Josie Taylor Liberty 45 I'll Love You For Awhile

Josie Taylor “I’ll Love You For Awhile”

Josie Taylor Liberty 45 I'll Love You For Awhile

Josie Taylor was of the many women in the mid-’60s who had one or two fine solo singles then disappeared from the music scene and history books. A few others that come to mind include Karen Verros (two singles on Dot including the great “You Just Gotta Know My Mind”), Judy Hughes (“Fine, Fine, Fine” on Vault), and Marilyn Mattson who I covered ten years ago and still haven’t found any info about.

Josie Taylor’s single featured a rarely-performed Goffin – King song, “I’ll Love You For Awhile” given a dark, heavy-hitting arrangement by Leon Russell. Dusty Springfield originally did the song in a plainer arrangement on her LP Ooooooweeee!!!.

The flip is the instrumental “Tra La La” (written by Pell), that could be the Wrecking Crew doing a simple jam, but is very much worth a listen.

Snuff Garrett, produced both sides. It was released June, 1965 on Liberty Records F-55800.

Josie Taylor Liberty 45 Tra La La

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  1. “You Just Gotta Know My Mind” was written by Donovan and was also well performed by Dana Gillespie, reportedly with Jimmy Page on the session. Completely agree re: Judy Hughes’ “Fine Fine Fine,” an excellent tune, that breaks the bank to own the original. I’ll add one single to your list, April Young’s “Kiss Your Baby Goodbye” (Columbia 43122, 1964).

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