The Glory Rhodes

Left to right: John Laviolette, Ronnie Tallent, Sal Serio and Allan Johnson
A later lineup of the group with what looks to be an acetate record.
New Orleans’ Glory Rhodes original lineup was Kenny Lyles (lead vocals), Frankie Spencer (lead guitar), Sal Serio (keyboards and rhythm guitar), John Laviolette (bass) and Greg Nobile (drums).

Their first 45 in January of 1966 covers the Animals’ “I’m Gonna Change the World”, with “Stay Out of My Way” on the flip.

The second, equally good, features two originals: Greg Nobile’s “Not that Kind of Guy” along with “Gonna Be Somebody” written by Nobile, Serio and Ken Lyles. Both sides use 12-string guitar.

These are the first two 45s on the U-Doe label, which would also release rare 45s by the Palace Guard and the Better Half Dozen.

Their next 45, on the related White Cliffs label, featured two covers, “One Track Mind” and “Run for Your Life”. In 1968 they signed to Atco for two releases which are much more pop in sound, with strings and horns. Ronnie Tallent became drummer and lead vocalist after Kenny Lyles left and is featured on the Atco 45s:

The band had a brief appearance in a schlocky 1967 feature, Hot Thrills and Warm Chills, though the music heard in the film is probably not them. Not a movie I’d highly recommend, but it does have a lot of good footage of the actual Mardi Gras, as well as an ending scene in a cemetery that might put you in mind of Easy Rider.

Later members included Allan Johnson on lead guitar and Kenny White of the Other Guys on drums.

Top photo courtesy of Laura Matherne Ditta, with more shots to come if we’re lucky! Thanks to Myeck Waters for cleaning up the original.

Jerry Lenfant sent in the photos from Rummel High School, all taken by Dalton Masson. Thanks to Mike Legendre for sending in the transfers of “Old Laces” and “I’m So Happy”.

The screen shots below of the Glory Rhodes appearing in Hot Thrills and Warm Chills are the earliest photos of the group I’ve seen.

The dancer is Darlene

The six photos below were taken by Dalton Masson at Rummel High School and sent to me by Jerry Lenfant.

John Laviolette on bass with Ronnie Tallent behind the drums

John Laviolette on bass with Ronnie Tallent behind the drums and Allan Johnson Frank Spencer partially seen on the right

from left: Sal Serio, Ronnie Tallent, Allan Johnson Frank Spencer and John Laviolette

from left: Sal Serio, Ronnie Tallent, Frank Spencer and John Laviolette

from left: Frank Spencer and John Laviolette

from left: Ronnie Tallent and John Laviolette

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  1. You left out Ronnie Tallent the drummer and lead vocalist after Kenny left. They also had 2 records on ATCO. I’m so happy and Old Laces.

  2. Thanks Jerry, I’ll add Ronnie to the list. I’ll also add some screen shots of the band’s very short appearance on Hot Thrills and Warm Chills.

  3. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

    As kids growing up on Feret St in NOLA, we were too young to make it to the GR concerts. So the best we could do was rip the fantasticly designed GR (and Deacon John) posters off the telephone poles and from them imagine what kind of rock was being played.

    Hearing these MP3’s now 40 years later… it’s so good…such a fine feeling…just wished I coulda seen them in person at Tulane and dropped with the others!


  4. Hi John, It’s been a long time. I have a few of the Glory Rhodes records that survived Katrina. I have a Glory Rhodes poster from a dance in the late 60’s. If you would like to have it email me.
    Jerry Lenfant

  5. I found this site the other day and really appreciated hearing the recordings. My collection was destroyed in Katrina and thought I would not have another opportunity to listen to our music.

    Thank you for this moment; it brought back great memories.

    John Laviolette – Bass Player – The Glory Rhodes

  6. I know that this is very random to the website, but I just wanted to post that I know Kenny Lyles personally; he’s my uncle. I know you guys probably don’t really care, but I just wanted to post this because I think it’s pretty cool that my uncle was in a pretty popular band back then.
    Thanks for listening,

    1. I dated your Uncle Kenny when we were teens and he was the lead singer in the band. He was a great guy and an awesome singer. How is he now??? Still with the band?

  7. Hello Jerry,

    It has been a long time. I saw you around 2 years ago in the CCC race, I briefly said hello at the finish line but I do not believe you recognized me – which is understandable.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to borrow those Glory Rhodes records to record. Also, if you are willing to part with that poster, I would gladly take it off your hands.

    Many Thanks,


  8. Hi John, Great to hear from you. I don’t know how you recognized me at the CCC. I would be happy to give you the poster and let you record the records. As a matter of fact yesterday I found some negatives of you playing at a dance at Rummel. I’m going to get them developed and will get some for you. My email is Let me know how to get in touch with you.
    My home phone is 228-467-3564, I live in Waveland.


  10. There were two others who played with the Glory Rhodes: Allan Johnson, who played lead guitar. Kenny White (formerly with The Other Guys) played drums. I think Kenny came into the picture at the end of the Glory Rhodes era – or – he was subbing for Ronnie. I have a photo of Allan, John, Kenny and Sal. I also have approximately 20 photographs that I took in the late 60’s. The Glory Rhodes played in Norco often and came by my home before some of the gigs. Most of the photos I have were taken at my home but I have a few that were taken at the “Pink Potato.” I have two photos taken at my home of the band, one includes Mr. Sal, in front of the “Glory Rhodes” van. I have 4 photos, 8-1/2″ x 11″: one of Sal, John and Ronnie and I have what I remember to be the promotional still of the group, holding a record, dressed in their “uniforms”-in the photo are John, Ronnie, Allan and Sal. I have one photo of me and Sal and Darlene. Darlene was Ronnie’s girlfriend and was a dancer on the “John Pela Show.” Darlene is the “dancing girl” in the plaid skirt in the photos on this web site.

    I also have an article written about the Glory Rhodes that was printed in the local Norco newspaper, “St. Charles Herald.” The article is old and rather tattered but 95% of it is ledgible.

    I would be happy to try to scan the five photos that show the guys “playing.” I also still have the “Old Laces” and “I’m So Happy” 45 records-somewhere!

    1. Laura my name is Erick St. Amant and I owned the pink potato I’m looking for some of those photo about the potato so I can put them on facebook about the days there


    I too had these 45’s and lost them in Katrina. I did not think I could ever listen to them again. They were always favorites of mine from the 60’s.


  12. Thanks to all for the great info and photos! I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can answer.

    1) Were the Glory Rhodes one of the opening acts for Herman’s Hermits in New Orleans in the mid-1960’s? I believe the concert was in City Park Stadium — does anyone know what year that was?

    2) The song I remember most was “I’m So Happy” — who was the lead vocalist on this song, Ronnie or Kenny?

    1. Yes! I was at that Herman’s Hermits concert, 1966! Visiting my Grandparents over the summer. It was at City Park. They were one of the many bands that played!

  13. I don’t know if they opened for Hermans Hermits, they probably did. I know they opened for Sonny and Cher (I think that was their first gig it was at the Municipal Auditorium), and The Vanilla Fudge in 68′ at City park Stadium.. Ronnie Tallent sang I’M So Happy, also Old Laces.

  14. Hi, Jerry. I graduated from Ridgewood Prep in ’68 and Sal Serio was a classmate. I used to bum around with him and John. I’m trying to locate Sal. It’s been about 30 years since I’ve spoken to him and I now live in NC. Any ideas on how I can get in touch with him?

  15. Mike,

    Thanks for posting the question about Sal. Yes I am the Ronnie Tallent that played drums and sang in The Glory Rhodes. I last spoke to Sal about 9 years ago and he was living in Atlanta, GA. I visited him while on a business trip back then and he had EVERY THING you could imagine regarding our group. I actually found him by searching the white pages on line Salvadore Serio II. Thanks to all of you for making the Glory Rhodes come alive again and I hope to hear from anyone else who may have enjoyed our music back then.


  16. Mike,

    Sal graduated from Rummel Hign along with John. I was the one who went to Ridgewood with Kenny Lyles. Just wanted to set the record straight.


  17. Hi Everyone,

    Jerry L sent me an email with the link to this web site – thanks Jerry!

    It’s been a long time since I’ve talk to many of the prople that have posted on this site. Sure brings back many great memories.

    Hi Laura, it sure was great reading your post and I do remember visiting your home before gigs, hope all is well with you and your family.

    Mike Legendre, how the heck are you doing? It’s been a long long time since we last spoke. I’m living in Atlanta. Been here for 18 years, but miss New Orleans.

    Mr Talent, has it been 9 years. That’s way to long. We have to get together the next time Teri and I and our son (5 years old) come back to New Orleans. I’ve seen John recently and have traded emails with John.

    One minor correction, I graduated from Ridgewood in ’68.

    Several other members of the Glory Rhodes: Howard Hotard (lead guitar), Kenny Weber (drums).

    Anyone interested please email at

    Sal (guitar and keyboards – Glory Rhodes)

  18. Sal…

    It’s good to hear from you. I wrote to the email address you listed in your post and hope to hear from you.

    Ronnie & Sal, you missed a great party – 50th anniversary of MJ Montgomery from our high school July 18. About 350 attended from around the country. My brother, Aubrey & I had a great time.

    The Glory Rhodes were the ‘good ole days’ and I sure miss those days!

    Mike Legendre

  19. Jerry…

    I have an .mp3 file of “I’m So Happy” featuring Ronnie Talent. If you are interested in posting it along with the other songs on this site, you’ll need to give me an email address so I can send it to you. I think I have a 45 of “Old Laces” in my home, but would have to convert it to digital format.

    Mike Legendre

  20. Sal,

    Great reading your post on the website. I lost your phone number during my many moves (before and after Katrina) and wanted to say Hi to you,Terri and your 5 year old son. Time has really passed us up as it always seems to do and this site really brings back some great memories. I’ll drop you a separate email to bring you up to date on what’s been happening the past 40+ years. In the meantime my email address is Funny I didn’t remember you graduating from Ridgewood sorry for that mistake.

    I’m ready for a reunion tour but we’ll have to choose some place other than the Beaconette Lounge!! AIN’T THERE NO MORE…..


  21. Sal…

    I’ve written to you a couple times since you updated your email address in this message thread. I haven’t heard anything back from you on them so I’ll assume you haven’t received them. Is there another address at which you can be reached? You can reach me at


  22. This is so nice to find information on this band. I am Ronnie Tallent’s daughter and its amazing to see that someone started this website with so many memories. I just told my dad about it. Thanks i know this will bring back memories for my family and I. My 6yr old daughter has the songs on her Ipod and she always says i wanna hear my Poppy sing and she plays I’m So Happy.

  23. Hi my name is Joshua i was looking over this site found it a while back my grandpa Allan Johnson was telling me he was in a band called Glory Rhodes . the pic you have of them at the top is that the one you say you have of them with him it he is to the far right looks to be signed by him would love to see other if you have thanks alot . look forward to hearing from you . ps how would i go about gettin a copy of the pic?

  24. Sal and Ronnie –

    I came across the website when looking for info on old New Orleans bands. I was a member of the Montalto Trio back in the 60-70’s. Ronnie, you sold us our Fender amps when we upgraded equipment from Sears Silvertones. I was good friends with Howrd Hotard and I used to catch you guys when we finished our gigs back in the Doc Baker days.

    I finished a doctorate in composition at North Texas State and I’ve been in Columbus MS, teaching at Mississippi University for Women since ’88.

    Best wishes,

    Rick Montalto

  25. Joshua,

    I am the singer and drummer of the Glory Rhodes and your grandpa was the guitar player. I really would appreciate if you could let me know how I can get in touch with him. Thinking about doing a reunion of the band and would love to have Alan be in this.

    Have him call me at 228-222-0375 or my home 228-586-2080 if you would.

    Your grandpa was a great guitarist and singer and it was a pleasure to have played with him waty back when.

    Ronnie Tallent

    1. Josh Has been four years the reunion has came and past right I will still forward on your numbers to him sorry about the long delay !

  26. Hey Rick great seeing your post on the site. It’s wonderful hearing from old friends who remember the days when we were popular. I do remember your group also great harmonies.

    Thinking about trying to get a little reunion going. It would be great to see old friends from the past.


  27. Hi Laura! I expect that was one of the articles was published under my teen column. I wrote many on the GR and other local bands of the time. But give the St. Charls Herald was more credit, it was more than the local Norco paper but distributed all over the parish. Of course that parish was VERY small but….

    I am looking for a copy of the article I did on the band, One Percent that I interviewed and wrote up while I was in Jacksonville, Fl visiting my sister. Any one have a copy of it? ((I still kick myself for not pushing harder and getting them linked up with the GR and Sal’s Dad that was managing the band at that time. They WANTED to come to NOLA.
    Oh, what could have been!!!!!

    (This was a year or so before they became know as Lynyrd Skynyrd.)

  28. I remember growing up as a kid watching the Glory Rhodes play in the garage at Sal Serios Family house on Metairie Court. My sister Darlene was Ronnies girlfriend during that time. I have fond memories of the group. I have always loved the 60s music. i have put the glory rhodes music file on my facebook account page. Thanks for the music. Matthew Dillon

  29. Hi Joshua,
    Yes, your grandpa was definitely a member of the band, The Glory Rhodes. I have the photo of the group with Allan’s signature. I have a few personal photos that I took of the group and of Allan. If you send me your email address, I will try to scan the photos and email them to you. The quality of the photos is “good” – not great – as they are 40+ years old! God, that is scary! Hope all is well with you, Allan and your family.

  30. Adored Sal and his gang. They played frequently at the York Club in LAFAYeTTE.
    Sal lived a couple of blocks from my sister in Metairie. So when I’d visit sis, I’d get to visit Sal.


  31. Tell your Uncle Kenny hello. My name is Danny Retz. We hung out during the Beaconette (I was a bartender there) days, and entered the Army together. I’d like to know how he is doing? I’m teaching film editing at UNO and can be reached at fretz [at] Thanks.

  32. I have been trying to find Allan Johnson for years. He and I, along with Ray Genovese, Rana Adams and Gantt Boswell, played in a band called ORANGE after his Glory Rhodes Days. I would appreciate any information on his present location.

  33. Hi Joshua. My name is Carlos McInerney. Your grandfather and I, along with Gantt Boswell, Ray Genovese and Rana Adams(deceased), played in a band called ORANGE after his Glory Rhodes days. I have a cd of our last gig that I would like to get to him. Can you provide any contact information

    1. Would love to hve a copy of that sitting here talking to Allan now . Will get you an address if I could get a copy of it .

    2. Wow I cant believe I found this thread! I’m Rana Adams niece Brenna. I’ve been looking forever for some kind of memorabilia from Orange. I given my email. I would just love to have a copy of that CD it would mean the world to me. Rana taught me to play piano and be more confident. I have so many fond memories of my uncle. 🙂

      1. Brenna, I taught your uncle Rana how to play the organ solo to House of the Rising Sun. I think that really motivated him. As I recall, he was kind of a beginner at the time, circa 1966. I didn’t know Rana well. I was a good friend of a friend of his, by the name of John Lozes who went to De La Salle. I was more of a bass player, myself, but had some piano experience and a very good ear to pick out things like that Animals solo, note for note.

        Damon Minvielle

  34. Doni! OMG! This is me—WANDA who followed The Glory Rhodes like a little ‘groupie’ back in the mid and late’60’s!…ah! what a fun time that was for all of us who were involved and engulfed into the Glory Rhodes LIVE music! I live in Austin Texas now and I have saved all those LISTEN PEOPLE articles from the St. Charles Herald. Email me if you are interested in corresponding with me and I will scan those articles for you and also post a few photos!

    This message is also for all members of The Glory Rhodes

    A little bit of personal info: Retired State Worker and I work for Enrique Iglesias’ fan club now (Yes–THE famous Latin singer!…been a fan for 10 years!)

    Lator gator!…mwaahhh!
    old time pal, Wanda

  35. I used to book the band at the YARC Club in Lafayette. The band would stay overnight at my place when they were in town. Good Ole days.

    1. John
      Are you guys playing on August 12, 2017 at Blue Crab from 1-4pm.
      Enjoyed the performance at Rock n Bowl.
      Lynn Orgeron

      1. Hey Lynn, Sorry I missed your inquiry. We are playing at The Blue Crab on September 9, 2017 from 6 – 9pm. Hope you can make it.

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