George’s Ballroom, New Ulm Minnesota

Kal sent in the great band lineup card from George’s Ballroom in New Ulm, Minnesota, probably from 1966, though ’67 is a possibility as well. Acts include the great T.C. Atlantic, Night Crawlers, He-Toos (never heard of this group before), the Poore Boys, the Jokers Wild, The More-Tishans, Prince & the Paupers, the Epicureans, and Marcia & the Lynchmen.

The photo of the ballroom below is a recent one; after years of disuse, it will be back to hosting polka dances and other entertainment this summer.

Photo of the ballroom courtesy of Rubey Kay

5 thoughts on “George’s Ballroom, New Ulm Minnesota”

  1. Kal and Carolynne,
    I didn’t get a chance to get contact information from you before you left the book signing, is that possible? I would like to stay in contact! Scott

  2. My God, I’ve still got one of these cards laying around somewhere, too. TC Atlantic was the best, and George’s was the place to be!

  3. hello
    my name is preston bowen and i was the bass player with the tabs with billy dan and rick.. i listened to the tabs interview and dan and rick were talking to you. i saw rick at bills strandlofs funeral and kind of caught up with things but dan renaldi i haven’t spoke with since we were in the tabs together .. is there any way i can get dans phone number or an address as i lost track of him many many years ago. really would appreciate it

    thanks a ton
    preston bowen

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