Mark V Blast 45 You Make Me Lose My Mind

The Mark V on Blast Records

Mark V Blast 45 You Make Me Lose My MindI don’t have any info on the Mark V other than what’s on the labels. BMI lists the “Mark V” as the song writer for “I Want To Say”, so that indicates the band members were L. Cerame, G. Snow, R. Eder, T. Montanino, and R. Hackling.

The b-side “You Make Me Lose My Mind” is the wilder of the two songs; Jack Provenzano is the writer. Unfortunately it’s not on youtube right now, but it’s worth seeking out for the weird scream after the opening drum roll.

Released on Blast 215 in 1964. Vincent Catalano (Vinnie) owned the Blast label, and also had the Sinclair, Whale, Mermaid, and Camay Records labels with Don Ames. Blast is known for doo wop, especially “Coney Island Baby” by the Excellents. Basil Bova did some A&R work for the Blast label.

The best source of info on Vince Catalano that I could find is from the Double Dates of Luck Records.

The Mark V single comes towards the end of the Blast catalog. New York City was my best guess on the band, but it turns out they were a Belleville, New Jersey group.

Mark V Blast 45 I Want You To Say

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  1. I was a member of this band. My name is Ron Hackling (I co-wrote the song “I want to say” with the other members. We did all of our rehearsing in my parents home in Belleville, New Jersey. All of the members were from New Jersey. Unfortunately, George Snow (a member of the band) took his own life about ten years ago. He was a victim of the Vietnam war. During the last couple of years of his life, he lived in California and located me through the internet. I collaborated on a few original songs with him before he passed.

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