Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul early photo
Heart and Soul early photo, from left: John Grower, Don Rumble, Jimmy Roland, and Kevin Swift, with Ezzie Post in front

Heart and Soul Strive 45 AfterthoughtHeart and Soul formed in 1967, releasing this crude psych 45 with good harmonies and playing on the Strive label out of Poughkeepsie. Both songs have guitar breaks as well as more soloing on the outros. The band members came from Kingston and Saugerties in the Hudson Valley of New York, Members were:

Ezzie Post – lead vocals
John Grower – guitar
Don Rumble – organ
Kevin Swift – bass
Jimmy Rowland – drums

For garage heads like myself, “Afterthought” is the better of the two tunes, writing credits to D G. Rumble and E. Post. Don Rumble wrote “If”. Swift and Cagnone produced the single.

Thank you to John Grower, who sent in the photos seen here. Kevin Swift passed away in 2011.

The ZTSP prefix in the dead wax means this record was ordered out of Columbia’s New York custom press office. For more on Strive Records, see Ian’s comment below.

Heart and Soul at the Viking Lounge
Heart and Soul at the Viking Lounge
Heart And Soul 1967
Heart and Soul 1967

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  1. I know who these guys are ! They were the big local band when I was in 10th grade…They are all from the Kingston-Saugerties area in upstate N.Y…I saw them live a few times…Ezzie Post-lead vocal,Don Rumble-organ,John Grower or Steve Atwood-guitar,Jimmy Rowland-drums,and Kevin”Byter”Swift(RIP)-bass..please correct me on this line up…..circa ’67-’68

  2. Strive was a label based in Poughkeepsie that put out records in 1968 and 1969. My father co-ran the label with some other folks. They did radio jingles on the side, in addition to releasing singles. According to my Dad, there were about twenty records released on Strive as 45’s in 68/69 along with one 33 1/3 record. The 33 1/3 was by a Poughkeepsie singer named Ernie Bruno whom is still active.

    In terms of this record, my father was an engineer on this one. He claims the guys in Heart and Soul were very young and played incredibly loud. The Strive studio was located in a mixed business complex and according to my Dad the facilities manager went ballistic about how loud the band was playing, even though the studio was soundproofed!

    Strive recorded records ‘Buddy Holly’ style, i.e. live take stereo mix to an Ampex 1″ deck, then they would fly the mix to another reel to reel and add one more track as an overdub, usually the vocal.

    Strive’s records were mastered at Columbia in NYC and manufactured in Nashville. Other artists who released records were Jimmy G. Loftus (funk), We Three Plus (horn rock). The label was resurrected for one final release at the end of the 70s by the band Special Feeling, a blue eyed soul/disco band.

    1. Hey Ian, do you know where any of these recordings can be found? I run an independent record label called Vinny Levine Records through the music site Bandcamp and I’d like to reissue this stuff through my label.

      1. Hi Vinny, just happened upon your April 2016 reply to my son Ian’s post regarding Strive records . My name’s Doug McIntosh, and I ran the studio in Poughkeepsie from the mid 60’s till I moved back to the Boston area in 1970. After that I would occasionally use the Strive label to release 45’s I recorded with a top forty group called Special Feeling through the 80’s. Some of those can still be found on internet vintage record sites. I still have some of the 45’s from the Strive catalogue, although unfortunately some have disappeared over the years. The original tapes recorded on an Ampex full track studio recorder are, like the vintage equipment, no longer around. It continues to amaze me how those limited distribution Strive 45’s have found their way throughout this country and the world.

        1. Hello, and good afternoon.
          I was curious about a band that Strive Records, had released a single(s?) for. The band in question is “We Three Plus” . I’m trying to get some information on the band, members, releases, etc. Were they local to the Poughkeepsie, area? So far, this has been the only place online I have found any information on the Label itself, and some of its releases. If any one has the info it would be greatly appreciated!

          1. I see you’re name is Credited on the label under the track titles (D. McIntosh) . Cool! were you a member of the band or just credited for other purposes (production, writing, etc.)
            Also, Antigua Publishing is credited as well. I would like to track these fading bits of history down. Music brings the world together!

    1. Sorry john, like I said i wasn’t 100% sure of the lineup, someone pointed out there were some posts on here recently, I was the 1st one to post anything almost 5 years ago, I also believe there was a de facto manager, a guy named “Fritz” or something , who was a beer salesman , my parents knew back in the 60’s . Are there any copies still out there? a friend recently told me that he had one and also thinks a mutual friend is the one who signed the 45 in the picture.

  3. I have pictures of the Heart and Soul and would like them to be posted for people to remember, If you are the person who manages this Blog you can e mail me back and i will send you the pictures to be posted

    1. I would absolutely LOVE to surprise Jimi this summer when I go back to Saugerties for my 40th H.S. reunion with pictures!!!

    2. Hi john,
      John Rowland here!! Dunno if you remember me, Jimi’s littlest brother….
      All growed up and not the obnoxious brat I’m sure you remember me as. Jimi is involved in some kinda jam session in the west saugerties area on july 3rd. I do not have all the details, but I am working on it!! My first time back to Saugerties in about 35 years, so this is gonna be quite the trip for me!! Any pictures, video or recordings would be so appreciated!
      Reach me at motorcyclepops@aol.com

      Thanks for any help!!!

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