The Del Counts

This is the same Del Counts of Minneapolis who had a couple 45s on Soma, “Bird Dog” / “Let the Good Times Roll” and “What is the Reason” / “With Another Guy”. They also recorded a full album at Dove Studios that was never released.

Charlie Schoen, bass player and vocalist, wrote both songs on this 45, produced by their manager, Marsh Edelstein. I really dig “Ain’t Got the Time” with its whining guitar bends, fast beat and drum break. The flip is the less convincing “Don’t Ever Leave”.

The Del Counts had a long career playing at the Marigold Ballroom and around the Minneapolis area. They continued into the early 70’s, releasing a final 45, “Who Cares” / “Don’t Let the Green Grass”, in 1972, and were still playing live in recent years.

Charles Schoen contacted me about the band recently:

Members were Steve Miller on guitar, Bob Phalen on bass, Kelly Vincent on drums, myself on keys and vocals. What Is the Reason sold over 20,000 in the first two weeks it was out because the District Manager of Musicland Records told me that we had a four star pick in Record World magazine with a bullet. That was just Minneapolis and St. Paul MN.

Sources include: Birdland Revisited article in City Pages.

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  1. Hi Larry and thanks for the memory of the Marigold. The Byrds also played the area in 1965 but it is that elusive visit to the Marigold Ballroom in late 1967 that still remains unverified. Gene Clark made a quick return to the group at that time, so the group lined-up Gene, McGuinn, Hillman, and Clarke — but no Crosby.
    Christopher Hjort

    1. Wasn’t there a member in the infancy of the group named Del Leon Lafave? Trying to find him, and not sure if I am remembering correctly. Thanks!

      1. I was a member of that original band and have been trying to locate Del Leon Lafave also. I played keyboard from the inception of the band back at Minneapolis Vocational high school where we started.
        Bob Yauinto

        1. Do you have any memorabilia of flyers from than. That band can be the longest running rock and roll band in the world if we can prove it with something from then. I can get you dels number I’m Charles Schoen’s son talked to Del a year ago.

  2. Does anybody have any memories of the Marigold Ballroom in Minneapolis to share? The Byrds played the Marigold Ballroom in the fall of 1967, probably mid to late September, maybe later. Supposedly, it was a three night stand and featured a brief return of Gene Clark to the ranks as replacement for David Crosby. I am looking for any kind of details in conjunction with a book project on The Byrds.

    Kindest regards,
    Christopher Hjort

  3. My friend and I were there. I remember hitchiking to get there from the East Side of St Paul. Are you sure it was 1967? I thought it was 1965? I could be wrong, it was a long time ago. Larry

  4. Great Site….The Delcounts – Ain’t Got Time will not play in the curent version 10 of the WMP due to the fact its in mono. I cant believe that the Delcounts don’t have any mp3s avail on the net. I can remaster it for n/c and add some stereo. Send me an email. Going to see them play live tonight in a small town club…very cool.

  5. The first time I saw the Delcounts was at a Hopkins High School dance in 1966. They used to also play at “The Barn” which was located, on a farm in a real barn, on old highway 169 and 494 in Eden Prairie. In the 1970’s the band used occasionally play in dowtown Minneapolis at the “Cascade 9 Club”. In the early 1980’s myself and three other guys formed a band, a non-professional garage band called TREAD, and one of our members was the older brother of Steve Miller the lead guitarist of the Delcounts. Tony Miller played with our band until the mid 1990’s, retired and moved to Arizona. Tony returns to Minnesota, in the summer, and our band still gets together with him to jam. Tony has formed a bluegrass band in Arizona. TREAD continues to jam and plays a few gigs “just for fun” usually in Bloomington. The Delcounts continue to play in the Minneapolis area with Charles Schoen who is till with the band. They even cut a cd with a remake of “What Is The Reason”. Steve Miller, and maybe one or two of his brothers, formed a band call “Dancer” that also played locally in Minneapolis.

  6. I can verify that the Byrds played at the Marigold and I am pretty certain it was 1967. Had to be since I drove there and didn’t have a car or license in 1965. Sadly, time has not been great with memory and I don’t remember if Gene Clark was with them or not.

  7. I remember the Delcounts covering “Just Ask the Lonely” at Mr. Nibs back in the 70’s/Where can i get a copy of the songs they covered in the 60’s?


  9. I ran into Steve Miller last night at Medina , the Trashmen were there and put on a great show. I forgot to ask Steve how to find out where they are playing and how to find their schedule, does anyone have an idea>?

  10. Hi WOW COOL. This is Great, glad I found this site. I got a lot of info some unknown about The Delcounts. Also, I can vertify evrything is true in the original post too. I was their driver for a short while in the early 70s when they had a long standing gig at Diamond Jims in downtown MPLS., which I remember that seems to be just off from Hennepin Ave on 9th or 10th Street. At that time I met them thru a friend of mine they were living with in Hopkins. I also remember them playing at The old Dance Land Ballroom which was across the street from the Old Excelsior Amusement Park in Excelsior MN. Also I heard them play in the late 60s in a small dance hall for Kids above a bar in Loretto MN. They were MOST known for The song by Shirley & Lee “Let The Good Times Roll” using lots of a new device in Bands Called a Reverb they produced a real COOL echo effect & where they played that song you could hear it echo form one side of town to the other & back again. Only Band I know of that made such good use of the Reverb or The Echo effect. I believe one of the Guys in the band when I knew them was a short mecican type person? Don’t remember his Name BUT he was my fav member of The Delcounts. I hope somebody starts up a regular site for all Old Twin Cities Garage Bands, MN was lucky to have so many really good Garage bands. We also used to have a really good small Oldies Station from New Prague MN known as KCHK 95.5 FM that featured MN Gold Music & had some concerts locally BY MN Gold Garage Bands. I wish they would have kept their MN Gold Format BUT like all good things it came to an end. Well, I hope others like this post or reply as much as I did their Music. Thank You DJ-SirDuke. Formerly AKA The Duke Of Rosemount. (Eric)

    1. Ok Delete that other reply as it has mistakes in it. Thank You. Here is the way it should be. Ok I got some memories very wrong according to Charles Schoen of The Fabulous Delconts. I did not drive for that band, & it was NOT the band I knew back then & drove for at Diamond Jim’s or The cascade 9. approximately 9th & Hennepin Ave. in downtown MPLS MN. . The rest of the post is true except that was also the wrong band that had that short Mexican member in it. Just the whole part of knowing them & being with them back then is wrong. Must of been some other MN Garage Band. We had so many good Bands back then. BTW The Fabulous Del Counts is the house band currently for The Richfield MN. American Legion near 65th & Portland Ave So., on Thursdays 7Pm-10pm Their website is at Thank You Eric.

    2. I knew the Del Counts in the early 70s. Burnsville Bowl, Crystal Bowl, Cascade 9. The members that I knew were Chris Castaneda, Tomny (don’t remember last name) and Charles. The other guitar players name I think was Steve but didn’t know him. Great times all over the cities.

  11. First of forget about any version of WMPs they aren’t worth the effort to figure out go with something good & easy to use such as Winamp Players. Why don’t you take a Delcount’s record tape or CD & rip your own MP3s? There are many GOOD Free Rippers available on the internet, my fav is called AudioGrabber. BTW, Winamp is also a very good audio program to listen to the many good Internet Radio Station available to listen to free of charge. Thank You DJ-SirDuke (Eric)

  12. Hi Again I finally think I remember the Name of The short mexican type member of The Delcounts Band, that was my favorite member of the Delcounts Band. I think His Name was known as Chico. Thank You For The Memories Eric AKA DJ-SirDuke.

  13. I was introduced to the Del Counts mid-summer of 1969. They were playing at Magoo’s in Minneapolis. At that time the band included, Kelly, Bob, Larry, Steve, and Terry. I don’t know who Terry replaced on keyboard but that was his spot by then.
    Today, August, 13,I was given a poster from that group. Talk about young looking! I do not know if it will have any meaning to anyone but me. All I know is that I was thrilled to see them all again, 40 years later! My 2 room mates and I danced a lot to their music when they played at Magoo’s.
    At one point in time I baby sat for Kelly and Pat’s little boy Troy. I came away with a lot of really nice memories.

  14. My all time favorite song The Del Count’s sang ~ “Don’t Let The Green Grass”. I was just going through some very old business cards and found a schedule of theirs from very long ago. There is not a year on it, they had a “Good Time Line!” to call. They were playing at Grandma B’s, Hopkins Bowl, Iron Horse, Mr. Nibs, Maplewood Bowl, Apple Place and Burnsville Bowl.

    At that time Steve Miller – Guitar, Charles Schoen – Keyboards, Chris Castaneda – Bass, Al Miller – Guitar and Mike Kryduba – Drums.

    I think the last time I heard them was at The Leaning Post in St. Louis Park, MN.

  15. # The Del Counts from Sacramento, California, circa 1962 -1965
    # 1964: Band evolved to R&B band opener/backup band and had a huge following in Sacramento for a few years.
    # Opened shows and/or backed up: The Beach Boys, Ike and Tina Turner, Sonny and Cher, The Olympics, The Coasters, Dick & Dee Dee, Ray Peterson, The Righteous Brothers.
    # Former Herbie Hancock and Headhunter drummer Mike Clark was the driving force behind the dynamite quartet.

  16. I’m probably a little old for this forum but here goes. Does anyone remember the “Purple Barn” or the old “Burnsville Bowl” “The Barn” (as we called it) had an incredible number of bands pass through including: The Delcounts, Michaels Mystics, Showtime Parts 1 & 2, The Underbeats, etc etc. At one point, the Burnsville Bowl had the Delcounts and the Mystics playing as housebands on seperate stages (upstairs and down).

    My question is, where can I find music from the Mystics (not the Atlanta Band) and anything from Showtime? I know this ages me I’m taking a flyer. By the way, The Barn was just west of the present day intersection of Hwy 169 and Hwy 494 on the south frontage road. Ahhhh the memories of Wayzata Girls…

  17. Interesting to hear some of the memories regarding the Del Counts. I have some great memories myself Yes, there appear to have been a Minneapolis and Sacremento version of the Del Counts. Without the internet no one would have ever known. I did know until last year when I Googled “Del Counts.”
    Charles started the Minneapolis version in 1963. Wow, that was 46 years ago (wonder if the Sacremento group lasted that long) and he still is going strong.
    I heard the Del Counts the other night at the Champlin Legion and had chance to play a few songs with them. Charles and the band really sounded good and they played a lot of the songs we used to play years ago. My brother Al is currently playing bass for the group.
    If you want to find out where the Del Counts are playing, my understanding is that their schedule is on either Mybook or YourFace or whatever they call those sites. Check ahead of time because the site removes the date the morning of the gig. So check a least a day ahead when you want to see the band.
    Also,It was quite a kick to hear the recording “Ain’t Got The Time” again. Thanks to whoever put that song on this site. I told Charles we must have been a little excited when we recorded that song because it really sounds fast to me.
    If anyone has any questions regarding the ’65 to ’83 period of the band please do not hestitate to ask.
    Steve Miller

    1. Hello Steve,

      I’m sure you don’t remember me but here goes anyway, My wife and I had a family band going in the mid 70’s. When we could we would catch the Del Counts shows. I had asked you if I could have one of the reel to reel tapes you used in your PA setup to study some of your songs. You graciously agreed. That was 46 years ago and I still have that tape. In fact, I have used some digital tools to reconstruct the performances of that night. July 4th weekend at the Burnsville Bowl 1976.
      Now my granddaughter is a student at Hamline University and has begun hosting a show on the universities radio station. She’s trying to focus and feature on Minnesota musicians, so naturally I thought of you guys. I prepared four songs from your performance that night and have forwarded them to her along with some information on the group and each song.
      It’s fun to introduce to a new generation the memories we have of “our time”
      Thanks Steve and good health to all.
      Duane Pinault

  18. Hi Steve,

    I’d like to know more about the group, especially about the early years when you recorded the Soma 45s and “Ain’t Got the Time”. Also are there any photos of the band from that period?


  19. I too remember Michaels Mystic’s. That goes back to the mid 60’s!
    I hung around with some of the band members, Mike, Butch and Dave Steineck. They played all our high school “sock hops” and I just recently spoke with Butch who lives in Arizona now. Dave is in Woodbury. Wouldn’t it be great to get those guys back to playing?
    Ahhhh, let the good times roll.

  20. I believe the members of band when we recorded “Ain’t Got The Time” were Bob Phalen, Kelly Vincent, Charles, and Dave Mrocek(keyboards). Marsh Edlestein (DelCounts Manager / Booker) and Bill Roslanski (I believe he owned Magoo’s at time) produced the session, hence the record label Mar-Bil. Charles wrote the song kind of in the fashion of the Spencer Davis song “I a Man.” Believe we recorded the song at Dove Studios with Rod Eaton as the engineer. Same set up as the “What Is The Reason” session. (Charles or Marsh please correct me if I am wrong but that was 40 some years ago).
    Sorry, I don’t have any pictures from that period I can post. Our manager, Marsh had us take some pictures in something like knights or buckaneer outfits but they are too embarassising to let anyone see. We were 5 men in tights. They will remain in a cardboard box in my closet for my children or grandchildren’s enjoyment some day.
    “Ain’t Got The Time” got a little bit of air play on KDWB and WDGY but nowhere near as much as “What Is The Reason” which went all the way to number 3 on KDWB’s top 40.
    The “What is The Reason” session was really interesting. Ira Heilicher, Amos’ son, who owned Mucicland produced the session. (Amos spelled backwards is SOMA). Ira said if we recorded the song he would promote it, which he did. (Thanks Ira). The song has very difficult drum breaks at the end which our drummer played OK but tended to rush so we brought in another drummer who was not able to play them either. Charles even tried and was so close but Marsh said we should try a drummer from on of his other groups. Kelly Vincent had never heard the song but after listening to the song a couple of times he nailed it. Marsh said we had found ourselves a new drummer.
    I see some our recording on Ebay once in awhile. In fact, a copy of the 45 “Don’t Let Green Grass Fool You / Who Cares” sold for over $220 dollars. I think we only pressed aout 700 copies and sold them offstage at the Cascade 9 in Minneapolis. KUXL played the song for awhile but that was the only air play that the song received.
    Recording is those days could be very difficult. The engineers would make you turn down to the point that your guitar would have no sustain. The only time I have ever been pleased with the way my guitar sounded was on the “Who Cares” session which was engineered by Dave Rifkin at Sound 80. Although in “Ain’t Got The Time” I thought the guitar sounded OK thanks to my Boss Tone which made the guitar sound like a bee.
    Signing off,
    Steve M.

  21. The messages about the Byrd’s at the Marigold got me thinking about seeing various bands on Saturday morning’s WDGY Top 10 Club at Dayton’s auditorium. I remember the Yardbirds playing as part of the “British Invasion”….Am I right? Not sure if it was 1965 but I think so. My sister took a photo of the stage and they had this kind of shiny (tin foil looking) shapes on the stage. Was anyone else there? Also, my friends and I loved the Remo Four out of Liverpool who played a couple of successive weekends at the Top 10 Club. Colin Manly who was a beloved Mersy Beat artist (passed away in 2000) and Phil Rogers are the two I remember most from the Remo’s. I saw lots of memorabilia of the group when I visited the Casbah Coffee Club in Haymes Green (Liverpool) and The Beatles Story museum at Albert Docks.

    1. I also saw that Yardbirds show at Dayton’s. I have a couple of photos that a friend took, one of Jimmy Page in the Dayton’s parking ramp.
      This is from Jimmy Page’s website:
      05 AUG 1966
      This was the first date of any American tour for me, and on this day I played with The Yardbirds on bass. In fact, although having had two visits to the States prior to this, this was the first time I ever played a show there. The first date here in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 5th of August was at Dayton’s Department Store, 8th Floor Auditorium and the surroundings felt quite surreal.

  22. Steve,
    Your memory is very good. I just want to add that I took the song ‘Ain’t Got The Time’ to New York and shopped major record labels. We did get a lot of interest especially from a company called Laurie records and at that time they had two major acts Snoopy Versus The Red Baron and Gary and The US Bonds……..things just didn’t work out and we didn’t get singned but we got a lot of attention for our future!!!!

    Your Manager & Friend, Marsh

    P.S. See you at your Birthday Party’s

  23. The Del Counts from minneapolis are waaaaaay better than the chump stains from Sacramento….the ones from Minneapolis are still playing to this day. How bout those clowns. Herbie Hancock gimme a break, if they played for John hancock I might be impressed….

    1. Clowns? Chump stains? After leaving Sacramento (in his teens) the bandleader Mike Clark developed the Oakland funk sound (with TOP’s Dave Garibaldi) went on to have a successful music career as a jazz drummer and is recognized as a major innovator on drums all over the world, Do you even know who Herbie Hancock is?

  24. I saw the Yardbirds in the Daytons auditorium. Clapton was not with them by then, but lead guitar was Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page was playing bass in a (purple??) jumpsuit.

  25. Wow -cool site and I just found it by Googling DelCounts. I first heard them in late 1972 when they were the house band at the Cascade 9 on 9th and Hennepin. I met Michael and was his girlfriend for about 6 years. At that time, the band was Charles, Steve, Tom, Chris and Michael. Reading all these comments is so cool. And, Steve, if you see this, how the heck are you??? I, too, took the bus from Robbinsdale down to the WDGY Top 10 at Dayton’s. I had forgotten all about it until I read the comments about it here. Something about how the stage was decorated when the Yardbirds was there is jogging my memory. I may have seen them. A picture of that would really be great.

  26. Below are links to three of the Del Counts songs that were included on the the compilation CD “The Big Hits of Mid-America – The Soma Records Story”, released in 1998, which contained tracks from a number of other local bands from the 60’s. I’d be interested in getting an mp3 of “What Is The Reason” is anybody happens to have this lying around.

    Let the Good Times Roll

    Bird Dog

    With Another Guy

    I followed the Del Counts for years in the 70’s and 80’s, although my ‘home base’ was the old Mr. Nib’s bar at 26th Street and 26th Avenue in South Minneapolis, which burned in the late 1990’s.

    Does “Dancer” still exist, and if so, any place on the web to find a schedule?

    1. Actually Nibs burned in 1989
      “Mr. Nibs, with its wall museum to the genre, burned to the ground in 1989.” From an article about the TC music scene.
      I loved the Counts back in those days and saw them often, even jammed a couple of times…


  28. This band is mentioned in my first Wisconsin book because I cover Chet Orr & the Rumbles as a Superior, WI band. Chet Orr later joined XL-5, but he referred to it as XL-5 Minus One. They had a release on Cove. It was ’94 when I spoke with him.

    Gary E. Myers / MusicGem

      1. Biily, I don’t think I’ve seen this post before. My apology for missing it. I don’t really “remember” any bands from that area, as I wasn’t in that part of that state back then (except to go through it a bit), but I’ve found a great many area musicians in my book research. My coverage (2 bks) is for bands/artists, with a WI connection, who had at least one record release from 1950-69. I have the name Green Apple Quickstep as a band formed by Vic Martinson, who is in the book because of 1962 Cuca release.

      1. John, the XL-5 record is listed as “related” in my book under Chet Orr & the Rumbles. I didn’t do a separate entry for the XL-5 because it was my understanding that they were based in Duluth, while I understood Orr’s Rumbles to be based in Superior.

  29. I can personally confirm that THE BYRDS played the Marigold Ballroom in 1967 because, through a series of odd coincidences that particular evening, I and my friend, Tim Stubbs, wound up getting paid by their manager to help set up and break down their equipment, as well as stand on stage with them for the two-set concert and act as quasi-guards.

    The Byrds were my musical heroes, so I was absolutely “blown-away” to walk into an opportunity like this. Sadly, this turned out to be the night that rock and roll — at least the worship of rock-and-roll stars — died for me.

    Before the concert, all but one of the band had dropped acid (Jim McGuinn, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, am I missing another?), and Gene Clark — not into drugs — came drunk on Jack Daniels. They got through the first set okay. We got to go to their dressing room during break to say “hi”. By then the acid was coming on, they were fighting and miserable. (So much for “hi”.) By the second set they were so gone they couldn’t play the same song. At one point, they were so confused about what to play I leaned over to McGuinn and whispered “Eight Miles High” — they suffered through it,just barely. …………..

    Well, a short version of the story ………… By the way, listen to Tim Kerr.

  30. Anyone out there remember going to Aldrich Arena in St Paul MN (Summer) 1965 -1967
    for the Battle of the Bands? If I remember right, Bands would play from 12:00 in the afternoon to 12:00 at night.
    Bands like Danny’s Reasons the Ides of March and many more would play.

    1. I was at Aldrich Arena on May 12, 1967. I remember South 40 and T.C. Atlantic and others were there, playing on two or three stages.

  31. A local Mpls. publication of those times, “CONNIE’S INSIDER: The Upper Midwest’s Weekly Music Trade Journal”, states in it’s Vol. 1, No.15, November 18, 1967, issue:

    “BYRDS CONCERT-DANCE SUCCESSFUL” “The Byrds appeared at the Marigold Ballroom in Minneapolis on Friday, the 10 (of November), and played before 1,500 teens. // The show was a financial success for the promoter Arnie Sagarsky, but left much to be desired in the way of good, exciting entertainment. Instead, the show was something of a drag, as the Byrds appeared bored with the whole affair. // The Del Counts, who appeared on the same bill, came across with more personality and color, while jpresenting a very tasty musical sound. Their material was current and familiar, and the kids danced up a storm.// …” This was a one-night affair, and in another issue of the INSIDER it states, “It seems the band did a date the night before in some Southern Minnesota town, and Sagarsky had a chance to latch onto them for his Twin City promotion.”

    1. I used to receive Connie’s Insider in the mail. I had quite a large stack of them but eventually tossed them. I wish I hadn’t done that.

  32. The DelCounts were doing 5:00 – 8:00 shots at the Cascade 9 from March of 1970 through June of 1970. After their matinee performance at the Cascade 9 they would proceed to the Chalet in Robbinsdale to finishe out the evening. Then they were hired full time to take the place of the XL-5 as the regular house band at the Cascade 9 from 6-20-70 through 8-21-1972. After that stint they made their residence at the Burnsville bowl for 2 years. After the burnsville Bowl the DelCounts Resided at “The President Cafe” and from ther I finished my career with them after 10 years at “Mr. Nibs” on 36th Ave, and 36th St, in Minneapolis.

    Tom Hoth. Drummer, Delcounts – 1970 – 1973

  33. I remember dancing to the Del Counts at “the Barn” or was it the Purple Barn ? in
    1968 or 1969 ? It’s hard to remember the year . . .
    Also, I think they played at Richfield High School . . . I think Bob Phalen was from Richfield . . . So many good memories . . .

  34. I saw the Yardbirds at Daytons. According to another site it was August 5, 1966. No Clapton but definitely Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. I’m so glad someone remembers, I thought it was a leftover 60s hallucination. Would love to see the photo. Thanks for the memory

  35. We used to see you at Nibs bar S. Mpls back in the 70’s and wondering if you are playing anywhere currently.

  36. When I knew the XL-5, they had a bar / dance hall on 5th street in downtown Minneapolis and I usually went on oldies night when they had The White Sidewalls.
    I came here looking for someone who remembers the old Top Ten Club from Dayton’s. All the local bands came to play because they were all on the top ten lists back then. Talk about Glory Days….

  37. I used to go to Aldrich Arena and remember the battle of the bands well. The Underbeats,TC Atlantic The Uglies, Mystics Ides of March etc etc. Ah those were the days. I’d give anything to re live em.

  38. Met you and the band on a Northwest Airlines Flight back in 1967, invited to a dance where you were playing. I came with a few of my “stew” friends. Had fun hanging out with you and the b and for awhile. Good songs! I think I gave or loaned you a record of one of our local bands “The Wailers” from Tacoma, WA to listen to. I have quite a few friends that started from garages around here – some still play!

  39. My dad owned the ballroom until it closed in the 70’s. I remember the “teen dances” because he hated them so much. The big bands and polkas bands weren’t as popular and the teen dances brought in the crowds but ended up causing damage and he had to add a ryder to his insurance. It was a great place with lots of good memories.

  40. Are you thinking of Chico Perez of The Ivymen (changed their name to the Buttons later)? They had a great 45 of Dale Hawkins “La Do Da Da” on Soma, I think. They were from the Coon Rapids/Anoka area and I believe Chico became a hotshot session drummer, from what I recall. He has relatives that still live on my old block in CR. I never saw the band but I’ve heard stories from back in the day.

    1. Keith, Gary sabourin here. I just stumbled on this website and figured out you are Keith Allen from kumquat! Please give me a call. 714 270 0907

  41. Chico has been the percussionist for “Gypsy”(and Jumpstreet, and James Walsh Gypsy Band) going on 30 years now, perhaps longer.
    Still with them, when they perform that is.

  42. Yep I remember The Barn & I believe I remember it was Purple. Seems like it was more in Bloomington than Eden Prairie but it was probably in Eden Prairie. You got the date right, I think. I remember Julio Iglesias played at The Barn one of those years, I think it might have been 1969? Played his version of Light My Fire. I found out about it cause I picked up a blind hitch hiker from Mound Minnesota going to that concert. I drove him all the way there & offered to bring him back but he said he had a ride already to come back with some Friends. Myself I never made it to The Barn to see anyone. Thanks Eric AKA DJ-SirDuke

  43. Hi Steve Miller since you were with them that long, do you remember staying in a friends apartment, in St.Louis Park or Hopkins border. This was in the 70s & they were playing at Diamond Jim’s or that other Nightclub back then in Downtown Minneapolis. I Drove them a few times to their Gig at that Nightclub while they stayed at my Friend’s place in Hopkins/St.Louis Park. Did they also have a band member that appeared to be a short mexican Male? I think his name might have been Chico, BUT that is a long time ago to remember. Please refresh my memory of them, if you can, about this. It’s the closest I ever came to stardom. I remember they paid my way into teh Nightclub & also seem to remember they payed for my drinks which was one or two. I also got to sit with them at their table. So it was Really COOL. My Fav Delcounts song is Let The Good Times Roll cause back then it WAS The good Times. Thank You Eric AKA DJ-SirDuke

  44. I attended EVERY Top Ten Club event from the beginning… LOVED it! I too hung out at The 5 on Oldies Night. The White Sidewalls were great. The radio at work was just playing something the XL5 used to play and I was thinking what ever came of them and how there really isn’t any music out these days like what they played then. Ahh the good old days…

  45. Bob Falen was from Richfield. He is my dad. For some reason people are spelling it Phelan on here but its actually Falen. For those of you who didn’t know, you might be surprise to find that it is short for our full last name which is Falenczykowski.

    I love reading these stories about dad and the band. Keep them coming. As a local musician myself, it is cool to see how some things haven’t changed, but yet how many things have. Sounds like the music scene was a lot smaller and effective and with less technology and media exposure at that. Its sad that most of our generation is completely satisfied with our musical experience on our computer or TV instead of in a bar, nightclub.

    1. Charles Schoen’s kid this site is pretty fun. Does your dad have memorabilia from those days. If they can prove it with a flyer picture whatever. They are up for being the longest rock in roll band in the world for real… your dad was a big part of that. Let’s make it happen!

  46. I remember your dad like it was yesterday. I worked at “The Barn” later to be the “Purple Barn” after we painted it purple one summer. Him and I used to go into the tuck under garage of the one empty house on the Barn property during break and do a “Bally-HI” wine/water pipe. He was funny to watch playing bass when he was stoned off his ass. I belive he also introduced me to the “grass mask”. Or maybe it was the other way around. We used to have alot of fun back in those days. He was probably the most fun of all the Delcounts back then. Steve was a “family man” Kelly was quite a heavy drinker and had a second job on the railroad, as I remember. Terry, the organist, had a very cute girlfriend that controled almost every move he made, and Larry, sounded like Fogerty, a great singer but liked more acid rock, not “top 40” was trying to join Crow.
    I remember when they broke up. They had there equipment at the Barn and Terry was the only one who showed up for practice, as I remember. That was the last I saw of any of them. Afew years later I saw them at the “9”. Steve was the only one I new in the band then.
    So what is your dad doing these days. If he trys to tell you he never did drugs tell him I said he’s full of shit. Did he make a good fathe to ya. He use to be so much fun. Is he still alive? I’m 60 now and he was a couple years older than me.

  47. I know it has been awhile since you posted your comment but I just stumbled across this GARAGEHANGOVER thing! Reading your comments brought tears to my eyes.I am the only child my mother or father ever had. My dad passed away October 2011 and if there is any way I could obtain a copy of that poster, it would mean the world to me! I was far too young to remember those days but reading this stuff makes me realize just how popular my parents really were! I would cover all costs, do all the driving or whatever it takes to get a copy of the poster, but if not, I understand. Thank you so much!I hope this e-mail reaches you.

  48. Steve,Hey there,my name is Troy Vincent, the son and only child of Kelly! I am fascinated by what I have learned on this site! My dad passed last Fall and I thought I would never hear any of his earliest work. If you have anything,recordings pictures etc.that I could obtain please contact me. Thank you so much!

  49. Hello, if I am right, did’nt Dave Rifken play for ‘THE STILLROVEN’
    That band was great, They had a record out with ‘ Picture Playhouse’ circa
    1967. I found there two albums on CD at Sundazed Music out of New Jersey.I hear that Phil Berdahl the original drummer for Stillroven, is playing in a trio-in Cyrstal Minnesota. I was great freinds with keyboardst Dave Dean,

  50. Hi, I lived on Spruce Place by Loring Park and went to the Marigold all the time. I rememebr when the Byrds played there, it was about the same time as my wedding when they came. My weding was at the Basilica and the “Accents” played at my reception. I have some great pictures of that. I know that they ate at White Castle after the concert. I still follow the Del-Counts to this day and will hopefully see them at the Eagle Club in Mpls. on Friday and Medina on Sat. Sure to be loads of fun. Does anyone remember where the Del COunts played on their first event? If you do, let me know. Thanks, LYnda

  51. Wow, I can’t believe it has been 50 years. From the Marigold, the President, Magoos, Dayton’s Auditorium, Mr. Nibs, Cascade 9, Danceland and many other dance halls, as well as the all night gigs at the Mpls Armory and “Date with Dino” on TV. (Our American Bandstand” it was our life in the 60’s and 70’s. Dancing is what it was all about. I got married in October 1967 and wanted them to play so bad, Ironically, my reception was at the Balentine VFW on Lake and Lyndale. The Del Counts were booked so I got the accents. Yeah, Denny and the Castaways were booked also. But I finally got to hear Charlie and the Delcounts at that same VFW this past winter when they played with Pat Fitzgerald and “Teen King and The Princes” Those memories are always close to my heart. I grew up very poor but The Del Counts and the other bands kept me smiling. Also listened to Michaels Mystics, Gregory Dee and the Avanties, Trashmen, Castaways, Danny’s Reasons and many more. I always tell my kids “All six of them” they didn’t know what fun was unless you lived in the sixties and early seventies. The Marigold got top biling, great dancefloor, next to White Castle and only 2 blocks from home. When the Marigold was tore down, my brother who worked for the Hyatt built the “Hyatt Hotel” on that spot, and my two oldest sons were bellmen there all through College.I will probably see the Del Counts twice this week-end on their 50th anniversary. Friday (Eagles Club) in South Minneapolis and Saturday at the Medina Entertainment Center. Lets give them a huge thank you.

  52. Troy…I have several pics and posters with your Dad in them….we had great times together in the band as well as hunting and racing my Grand Prix against his GTX!!!! I met you when you were a baby. Say Hi to Pat. We should get together for “some stories”.

  53. Probably on the same tour as mentioned here, the Byrds also made an appearance in Mankato. It was in The Fifth Dimension, a bowling alley basement owned (rented?) by Bill Roslansky. He had the windowless former roller rink’s walls and ceiling painted black, decorated with fluorescent artwork, and lit solely with blacklight. So the only light was the glowing psychedelic art plus the dots on kids’ faces produced by the fluorescence of their (sulfur-bearing) Clearasil, to their surprised embarrassment.
    That afternoon, we took the band up to the TV station where I worked, for an appearance on the local Bandstand-type show called the On Scene. The host was Mike Andrews, who later became a Twin Cities restaurateur. The show was made interesting by one of the Byrds taking photos of the studio while he was being interviewed.
    That night, the Byrds’s performance was somewhat uninspired, no doubt affected by the low ceilinged concrete box venue, and a blown speaker that blasted distortion for the last part of the concert, with the band apparently ignoring it.
    Still a fascinating and memorable experience.

  54. If the Del-Counts are not listed on midwesttribute list
    how do you find out where they are playing?
    I know Charles is still playing somewhere but how does one find out where they are playing?
    Anyone know where the Del-Counts are playing?

  55. I was just going to ask if anybody remember them, lol. WOW this site sure is COOL, brings back memorys of the good ole days. Anyway, my fav BIG song by TC Atlantic is In Speedy’s Kitchen. One of the few Twin City Bands I have a MP3 for. Also, BTW, I also met & listened to The Trashmen at a WLTE Original Saturday Night Cruise Oldies Request Show with MY Friend Paul Geiger. Thanks The Original “Duke Of Rosemount” Eric AKA DJ-SirDuke

  56. Hey, I just discovered this site this morning, what a load of forgotten information. I Googled Irv Trestman and thats how I got here. I started a band that we eventually named the Benders. No big original hits, Everyone was from St. Louis Park except me ( I lived in Edina ) Because I had originally lived in the park and practically lived at Wooddale Lutheran church, thats where all my friends were. We ended up buying our equipment from Irv cause one saturday I was ogling all the guitars and he said, “Del, you can try out anything in the store at your gigs as long as you buy all your stuff from me” That was a big turning point for me for him to have that much confidence in me! Later on, we got a gig at St. Cloud after we joined the union and I told Irv we wanted to take along the Hammond B3 organ. I remember his jaw dropped as he said ” Do you have to take That” It was the most expensive thing in the store. We also were one of the first to have the “Echo chamber” or as the reverb box as you say. You practically didn’t have to be able to sing a note at all as it corrected most “off notes” I sat in civics class across from Bob Nolan from the “Crusher fame” He almost didn’t fit at the desk. Nice guy though. Thanks for all your work! Del N.

  57. Does anyone remember Bill Soley playing bass guitar for these guys? I hung out with him and his wife Georgia Rusnako in the mid 60’s.

    1. Lanny, I knew Bill Soley! I grew up with his former wife, Georgia, and she now owns the house my parents owned in the ’60s. I remember you dated one of my high school friends from St. Anthony High School. The 6-hour dance marathons at the Marigold Ballroom were our hangout in ’64 & ’65 when Bill was playing. Didn’t you run around with Steve Lang & Rich Anderson who were in college in St. Cloud & came down to Mpls on weekends?

      1. This is really cool. I just stumbled across this again. Wow. Terry ? Yes. All the above is true. Kathy Weir was from St. Anthony! I am trying to remember your last name. Steve and Rich were friends and my roommates at different times at St. Cloud.. I think Steve wound up marrying Linda Thange ??? who was also a friend of Kathy’s from St Anthony’s. Please email me at………

      2. I know Bill Soley played base guitar in 1965. I used to ride around in his new GTO and he had “the DelCounts” lettered on each front fender. His girlfriend at that time was Georgia Rusnako. They also had a baby together.

  58. Anyone remember the “Lions Den” on frost Ave in Maplewood, MN
    back in (if I remember right) 64-67 garage bands would play there every weekend.

    1. Oh yeah, if you went to the Lion’s Den you never forgot it. Great music, tons of people dancing in a space that was truly about the size of a lion’s den. Drinking the house specialty, which were called zombies, no id required, or at least I never was asked, haha, what a time. All the bands played there, Hot Half Dozen, Michael and the Mystics, so many more. I even remember you Larry O’Connell

  59. Spent many years trying to find a 45rpm copy of “Let the Good Times Roll” by the DelCounts, finally found it just by accident at Hymies Records, have never seen another one, also saw the Byrds at the Plamor Ballroom in Rochester in 1965 or 66, also saw The Everley Bros. and Jerry Lee Lewis there and the Beach Boys at the Mayo Civic Auditorium plus Johnny Tillotson at the Terp Ballroom in Austin, this was all in 1964,65,66, lots of great memories, one other thing, I remember hearing on WDGY that the Rolling Stones would be appearing at DanceLand in Excelsior and like many kids my first comment was who and the hell are the Rolling Stones.

    1. I found your comment about the Soma/Del Counts’ record “Let the Good Times Roll” and “Bird Dog.” We’re cleaning out some old records from a relative which my husband has had squirreled away. Most appear to be pretty worthless; however, I spotted this one (we live in the Twin Cities) and decided to do a little research. It’s in very good condition. It isn’t in a jacket, but has been stored in a case. I see that a couple have sold on eBay in the past, but I’ve never done that and don’t want to mess with it. Please contact me if you, or someone you know, is interested in it.

  60. I remember the Delcounts at the Crystal Mist on Highway 36. The song I remember them starting out the night with was “Sorry”, by the Impalas.

  61. I am Bill Soley’s younger sister, Joanne. Bill and his wife Llyne of 40 plus years reside in Two Harbors, MN (part time in FL). I have fond memories of the very BEGINNING of the band in our basement on 35th & 3rd St in North Mpls. Charlie was lead singer/guitarist/keyboard?? Bill bass guitar, DeLeon LaFave drummer and Nordstrom (cannot remember first name) I think rhythm guitar. I will speak with Bill and let him know I found this site and please post any comments /questions. Great to hear he is remembered as one of the originals. What patience my parents must have had!!!!!!!!!

    1. Joanne, you won’t remember me, but my brother, Ron and I lived at 3506 3rd street, two houses from you. We moved out to New Hope in 1956, when 3rd street was bought up for the freeway. I remember your dads Iron Works, both in Camden, and later on 42nd. We now live in Florida.

  62. I spoke with my brother Bill today and found out I was wrong on a few things (imagine that-only been 50-some years). He said the name Bobby Aquinto(sp) was keyboard not Charlie. Nordstrom was not in the band but a friend of Bill’s that I remember. Bill is glad I found this website and stated he will get into it and may clarify things that I messed up. He did speak of Tony Preese(sp) becoming drummer after DeLeon and eventually manager. I will let Bill provide info from here.

    1. Thank You Joanne. I am currently close Friends With Charles Schoen & the rest of the band. I consider Charles & myself is almost Twins as our birthdays are almosr exactly only two days apart. I’ve been a fan of theirs ever since 1965 when I heard them play a live teen dance in Loretto MN. But, I lost track of them untill about 2 years ago thru a exgirlfriend from 1968 I reconnected with got me reconnected with The Fabulous Delcounts & that’s when I met Charles & became close Friends to him. All They Guys in the Band ARE great. By The Way, We all are human & can make mistakes so don’t feel bad about that. Thank You Eric Undem

      1. I was the original bass layer with the DelCounts when Charles Schoen and I started practicing on acoustic guitars in 1961, we would sit at a picnic table at Perkins Field in N. Mpls and neighborhood kids would gather to listen. When I graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 1964, the band had been doing very well for about a year. Charles, Del Leon LaFave, Bob Yaquinto and I were the original band members. Tony Preese took over the drums in late 1964/1965. Bob Yaquinto was on piano and was later replaced by a guitar player, Tom (?). Steve Miller later replaced Tom. I left the band in early 1967, was drafted into the Army in March 1971-73 to VietNam, returned to Mpls until 1977, when I moved to Two Harbors.
        Bill Soley

        1. Bill
          Do you remember hanging out with me, Kathy Weir, you and Georgia?
          I remember riding in your 65 GTO, and Kathy, Georgia and me going all over the Twin Cities to hear you guys play during the summer of ’65 . One of the best summers of my life! You and Georgia lived upstairs of a house somewhere near Steve Langs parents house.

          Lanny Witt

        2. I knew Del Lafave. You are the first person who has listed the ORIGINAL members – very hard to find out on the internet or the dedicated sites. Good to see your post.

        3. Bill, I’m a friend of Del LaFave, I met him around 1962 when he became my drum teacher; we’re still friends and do find time to play some drums together. Del is a drum aficionado who has a collection of drum kits and snare drums that could fill a drum shop. I mentioned your name and he got excited and would like to reminisce on some old times and asked me to get your contact info.

  63. lanny I remember you well couldn’t remember cathy in 1977 my dad retired and sold soley iron works . we decieded to move up to two harbors mn at that time we owned 20 acres of land so we built a log home on it . here is my sons work number 218 722 4542 kia of Duluth he will give you my number hope to talk to you bill soley

    1. Bill,

      This is going waaaaay back. I was your next door neighbor on 3rd st. in Mpls. around 1952 or 53. I remember your dad Howard and his business Soley Iron Works originally located near Camden, then after he relocated it to New Hope. Also, I knew Tom Hoth through a mutual friend Steve Sather. I remember drag racing Tom in his ’69 Camaro SS 396 on hwy 169 in my friends ’69 Z-28 and getting beat. Those were the good old days.

  64. This is too funny! I went to a restaurant in Southern Illinois which had a computerized system for constant oldies played. Asked the owner if he remembered the Del Counts and the response was a surprising YES, went back and brought up Let The Good Times Roll, called my brother Bill so he could listen while my granddaughter and I danced to it. Goes to show how many good things can continue to be remembered…..
    Also to Ron Schuster: I remember you and your family, your brother and folks. Ann and Milo Hall lived between us. Your Mom was good to give me cookies. Good to remember the old neighborhood. Wonder what became of Jimmy Trettle?

  65. ‘With Another Guy’…what a tune! So soulful. Played over here in the UK on the Northern Soul scene. Brilliant. I treasure my copy.

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