Goldhawk Social Club – Shepherd’s Bush

The Goldhawk Social Club, located at 205 Goldhawk Road in Shepherd’s Bush, West London is perhaps best known as being the venue where The Who regularly played during their formative years (as The Detours).

Unfortunately, very little has been documented about this important club so I would really welcome any additions in the comments below.

I do know from various sources that Adam Faith, Shane Fenton, The Birds (with Ron Wood), The Macabre (with Peter Vernon-Kell, a former member of The Detours), Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages, The Clique, The Undertakers, The Herd, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Jeff Curtis & The Flames and John Brown’s Bodies played at the venue at some point.

Please add any missing dates below:

7 June 1963 – The Detours (became The Who in 1964)
5 July 1963 – The Detours
12 July 1963 – The Detours
16 August 1963 – The Detours
6 September 1963 – The Detours
25 October 1963 – The Detours
8 November 1963 – The Detours
22 November 1963 – The Detours
29 November 1963 – The Detours

28 February 1964 – The Who
6 March 1964 – The Who
27 March 1964 – The Who (billed as High Numbers between April-November)
11 April 1964 – The Who
17 April 1964 – The Who
8 May 1964 – The Who
31 July 1964 – The Who
12 September 1964 – The Downliners Sect
24 October 1964 – The Yardbirds

20 February 1965 – Mike Dee & The Prophets
12 March 1965 – The Who
20 March 1965 – The Who
16 April 1965 – The Who and The Loose Ends
17 April 1965 – The Boys (soon to become The Action)
3 December 1965 – The Who and The Cast

13 May 1966 – The Carl Douglas Set
4 June 1966 – The Carl Douglas Set

The above gigs were sourced from a number of kind contributors – Ken Baxter, Alan Clayson, Don Martin, Andy Neill and Don Craine. Online posters were also a handy source.

12 thoughts on “Goldhawk Social Club – Shepherd’s Bush”

  1. Found three more dates in the Melody Maker:

    24 December 1965 – The Birds
    27 December 1965 – The Action
    31 December 1965 – The Cast

  2. Hi nick, The other members of the vincents were lead Ian dale,bass tony craven ryhtm Pete farmer singer Pete the pig dann and me Tony Vass. We didn’t play Ealing but we did play the old field at Greenford ,the who played there a lot when they were the detours. We played a gig at the Goldhawk with the yardbirds, they were about to do a tour with sonny boywilliamson,sonny boy was on bbc tv that night he came down to thegoldhawk and did an impromptu session with the yardbirds, a good time was had by all
    Regards Tony vass

  3. I’m sure that I saw The Kinks, & The Animals play there not long after The Kinks had just had their first hit,’ You really got me’, the Animals weren’t on the same bill, but I remember them wearing Matelot Shirts, which were all the go for the Mods at the time.

  4. Ron Wood’s 1965 diary has the following gigs by the Birds

    23 April 1965 with John Brown’s Bodies
    27 August 1965 with The Action
    1 October 1965
    5 November 1965

  5. I saw the Kinks play there just after their first hit “You really got me”. I remember they kept pretending to faint and had to be held up. Something borrowed from James Brown, I imagine.

  6. Used to go there from when I was 14 every weekend am a local girl and saw lots of stuff with the who and Pete Townsend smashing up everything it was a greAt. Luv am nearly now but that was a great club and so was the embassy cafe in Goldhawk Road which featured on quadrofinia

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