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Awright, this isn’t ’60s at all, nevertheless, the MD’s album on their own Surgeon Records label is a fine example of DIY rock released in 1981. It’s a record so obscure there’s literally not a word of info about it on the internet.

They sing, “School teacher, fucking preacher, why don’t you leave us alone?” – but they’re not really pissed off kids. Is “Senior Power” a mocking tribute to elderly citizens? Nope, it’s about how cool it is to be in the graduating class.

Ricky Rivera was the lead guitarist shredding those solos, Richy lead vocalist (R. D’Lima in the song credits?), Rey Rivera played keyboards, Tatico Requeña rhythm guitar, Rene Cardona bass, Rigo drums and back up vocalists were Maria Luisa Pagan and Silvia Rico.

Looking at the LP I thought the MDs were a bunch of pre-med students out of a university in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as the credits mention the Copeyville School, but someone named Mike wrote to me and pointed out the were really high school seniors from the private Cupeyville School. Mike added “they were a hit in the local scene and an FM radio station played their song ‘1981’ a lot.”

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  1. This is so awesome! Once a year I check to see if anyone has ever written anything about our band and other than wikipedia this is a first. I’m totally honored by your comments and I’m writing to let you guys know that we almost got to release a second album (before we broke off) and I think you guys will enjoy it. A bit faster, a bit harder, a bit cleaner but definitely rocking. We did have a good time while we played and this is why most of us are getting together to do it again. Rigo, Rick, Tatito & me are working on our site and soon it will be up with more songs, new recordings (some bootlegged) ALL FREE. I’ll personally will make sure GARAGEHANGOVER.COM will simultaneously receive this for you guys to enjoy.

    Dare to differ,


    1. I graduated from Cupeyville School in 1982 and I clearly (almost) remember that band. During annual “Talent Shows” they play shows in the cafeteria of the school. As far as I can remember Mr. Richard D’Lima was the only singer of the band ( He was my English Teacher at that time). I believe that the reason he was the only one that sang was because he was American and his American accent was more appropriate for the American songs they played. I don’t remember the names of the rest of band except that the guitar player was skinny and provided the instrument equipment because his parents were financially able to. The drummer was a classmate of mine that was a big fan of the band “Boston” at that time. The parents of the guitar player (which name I can’t remember) were the ones who initially provided the financial means for their record. But before they recorded that album I remember the band playing covers of the songs of that time. I remember that the two favorite cover songs that they played (and everyones favorite) were DEVO’s “Whip it” and Gary Newman’s “Cars”. The guitar player also played the synthetizers/keyboards when not playing guitar. I don’t recall Mr. D’Lima playing any musical instruments at all. All he did is sing.
      I remember that after several months of making the record they found themselves in the hole with the label so they were desperately trying to sell the record to every student and parent in the school. And yes it’s true, they had a minor hit song on the radio… (1981?). It is also true, that they wore medical scrubs during their shows. I could be wrong but I always thought that they named their band after the lead singer ( M.D. as in Mr. D’Lima). Anyhow, its been over 32 years since I saw the best music group that came from my school. It brings back memories of my childhood that I wish I can go back to. Is there anyway I can obtain that first record or the recordings?…It will be cool if I could get anybody from the band to contact me, especially Mr. D’Lima. Thanks for the memories………….Alfred

      1. Hi!

        Richard is my brother!!! He’s back in Puerto Rico! It was really great to read your comment. Time to time, he’d talk about the group. Very cool to find this link.


    2. Hi,

      Richard is my brother!!! He talked to me about his band. I can’t believe on a random search, I found this link!! I have searched his band from time to time before and never found anything until now.

      This made my evening!

  2. hola me llamo leito, soy de uruguay, me gustaria comunicarme con Rey Rivera, estoy trabajando para el sello Groovie Records (portugal), me gustaria hablar para re-editar the MD’s. muchas gracias!

  3. Wow! I used to listen to “1981” and “Brain Damage” on Alfa Rock and loved this band. I’d like to listen to those songs again. Can you please make them available? I’m sure you’d make some money if you post them in iTunes.

  4. Estoy muy agradecido con todos los comentarios recibidos. Nos hace sentir que todo aquel esfuerzo y dedicacion valen la pena y creo que de relanzar el disco, seria un posible batazo. La base del grupo, continua unida. Si me das tu contacto, podemos charlar y vemos que posibilidades hay. Gracias por tu interes, y espero escuchar de ti, pronto.

  5. Queeeeee???
    Como que obscure! este album fue un hit en su tiempo.. por lo menos en la semana en que salio! Je je.
    No no, me acuerdo clarito del album, y lo he buscado mucho por internet pero tienes razon, no hay ni pista de el online.
    Podria alguien montarlo a You Tube porfa?

  6. El website lo estamos montando. La idea es que si hay alguien mas con detalles, fotos, o grabaciones de la banda live, las puedan ver y bajar en el site. Estate pendiente a el site

  7. Tuve el privilegio de estar en Cupeyville hasta el 82….escuchaba las practicas desde la calle de atras donde los Cardonas vivian y verlos Live en Talent show de esa misma high school…lo mas interesante de todo fue que el maetro de ingles canto varias canciones en el album…..busco una copia o link para la cancion Brain Damage…si alguien la tiene please envianme el link…Joe

  8. They are going to be performing, at the RED PIANO BAR and Grill in Cupey on July 2.. For more details, go to CPR, The MDS REVIVAL TRIBUTE BAND event on Facebook.

    SEE YA……

  9. Vas a poder conseguir una copia en el RED PIANO BAR AND GRILL el 2 de julio a las 9:00PM y oir la musica en vivo por CPR, MDS REVIVAL TRIBUTE BAND. Date la vuelta que la vas a pasar brutal…..Jose, nos vemos alla.

  10. We are back on the Studio and planning some live performances make sure you hit LIKE on our new Facebook page. Album will be available online sooooon, and hopefully the new album aswell, Hit like and and help up.

  11. After 30 years, brothers Rey and Rick are back on the studio remastering and recording new material, please be sure to hit LIKE and join the fan group on reverbnation if you want to be kept posted. See you on the road.

  12. Soy compañero de trabajo del el Sr. Richard D lima algun encuentro con.el.Sr. D lima trabaja en quebardilla en la escuela Sup Juan Alejo de Arizmendi ( la high vieja de quebradillas)

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