The Hippy’s

I can’t find much info on this Greek band. The Hippy’s had two 45s. “Perigiali”, their first on the Astron label, is supposed to be their best. They’re actually only on one side of this record, the other is a dire pop song by some other artist.

I presume their name is derived from “hip” and not “hippies.”

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  1. Dear friends hi,

    Unfortunately very few things are known about this group.

    The only additional thing I know regarding this group is that they were coming from the Greek town of Volos which is situated around 300km from Athens.

    So mostly they were a local group which didn’t get a national attention, fact which makes this addition even more valuable.



  2. they do come from volos,thessaly, middle greece. my hometown.the name derives from hippies more likely, but in greece in the 60’s in volos, not many people knew good english(like me!)the label says “shake” as it was used to be in the 60’s, the labels wrote in greek “slow”, “shake” hully gully etc.The name credited as the author used to have a piano bar until a few years ago and another member used to be the train station manager. not one of the best 60’s greek gems though, but very rare nowadays. Keep up the good work. i love your thing for a garage maniac like my self….

  3. First of all ,Thanks for all these stuffs here!! HIPPY’S= This is the second press !! Hippy’s made two 45’s at late 60’s on ASTRON label with red color . Astron change to green at 70’s .Your copy (and my copy ) are from 1972 . That year, the Greek football team Panathinaikos (P.A.O) arrived to the final game of UEFA (Europe) at Wembley stadium UK .The score is AJAX-PAO 2-0 ! The A-side (not the B-side)of 45 has a hymn to the Panathinaikos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The track is (in English) That’s it !! We have another one side ,so, what we can put on ?? The answer is …Hippy’s !! The title of Hippy’s track is(in English ) . I don’t have other 45 from this group . But I have the other 3 tracks from a very rare cd (I need more space to explain where I found this cd). These tracks are

    Mathe na agapas (Must learn to love)
    Paraxeni agapi (Strange love)
    Dio stagones vroxis (Two raindrops)

    In the next hours ,I will upload at my blog about 10 very rare 45’s from Greece (from 60’s & 70’s),not included of any kind CD collection .As bonus I’ll put the 4 tracks from Hippy’s

  4. Thanks for the info on the Hippys! I’m listening to the rare greek 45s you posted now, very cool stuff – especially Petros Tzamtzis & Alloy, the George Loukas track, and Seffil’s ‘When to Come I’m Waiting for You’.

  5. the hippys were from Volos, a town in central Greece, only known members are Georgatzopoulos(no first name) and allegedly the former local (as in Volos)train station manager…

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