The Illusions

The Illusions, l-r: Tim Touchton, Jim Williams, Skip Hewett and Rob Gardner
The Illusions, l-r: Tim Touchton, Jim Williams, Skip Hewett and Rob Gardner

Illusions A.C.P. 45 I KnowOriginally released on the A.C.P. label out of Jacksonville, the Illusions’ “I Know” is a great upbeat song with syncopated shouts of “hey!”, swirling organ and good harmonies. I also dig the insistent bass drum pattern.

Picked up for release by Columbia, it reached #3 on the charts of Orlando radio station WLOF in August of 1966. It was written by by the band: Rob Gardner on organ, Jim Williams guitar, Skip Hewett bass, and Tim Touchton on drums.

The flip is “Take My Heart”, a lighter vocal number by Roosevelt Gardner, a more formal name for Rob Gardner.

According to Jeff Lemlich’s Savage Lost, the band was from Palatka, about an hour’s drive south of Jacksonville, and had their own TV program on local channel 12. The photo was originally posted on the Limestone Lounge, a great forum on Florida music of all eras and styles.

Illusions Columbia 45 I Know

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  1. 1) Rob never went by the name Roosevelt, just Rob.
    2) The TV show hosted by The Illusions was Let’s Go.
    Shakin’ Up Summer might have been the Dalton Gang when The Illusions did not renew contract.
    Not really positive on this one.
    3) Jim went into the Army, the other 3 went to college.
    4) I Know was written by the entire band…bits and parts, here and there, until done.

    1. The Dalton Gang did follow-up after The Illusions. I used to be the road manager for the Dalton Gang in the late 60’s. David Griffin, who was killed along with his wife In a motorcycle, played bass in the band. The lead guitar went on to play with the Classics IV. I believe his last name was Burrell … Not sure… Been too many years. But it was great times in Jacksonville at the Southside Women’s Club, Riverside Women’s Club and the Beaches Auditorium.

  2. They had a television show on WFGA (NBC affiliate) in Jacksonville called “Shakin’ Up Summer” and were the hottest band around. I think they went into the service and Rob went to work for WFGA. They were great.

  3. I saw The Illusions perform dozens of times in Jax when I was in high school(usually at the Southside Women’s Club). At the time, there was a rumor that Issac Guillory(Cryan Shames) was the writer of “I Know.” When The Cryan Shames played a show at the Jacksonville Beach Coliseum in the 60’s, I went backstage and asked Isaac about it, and he told me yes, he had written the song, but let the Illusions have songwriter credit.

  4. I danced a million miles to the band starting when Isaac was still with them. Tim is a very successful producer, lyricist, vocal coach, etc in Germany and has several gold records. He’s written for movies and wrote the opening number for the Munich Olympics. We’re still friends (he was even my landlord while I was in law school!) Rob is still in Palatka working in the family business, Jim retired from the Army, I’m pretty sure, and Skip is a scientist (biologist, I believe).

  5. Thank you, yep the TV show was Let’s Go and it was the first one, in Summer of 1966, then The Bitter Ind, with Butch Trucks, future Allman Brother, was on in the Fall, then The Dalton Gang in the Summer of 1967, with Shakin Up Summer.

    These were great times!

  6. This was the most popular band in Jacksonville Fla……. They played at my Senior Prom at Bishop Kenny High School in 1966 I still have a copy ( 45 ) of their hit ” I Know ”

  7. I have dozens of pix of the Dalton Gang from back in the day. They were from Jacksonville and I was their fan club prez, out of Daytona Beach. They redid Marvin Gaye’s “Stubborn Kinda Fella.” Bobby Brantley was Lieutenant Gov of Fla for a while. John, the organist had a stint with Three Dog Night, but left just before they hit it big.

    1. Ricky Foxworth, A picture of the band is a the very bottom of the Limestone Lounge web site on your google seach. at the very bottom about 20 pages down. Good Luck Rick Holley use to be from the westside of Jacksonville

  8. Is there any way to purchase a 45 of the Palatka group the Illusions, or hear a recording. A dear friend who needs a lift was telling me all about the group, after I spent several months working in Palatka Florida. He was so excited about the group I wanted to find something for him, either a 45 or u tub recording!!!
    Thank you,

    1. You can find a recording on You Tube. I know I am a year too late, but replied in hopes you get this. My husband is Jim’s eldest son.

  9. I was in the same graduating class (Palatka High School , Class of 64 ) as Tim and Isaac. Had classes with both of them. Tim told me a few years ago that Issac had passed away (heat attack maybe.) All the town loved them !!

  10. As I recall being from Lee Hi School in Jax 1965 and St Johns River Jr College I remember the Illusions very well. As I recall they had to change their name because of the group the Illusion. I always thought the Classics 1V were more popular
    .They were from Jax. I think Touchton went to SJJC the same time as I did.

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