The Distant Sounds

My hunch is the Distant Sounds came out of Bartlett High School in Webster, Massachusetts, about 15 miles south of Worcester, though I can’t say for sure.

“It Reminds Me”, written by drummer Dennis Casaubon, is a fine example of New England garage. The band’s name is appropriate given the somewhat murky recording quality, but I think it all adds up to a great record. The guitarist picking notes off chords combines well with the keyboards in the background. The vocal harmonies are great and I like the crude guitar solo.

The flip is a slow surf instrumental called “Dreamin'”, written by Ben Bembenek. The record was pressed at the Rite plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, a low-cost plant used by many bands at the time and released on the Citation label.

It’s pretty hard to read the other names on the signed copy Ally posted recently: I can only make out Bob and Ed, and Denis Casaubon is spelled with one “n” in Denis.

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  1. Coincidentally I had a lesson last night with Ben Benbenek whom I believe is the same artist on this 45. I emailed him the link. I’ll let you know if he replies about it.

  2. Yes I am the Ben Bembenek doing the guitar work on both sides. This gem was recorded at the local Webster radio station WESO on tape reels that looked about 2 feet in circumference. 4 of us were jammed in the radio station studio, amps and drums, two live takes and away we go. The drummer Dennis Casuabon and I wrote the songs and Dennis’ dad paid for the record pressing. We got local radio play and a load in most of the jukeboxes around the Webster area. It was enough to get us playing at all the local dance spots (schools, clubs, etc.) and a few gigs in NYC, which in the day was a thrill for a kid from Webster.
    The record label name came off a bottle of cologne. I had to buy a copy of the pressing about 2 years ago from some on-line site that somehow had a virgin copy of the original pressing. Cost me $45!!!!!

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