The Delights

The Delights from Chicago cut this excellent cover of the Kingsmen’s “Long Green” that surpasses the original in energy and excitement, The Delaware label released it backed with “Find Me a Woman”.

The Delights were Gregory Grimes, Vincent Schraub, Norbert Soltysiak, Robert A. Bluff, and Louis Sanjurio.

They followed up with a cover of the Zombies’ “Just Out of Reach” backed with “Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Moment” on Smash, then disbanded.

Norbert (Norb) Soltysiak later joined the Hardy Boys, a band that released two lps on RCA as a tie-in to the TV show of the same name. The Delaware label also released A.J. and the Savages organ-groover “Long Long Time”.

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  1. ….After the days of being known as “The Delights”, the band then became known as “The Hudson Bay Company”. They recorded an “A” and “B” side on a 45 record single and the titles were: “I See Her Face” and “You”. The record label was the red in color, SMASH record label.

    1. I first saw the Delights/Hudsen Bay Group at the Aragon. They were unbelievable. When they started their first show a ton of people just crowded around the stage instead of dancing. They had so much power musically and vocally. I got chills from a few things they did. I thought for sure I was seeing a band that would be famous. I started to go see them occasionally. I used to talk to Greg (the singer)and Vince (guitar player)and they’d let me know where they were going to be playing. I couldn’t go outside the city(no car) but I saw them at Like Young several times and Sox Park believe it or not before I saw them at the Aragon and didn’t even know who they were or good they really were! I wish bands like them were still around. They had a good following which included a lot of girls, which was a fringe benefit for me. I couldn’t play an instrument but I love to dance, especially back in the day.

  2. I was the keyboard player with THe Delights and Hudson Bay Company. Thanks for appreciating what we were doing. It was a great time in my life.

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