s. Good times! I was glad to come across this page tonight. See you guys on facebook! Nan

  35. Hi Karl Wow !!! I remember you guys ha!! I actually played in a small band in Wichita with a Kunkle ?? and Don Lytle on a Hammond B3 organ I went to Southeast too and graduated in 68 .. I played basketball several years with Randy Canfield Bill Vestle Jim Easton and more. I watched you guys several times and enjoyed you a bunch. Im still playing Guitar and vocals and harmonica in SE Kansas.. I have a very good friend Drake Macy he calls me Uncle John He still plays at Margrittas on Douglas I think .. Hey drop me a email. I think of Jay Leach and many more. Im 64 now and have made a cd all harmonica and getting ready to do another cd with my guitar vocals and have them mix my harmonica in with them ha!! soon too ! I play Gospel music now with 5 others. Great to see your still kicking Brother it would be great to hear from you John Smith SE 66 67 68 I still remember you Karl but and we talked many times but didn’t hang out ha!! I had a beautiful girlfriend and she was prettier than you guys ha!! God bless Bother John

  36. Hi Carl This is John again.. I just had another great flash back of our neighborhood with Caldwell Curtis and the Southeast ,, Jay Leach was a good friend of mine Karl and I remember Jay was really BIG in gymnastics and a couple things I just cant get out of my mind was Jay always had powder on his hands for the bars (gymnastics) he don’t these things called “Giants” he was strong as a mule ha!! And I played basketball on a outside court between Curtis and Caldwell and Jay lived right across the street on Edgemore and we could hear Jay fire up the steel guitar from a block away .. Just some memories of our old stomping grounds near Southeast. I remember listening to the MGs play and can still see the kids digging the music you played. My producer is David Teegarden in Beggs Ok, (by Tulsa) Dave played with Bob Seiger and the Silver bullet band for near 20 years. Hes a good guy Well I hope I see some comments from the old neighborhood ? Another quick memory was watching the Shadows of Knight play at the cotillion ball room. GLORIA was kickin it then ha!! God bless you Karl hope your having a great life… John Smith Still in Kansas and will probably die here ha!!

  37. Does anyone know why Joe Sauer hasn’t been inducted into the Hall of Fame as a solo act (or bandleader for Shine, Easy Money, 3 Ring Circus, Stallion, etc.?) I think he is a genius.

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