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1. Recent arrivals
2. Garage 45s
3. New Zealand and Australian beat
4. UK
5. Europe/Asia/South America
6. Surf & instrumentals
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Grading is strict, even VG condition should play well with absolutely no skips or serious scratches, and minimal noise.

All label defects noted. “wlp” means “white label promo”. All originals except for a couple reissues which are noted.

Payment: Paypal (‘as friend’ please) to, also Venmo, Western Union or money order.

U.S. shipping: $4.00 1st class with tracking for up to three 45s in U.S. or Priority Mail for $7.50.

All US packages have tracking, International only has customs # unless registered.

International shipping (prices raised Jan 21, 2018): $14.00 for one or two 45s for 1st Class International. For three or more 45s, the price jumps to $23.50. I can ship 8 or maybe more 45s for $23.50 – check with me for exact shipping costs. For Registered shipping add $15.

Priority International is possible – contact me for exact shipping cost. $750+ must ship Priority or Express Intl, contact me for exact costs including insurance.

Canada & Mexico: $13 for 1st class Intl. For more than one single, check with me for exact postage costs.

Insurance: I pay for insurance through Shipsaver for orders between $300-$750. $300 or under you can insure for an extra $1 per $100 of insurance.

Garage 45 set saleJanuary 16, 2019 
1. Recent additions
5 SpotsBlack Rock / Mr. FortuneSoma 1147VGMany light scratches and scuffs but plays well, check clips. Small chip at edge that doesn't go into grooves. Labels in nice shape.$25
ArrowsGranny Goose / Space HopTower 158VG+$50
Arrows featuring Davie AllanCycle-delic / Blue Rides AgainTower 381GWhite promo copy. Styrene 45 well worn but plays through amazingly well$22 HOLD
Beaus of BeethovenIt's Too Late / Goin' AwaySound-Pro Studio SPS-1014VG+Small pressing dimples on vinyl, no loud clicks or pops but has some light background pressing noise$375
Billy Lee RileyValley of Dolls / Lonely ManMojo 3611VG++Styrene 45, no distortion$18
Billy Wade McKnightI Need Your Lovin' / Trouble's Commin' OnInternational Artists IA-116G+Glossy but plays with surface noise throughout$10
Bobbie GrahamZoom, Widge and Wag / Skin DeepFontana F-1501VG++white labels, styrene 45$45
Bobby Fuller FourLet Her Dance / Another Sad and Lonely NightLiberty 55812VGScuffy styrene plays without distortion$55
Bobby WilliamsMy Baby Cries / Bobby & Dave - Hat on TieTonorous M-018VG++$80
BreakawaysThat Boy of Mine / Here She ComesLondon International 10526VG-Promo labels. Many light scratches and scuffs, both sides play pretty well but with some light noise throughout. Labels show some wear and dirt, but no writing or tears$12
Bunker HillRed Ridin' Hood and the Wolf / Nobody KnowsMala 457VGStyrene 45 has stress line (but no crack or separation)$42
Carmel Covered PopcornSuzie Q / Looking for a PlaceVistone 2055VG-"Suzie Q" plays well with light background noise, but flip has heavier noise at intro.$15
CarteesDon't Say Goodbye / 4 Quarters on the Football FieldReprise 0528VGWhite promo labels. Styrene 45 has some surface scuffs but plays well without distortion.$9
ChallengersLazy Twist / GoofusTriodex 102VG-Many surface scuffs and scratches but nothing deep. Plays well with occasional light noise. Some staining on "Goofus" label. Name in pen and "X"s on "Lazy Twist" label.$12
ChancellorsI'm a Man / So FineSoma 1433VG++White promo labels$15
CheckmatesHey Girl / All the Time NowRuff 1003VG+stock labels, styrene 45, writing in pen on both labels$20
CheradesMy Little Red Book / SorrowRHM 1001VGSlight warp that does not affect play. Labels have light moisture spots. Some fine scratches but plays very well, check clips$100 HOLD
Churchill AdministrationI Just Met You / SummerCha Cha C-799VG-"Summer" plays audibly off center. Tape on A-side label and small tears on both labels$10
Davey Dee & the MudcatsPuddle Jumper / SultryEmber E-1055VGWhite promo labels, pen marks on both labels. A-side plays great, flip has light noise$28
Dawn BeatsRoad Block / The Big BCentury Custom 17380VG++very slight storage warp does not affect play. Plays with light background noise. Clean labels$250
DenimColorado Love Song / Too BadTexas Revolution CFS-820VG++Hippie country rock, good guitar in second half$65
DominosAround the World Across the Sea / Can Somebody Please Help MeCha Cha C-755VG+Glossy but has light noise and a few pressing bubbles that do not affect play$16
Fabulous FuturasWhen You Ask About Love / La Do Da DaIkonVG+very slight warp. Glossy but lo-fi pressing. Marker on "La Do Da Da" label$22
Fire and IceMirrors / You Don't KnowCapitol P-2673NMPromo labels, A-side label has light residue from old price sticker$150
Flower PowerI Can Feel It / StopTener T1010VG+Labels do not list band name. Slight warp does not affect play. Light pops at end of "Stop". Both labels have a few very small tears, mostly by center hole.$160
FowlsThe Bird Is the Word / Chirp Me Out to the BallgameRotten Rat 1016VG+Light warp does not affect play$17
Green BeansWho Needs You / Knock on My DoorTower 237FairPromo labels. Scuffed, light scratches and unfortunately one skip on "Who Needs You"$18
Ho-DadsHonky / LegendsImperial 66001VGWhite promo labels with X in marker on "Honky" label. Glossy with some surface scuffs but plays excellent, check clip$45
HogsBlues Theme / Loose Lip Sync ShipHBR 511VGPromo labels. A couple half-second long spots of noise, otherwise plays well, check audio. A lot of writing in marker and pen on "Blues Theme" label$28
Hugh DixonA Bit of FuzClick CK-17VGLight scuffs, flip has some surface scratches that do not affect play. Early fuzz guitar instro. Small tear on A-side label$20
Ill Bred MindHow Can You Be Happy Today? / Walk On ByP.S.L. 20171VGA-side plays well, "Walk On By" has light noise at intro$45
InsectsThen You Came My Way / The L&H SongEarthy 201VG+$32
Jacobson & TansleyDream With Me / I Knew You Back When BabeCapitol 72403VG+Canadian issue on vinyl. A-side label has "Drive In Wayne / 67" written in pen along top.$20
James Bryant & the KrittersLong Long Time / True Lovers Are Hard to FindParrot 45016VG plays +promo copy, "X" on B-side label$25
John Harrison & the HustlersDon't Ask Why / You Don't Want ThatIdeal 10VG+Styrene 45$32
KiddsStraighten Up And Fly Right / See What My Love MeansBig Beat BB 1012VGPlays very well with only light background noise. Vinyl has some dimples that do not affect play. 2 "X"s in marker on "See What My Love Means" label$24
Limey & the YanksOut of Sight, Out of MindLoma 2059VGWhite promo labels. Styrene 45 has scuffs but plays well, without distortion. Check clips.$40 HOLD
LostMaybe More Than You / Back Door BluesCapitol 5519VG+Small mark on A-side does not affect play. Some light background noise.$18
Magic MushroomsIt's-A-Happening / Never MoreA&M 815VG++stock copy, styrene 45, no drill hole$45
MenacesIf You Want Me / Till I Met YouDramel ARA-22767NMslight warp - a little noise before music starts but then not audible$120 HOLD
Mersey LadsWhat'cha Gonna Do Baby / Johnny No LoveMGM K13481VGPromo labels with "Not For Sale" blacked out with marker on both labels. One small scratch that can be felt on A-side, but plays without clicking.$45
Mor-LoksWhat My Baby Wants / Looking for a New DayDecca 31950VG plays +Promo labels. Glossy with very light surface scratches.$33
New LimeWhenever I Look in Her Eyes /And She CriedFraternity F-947VG$26
New RoadrunnersLove Is / Tired of LivingAOK 1036VG+light warp does not affect play$45
Nite WalkersHigh Class / You've Got MeRussell 43107VG+$600
Nite WalkersFlorence Ave / My GirlRussell 43107VG+Small stain A-side label$320
Opposite SixCome Straight Home / All Night LongDot 16700VGOne feelable scratch on Come Straight Home that didn't skip or make loud clicks on my turntable. Styrene 45.$50
Other Side of TimeWhat Ya Gonna Do? / What's on Your Mind?R.S.D. OST-1VG+glossy styrene$21
Rare BreedIn the Night / I Need YouCool as a Moose CM-012VG++very slight warp does not affect play$36
Rave-OnsBaby Don't Love Me / The LineRe-Car 9016VG+Pressed slightly off center, check clips$28
RemainsI Can't Get Away From You / But I Ain't Got YouEpic 5-9872VGWhite promo labels. Many light scuffs and scratches. Styrene 45 plays well with light noise but no styrene burn$48
Richie & the SaxonsEasy Now / Bottom of the BarrelTip 1020VG-white promo labels, styrene 45. Scuffy, "Bottom of the Barrel" plays well, "Easy Now" has one quick skip$20
Rockin' RebellionsDon't Let Go / Any Way the Wind BlowsGold Groove 111VG-Very scuffed, but play is amazingly good, check clips.$50
SatyrsZodiac Zoo / I'm an Astrologer TooRandall R-101VG+1974 psych, seems to be rare$120
Sign Of LeoCastle In The Sky / Have A Nice DayNo labelVG++Unknown early '70s horn rock. Blank labels with hand written titles and artist name. Deadwax has "PC-807A" / "PC-807B"$70
SouldiersWould You Kiss Me / Lemon SunBoss 007VGmany light scratches and one small mark that can be felt at the beginning of Would You Kiss Me, but plays very well check clips. Initials written in pen on both labels, which also have some small dents/impressions.$55
Symon Grace & Tuesday BluesOut of Sight / You Won't Get Me WorkinRound 1004VG++White promo labels$36
Syndicate of SoundLittle Girl / YouHush G-228VG++Glossy styrene 45$60 HOLD
TeardropsWho Are You / Armfull of Teddy Bear004 NPS-101NM/VG++Picture sleeve in excellent shape, light aging only.$30
Ten Tuff GuitarsMoonshot! / Fly Me to the MoonColumbia 4-43426VG++White promo labels, great instro. Styrene 45$30
Thee Young GenerationPaperback Minds / MovinCaptain 1430VG+Light surface paper scuffs, and very slight warp does not affect play$65
ThumperMontreal / A Fool Didn't KnowA&M 982VG+Drill hole, and some wear around center of "Montreal" label. Styrene 45 plays EX$28
Tony and TerriTake Me Now / I Want YouMercury 77489VG+Stock labels. Has some scuffs but styrene 45 plays well without distortion. Large X on "I Want You" label$120
TraitsNobody Loves the Hulk / Better ThingsQueens City 101NM / NM$33
TurtlenecksVibrations / Ding Dong DollyAudio Fidelity 45-106VGWhite promo label. Minor edge warp does not affect play$22
UgeMad Charles / Mad Charles Love ThemeWGW HMR-889VG+$24
VagrantsAnd When It's Over / I Don't Need Your LovingAtco 45-8552VG+Styrene 45 plays without distortion. Stock labels$25
ViceroysThat Sound / Tired of Waiting For YouBolo B0754VG+Styrene 45$25
WanderersSick and Tired / There Is Something On Your MindTri City 5452VGStyrene 45, scuffy but "Sick and Tired" plays excellent, flip has noise, check clips$90
Wigggs of 1666I Will Never Be the Same / NeverMercury 72527VG++Drill hole at center with small tear. Styrene 45, plays without distortion. Stock labels$45
WoolLove, Love, Love, Love, Love / If They Left Us Alone NowABC 11190VG-Has prominent scratch but plays well without skips or clicks. Promo labels$16
ZoofsGet to Know Yourself / Not So NearDeesu 310VG+some light surface scuffs but play is good with a little light noise in the background, check clips. B-side is excellent folk-garage$85
2. Garage 45s US & Canada
"E" TypesShe Moves Me / The Love of the LoveSunburst 45-001VG+$28
49th ParallelLaborer / You Do ThingsRCA Victor 47-9293NMwlp, company sleeve, beautiful labels and vinyl$75
5th GenerationIf I See Her / You Lied to MeFone-Booth 1001NMslight dish warp does not affect play$110
Abstract SoundI'm Trying / Blacked Out MindSOS 1002VGLooks VG but has constant background noise - check audio clips$35
AdaptersConfess / Believe MeRichie 65-4/5VG"D.J. Copy" stamped on "Confess" label$24
Age of Reason(Your Love Is Like a) Magnet / I'm a Free ManAscot 2230VG+white promo labels have a little discoloration at the edges$60
Alan Franklin ExplosionPiece of Your Love / Bye Bye BabyThe Blues Climax JC 888VG+great crude garage$75
Alexander's Rock Time BandThe Travel Song / Number One Hippie on the Village SceneJ and T 2002VG+A-side label has 1cm tear at center hole, B-side label has large "X" stamp and very small tol$18
Alva StarrLight of a 1000 Years / AnnaGolden 105VG+blue label$30
American DreamTioga / All the Way in MourningDemik 101VG+promo stamp on vocal side$30
American WayBo Diddley / Just One More time For MeSound 277VG+rolling warp dnap$22
Andy's Tool BoxWell of Your Love / Bread CrumsHilaire 527VGHas edge warp that does not jump needle or cause serious noise. A-side plays very well, B-side plays with a little noise. Check audio clips$190
AnthemFast Suzi / Not Sure She's MineLa VelleVG++slight warp does not affect play$40
Arch of TriumphLands of Shadow / Sunshine And YouDate 2-1634VG+white promo labels$18
ArielIt Feels Like I'm Crying / I Love YouBrent 7060VG+scratch on b-side dnap$25
Arondies69 / All My LoveAstra 1005NMgreen vinyl$27
Arondies69 / All My LoveSherry SH 198VG plays wellpink label with poodle, some label wear, name written on A-side label$20
Arondies69 / All My LoveAstra 1005VG++black vinyl$24
ArondiesClass of '69 / All My LoveSherry SH 198VG++black label with silver print, light wear to label$24
ArrowsGranny Goose / Space HopTower 158VG++Small pen writing on labels: "Vocal" / "Inst" "9/65".$45
Atlanta VibrationsIf You Let Me Love You / My HometownSim-Cor 101VG+glossy, a few minor marks that don't affect play.$75
Au Go-Go'sAll Over Town / Waited For YouJest J-1VG+white promo labels. Labels have some fading$45
AvengersWhen It's Over / You Can't Hurt Me AnymoreF-G 104VG++$45
B.J. Thomas & the TriumphsCandy Baby / I'm So Lonesome I Could CryPacemaker 227VG$12
Bachs LunchYou Go On / Will You Love Me TomorrowTomorrow T-911NMwhite promo labels$30
Badd BoysI Told You So / Folks in a HurryEpic 5-10165VGClean white promo labels. Styrene disc has odd discoloration that goes through both sides, and some light surface marks, but plays great without distortion. Includes company sleeve$28
BalladeersWords I Want to Hear / High Flying BirdCori CR 31001VG plays +A-side has "71" in pen on label$70
BallantraesAction / Baby JaneBell 693VG++drill hole$8
Baron Thomas & the Blue CrystalsTension / We'll Be Thru For EverCourier 8150VG+A-side has one thick surface scratch that does not affect play. Clean labels$200
BaronsDon't Come Back No More / Try a Love With MeJafes 985VG plays +B-side label signed by band and has small number sticker$450
Baroque BrothersSo Glad Was I / Baroque a Go GoBack Beat 562VG+promo copy$16
BarracudasI Can't Believe / 20-75Cuda 501VG-, plays wellsurface scuffs, no deep scratches. Labels have some wear and pencil marks - arrows and circle around Cuda$65
Basil & the BaroquesIt's No Use / We'll Meet AgainDore 745VG plays better$45
Basis of the ThingIndividual of Society vocal / instrumentalChil-Line 14449VG+$30
BastilleThe Music Ship / Trying to Be Freeno label 30300VG++close to NM, 2 "X"s on A-side label$100
Beau AllenGive Me Your Love / What A Love Can DoHFA 1016VG+small scratch (about 1/8") on A-side label$25
BeauregardeTestify / INWI 2758VG-glossy with marks, check audio clips$24
Bedforde SetGirl Go Run Away / The World Through a TearRCA 47-9068NMwhite label promo$30
Bentley RoadKill the Cobra / Michael MichaelForward F-130VGStyrene 45, no groove distortion$21
Big Joe LongJust for A While / The Things You DoSanctus 4538-1VG+$27
Billy SandlinShe's Mean / Don't Let Me DownVim 1006VG$25
Billy Sandlin and the InternsPoor Rich Girl / Here Comes That FeelingRoyale 1966-326VG+superficial mark dnap, b-side has tiny tear on label and some light wear around center hole$75
BirdwatchersGirl I Got News for You / Eddies TuneScott 143VG+$24
BittersweetsAnother Chance / In the NightOriginal Sound OS-70VG plays +many scuffs but play is good and 45 is glossy. Yellow promo labels in fine shape$18
BittervetchA Girl Like You / Bigger FoolPixieVG plays +$45
BlacksheepIt's My Mind / ArthurVision 464-440VG+1st label.$40
BlizzardHealth / "Keep a Knockin' / Get Back / etc"Banana B-4600VG$13
Bloomsbury PeopleMadeline / Have You Seen Them CryPage 843K-1109VG+$21
Blue CheerSummertime Blues / Out of FocusPhilips 40516VG+ PS / VG+ diskstock copy, A-side label has a little bubbling, PS has only a couple light creases and a little ring wear on plain back$20
Blue WoodTurn Around / Happy Jack MineJet Set JSR-45-4VG- plays +scuffy, plays better than it looks, no skips, no heavy clicks$24
BluebirdGoin' Down / ModessaBurdette 101NMold store stock, excellent west-coast psych$11
Blues Inc. with Jerry DebateI've Got Plans / Do I Have to Tell You (Blues Inc. w. Steve London)Audio Mobile JET-101VG plays +close to VG+, play is fine$35
Bob & the ShowmenAlright / DawningCoulee 113VG++$45
Bob & the ShowmenAlright / DawningCoulee 113VG-A-side plays excellent, b-side plays with light noise and ticks, labels have minor wear but no pen marks, stickers or tears$22
Bob DylanOne of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) / sameColumbia JZSP 113147VG+white promo labels, minor wear to labels, styrene 45 plays well$15
Bobby Arlin with the HustlersMushroom Machine (Part 1) / (Part 2)Tiki 3500VGStyrene 45, light distortion at moments in Part 2, check audio clip$32
Bobby BrelynHanna / I Know I'll Cry TomorrowJorel S-5396VG+$18
Bobby RiggsCruel Hearted Woman / RosannaSnap 106VG plays +plenty of scuffs but A-side plays strong with light noise at intro. B-side a little more noisy. Labels have ring of wear but no tears or marks$35
BoogersNitetime People / Should You Be SurprisedMajor MR 1030VG plays +label shows some small tears at center hole$14
BoysI Wanna KnowSVR 1001VG+$10
Boys Next DoorSuddenly She Was Gone / Why Be ProudSoma 1439VGB-side label has some wear an old tape residue$24
Brass ButtonsHell Will Take Care of Her / My SongCotillion 44013VG+drill hole. Stock labels without line. "My Song" label has a few tiny tears and stain from old price sticker$18
BrentwoodsBabe, You Know / Yeah, Yeah, No, NoOur 101NM$100
Brian ArthurWhat Can You Do With a Broken Heart / I'd Like to KnowCoral 62497VG plays +promo labels, "Gr." and "G" written on the labels$20
Brian Redmond & the Sound BoxI Want You / Boogaloo up Bord du LacRegency 983VG++$32
BrigaduneI'll Cry Out From My Grave / Misty MorninVerve VK10655VG+blue DJ promo labels. B-side label a little off center - doesn't affect play$45
BristolsCross My Heart / I Need Only YouAudio Dynamics 106VG+45 has some distortion when the levels peak, not from wear. A-side has pen marks in four spots, sort of Xs. Rare 45. Styrene.$80
British WalkersDiddley Daddy / I Found YouTry 502NMgreen promo labels, clean.$25
British WalkersDiddley Daddy / I Found YouTry 502VG plays wellmarker line on b-side$16
Bubble PuppyThinkin' About Thinkin' / Days of Our TimeInternational Artists IA-136VG+$26
BuccaneersOop Poo Pah Doo / Please Go Steady With MeCozy 550VGGreat guitar break, Rite press, name written on B-side label$40
BuckinghamsDon't Want to Cry / SummertimeUSA 873VG+drill hole, pressing bubble dnap. DJ labels$40
BuffaloesShe Wants Me / You Told Me LiesGMC 10000VGA-side plays well, flip has light clicks$70
BumpsShining / Ode to a ToadWalrusVG-surface marks and rolling warp but plays well - hear clips$55
Butch Engle and the ShowmenYou Know All I Want / Tell Me PleaseMea 4505VG+has light warp that does not affect play. Name in pen on B-side label$500
Butter RebellionAftermath / I Cannot Turn AroundMaudz 002VG+Some scuffing that does not affect play. Very light background noise from pressing$75
ByrdsAll I Really Want To Do / sameColumbia 4-43332VGRed vinyl promo. One side plays well, the other (with small "X" and "19" on label) plays with some constant background noise. Red vinyl has darkened somewhat.$35
CampsBatmobile / The Ballad of BatmanParkway 974VGdrill hole, tear on band name touched up with pen$18
Canadian RoguesYou Better Stop / Have You Found Somebody NewFuller CFP 2597VG plays +surface marks but plays very well - ask for clips. Labels in EX shape with red "promo copy not for sale" stamp on A-side label$175
Capt. Zoom And The AndroidsCapt. Zoom (Here Comes Capt. Zoom) / The ZoomA&M 781VGWhite promo labels. A few light marks but styrene 45 plays well without distortion. A-side label has star in green marker below title$18
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandAbba Zaba / Yellow Brick RoadBuddah BDA 9VGDrill hole, stock labels with Shiva logo. Styrene 45 looks VG+ but "Yellow Brick Road" plays with distortion. "Abba Zaba" plays very well$22
Certain SceneWelcome Back Among the Living / So This Is LoveEra 3200VG+$38
Chain ReactionsWhat Am I Supposed to Do / LifeFrancis 201.436/7NM$90
ChainsI Hate to See You Crying / Carol's Got a CobraHBR 460VG+large stain & paper residue on A-side label, 2 tiny stains on flip. Promo labels$22
ChallengersIt's For You / Needles and PinsMariel 5009VG- disk / VG PSIncludes very rare thick paper picture sleeve, with cool blue & white image on both sides. Vinyl is glossy with some scuffing, but has some recurring noise most noticeable during the intro of each song, and some light ticks, but no skips. Picture sleeve has no splits, only a little wear & discoloration in center of each side, light crease one corner, some light wear to edges and small yellow sticker on one side.$100
ChallengersEmily / Martha DoesMariel 5012VG- disk / VG- PSIncludes super-rare picture sleeve. Vinyl is glossy with no deep marks, but has constant light noise throughout both songs. Picture sleeve has wear and fading to side with text. Reverse is clearer, but has two very small tears. Bottom corners show heavy creasing. No splits but wear to edges. No writing.$120
ChambermenLouie Go Home / Midnight HourChambermen 1292VG plays +Light surface scratches but plays well with only occasional noise, ask for audio files. A-side has very small tears around center hole.$180
ChandellsWe Are the Ones / Little Girl, Pretty GirlChanteur NPS-102VG+light warp$12
ChantellsBreak-Down / I'm Leaving Here TodayCentury Custom 20445VG+light dish warp does not affect play$70
ChapsRemember to Forget Her / You'll Be BackPaula 250VG++wlp$40
Charlatans32-20 / The Shadow KnowsKapp K-779VG++white promo labels, scuffs. Styrene 45$34
Charlatans32-20 / The Shadow KnowsKapp K-779VGwhite promo labels, scuffs, b-side has some light distortion, check audio clips. Styrene 45$25
CharlatansHigh Coin / When I Go Sailin' ByPhilips 40610VG PS / VG++ 45Picture sleeve has 1/8 circular spot of discoloration by the H in High Coin and a little along the left side. Some light aging on edges, very little ring wear on the plain back. No tears, some light creasing of this thin and fragile paper. White promo label 45, styrene.$75
ChartbustersShe's the One / Slippin' Thru Your FingersMutual 502NMYellow labels, 2 "x" s, 2 stars and "7/64" in pen on A-side label$12
ChateausCount on Me / Summer Has Come and GoneJam 114VG+close to NM but pressing has a little distortion towards end of song$16
Checkmates InternationalThinkin' About You / Once Upon a Love AffairThunderbolt 201,090/1VGslight warp dnap, A-side plays great, flip has noise at intro$160
ChessmenDreams and Wishes / Save the Last Dance for MeBismark 1010VG++first single, pop song b/w instrumental$18
ChessmenI Need You There / SadBismark BK-1012VG- plays VG+scuffs but no deep scratches:$450
ChevellesMala-Boo / Blue ChevelleBangar 00603G+small 1/8" tear on A-side label. Very scuffy but no deep scratches, check audio clips$35
Chosen LotTime Was / If You Want ToSidra 9004VG+White promo labels, styrene 45, no distortion$32
Chosen LotTime Was / If You Want ToSidra 9004VG+drill hole, grey stock label$28
Christian BrothersFeeling Bad / The Last HourSidewinder LL-003VGwould grade strong VG+ but has edge warp that makes woosh sound only at intro. Music overpowers - check audio clips$300
Chuck Edwards & the ApachesShe Let Me Go / Lonely ApacheLudo 19796VG+Century Custom pressing$80
Clear LightShe's Ready to Be Free / Black RosesElektra 45622VG++white labels with red and black logo top and "As featured in the Paramount picture "The President's Analyst" below BMI info$30
Clefs of Lavender HillStop! Get a Ticket / First Tell Me WhyDate 2-1510VG+$22
Clefs of Lavender HillStop! Get a Ticket / First Tell Me WhyThames LH-100VG+1st label$35
ClichesWhy, Why, Why / Save It For MeWes Mar 1020NM$24
CliqueSplash 1 / Stay By MeScepter SCE-12202VG+Includes rare 8.5" x 11" folded promo sheet "#1 Dallas, Houston". Styrene 45, promo labels.$35
CloudwalkersSunglasses / Never Told Me SoCapco 106VG++b-side label has small stain from removed sticker$65
ColoursLove Heals / Bad Day at Black Rock, BabyDot 17132NMstyrene 45$10
Combo KingsMish Mash / All I Could Do Was CryFlo Jo FJ-4095VG- plays +B-side has heavier scuffing, plays with light noise. Small pen mark on A-side label$12
Conner FamilyA Lesson in Love / Little Johnny RhythmConner WC-001NMHas slight storage warp which does not affect play. Outer edge of 45 is milled rough, but this does not affect the grooves at all.$40
ContellsI'll Be Right There / Doesn't Matter at AllRockside RS-211VG++$20
ContinentalsDonna / Rufus RastasTortoise 65001VG-Areas of scuffing but play is not bad esp. for "Donna" - check audio. "Rufus Rastas" has noise at intro. A-side label has "X" in pen. B-side label has lengthy inscription in pen$150
CordialsTell Me Please / MiseryBundy BU7711VG plays +styrene 45 plays very well, check clips. Some bubbling under labels. Great two-sider$150
CordsAin't That Love / I'll Do Just What I Want To DoAtco 45-6687NMwith company sleeve$70
Corporate ImageNot Fade Away / I'm Not the SameMGM K13614VG plays +Stock labels with company sleeve. Vinyl has scuffs but plays well. Drill hole.$24
CountsI Will Lose My Mind / Last TrainKingstonVG++$55
Counts IVWhere Are You / SpoonfulDate 1-1526VG+white promo labels have some age spots more noticeable on b-side. Styrene 45$20
Cross Tie WalkersDays I Recollect / Girl We Got a While YetValley PRP 21841/1VG+Name written in thin marker on A-side$70
Cryan ShamesBen Franklin's Almanac / Sugar & SpiceDestination 624VG++light blue labels$17
Cryan ShamesBen Franklin's Almanac / Sugar & SpiceDestination 624VGdark blue label, 1cm marker on A-side label$11
CutawaysYou're Driving Me Out of My Mind / Now That You're GoneAgogoVG+minor warp does not affect play. Glossy, plays with minor distortion probably due to mediocre pressing quality. Initials written neatly in pen on b-side label$50
CyrklePresenting the CyrkleTeen ScoopNM33 1/3 flexi about 4.5" square. Small center hole has not been punched out so I think this was never played. Grooves look to be in good shape. No creases. Very
minor wear to corners.
Dale & the OptionsYou're So Fine / Teach Me DianeB. Wolf 101VGmany light marks, plays well with minor noise on b-side, great guitar break on A-side
Dalton BoysCan't Help Myself / Just Keep It UpCarol 101NM with light dishingminor dish warp does not affect play$15
Damon LaneI Wonder Why / Lovin' ManDel Con 107VG+ (A-side) / VG- (B-side)Early Damon single. "Lovin' Man" has mark that ticks for some rotations - ask for clip. Otherwise clean vinyl.$50
DantesUnder My Thumb / Can I Get a WitnessCameo 431NM$30
David Clayton Thomas & the BossmenBrain Washed / Barbie-LeeRoman DR-1105VGPlays well with one tick on outro of "Brain Washed" and a few light ones on "Barbie-Lee"$42
Davie Allan & the ArrowsDevil's Angels / Cody's ThemeTower 341VG+$25
DeaconsThe Baldie Stomp / The Baldie BeatRe-Car 9004VG plays +Initials written on both labels, labels show some wear$24
Deane HawleyBossman / Look For a StarDore 554VG+$30
DebrieThe House of the Rising Sun (parts 1 & 2)Box 525VG-A-side has feelable scratch that ticks, flip plays well. Two small stars in pen on A-side label.$40
December's ChildrenSigned D.C. / So Long AgoDomestic Sound 123VGGlossy with some light marks and storage warp. Check audio clips. Labels have light rubbing wear.$125
Dee & the YeomenYou Should Know It/ Say Baby Who Am IWolff 101VG++$12
Dee Jay & the RunawaysPeter Rabbit / Three Steps to HeavenIGL 103VG++1st label$25
Del-Fi'sNow It's Time / Without YouDC 45-150VG-A-side plays OK, flip has noise. Labels have light rubbing wear, "Without You" label has a few small tears that have been poorly touched up with purple marker.$220
Del-RaysFortune Teller / Like I DoAtco 45-6348VG++labels have light rubbing wear. Includes company sleeve$35
Del-VettsI Call My Baby STP / That's The Way It IsDunwich 142PS NM, vinyl NM with minor dishwarpNo STP sticker, vinyl NM but has minor dishwarp that doesn't affect play$20
DeltasShe's My Girl / Wild In the SunEmp 10-001VG++2nd Emp label (without devil), light wear on labels$14
DenimsSalty Dog / Salty Dog ManCavort RecordsVG+ / VG+Picture sleeve has faint scratch down center, light aging, styrene 45 has odd discoloration but plays well$30
DenimsThe Adler SockAD-1VG++styrene 45, name written in pen on B-side label$9
Detroit RiotsA Fast Way to Die / Pebble StoneDearborn 562VG+a couple surface scratches that do no affect play. Comes with company sleeve$35
Dickie & the Ebb TidesI Don't Want Your Love / It's Better Than Making BelieveThunder 501VG++Glossy and clean, but does play with some background noise. B-side has small discoloration on vinyl that does not affect play$28
Dickie & the Ebb TidesI Don't Want Your Love / It's Better Than Making BelieveThunder 501G+pen marks and rubbing wear on labels. Plenty of wear but no deep scratches$14
DimensionsShe's Boss / PennyHanna Barbera 477VG+plain blue labels (no logo)$40
DimensionsThe Pilot / Dimension BeatVibra L-137VG++"Dimension Beat" has pressing indentation at intro that does not affect play$40
Dino, Desi & BillyI'm a Fool / So Many WaysReprise 0367VG+ disc / VG+ PSPicture sleeve would be NM but "36" written on back cover in marker$18
DisraeliSpinning Round / What Will the New Day BringMantra M-113NM disc, PS VG+front of sleeve NM-, back has 1/4" tear and small crease - otherwise very fresh looking$65
Distant SoundsIt Reminds Me / Dreamin'Citation 17371/2VG-Rite pressing, scuffy but plays well with light occasional noise$60
DivotsDry Cereal / I ItchMart 3516VG++slight warp, does not affect play$28
DolphinsSurfing East Coast / I Should Have StayedYorkshire YO 125VG plays +$20
Don BricknerThings Are Great / LightAdonis 03/04VG+minty but has a dish warp. Plays OK. Labels have discoloration from contact with paper. Weird crooner / pop-psych$14
Don Jobe & the GhostersBrand New Ways / Going to Have a PartyT and R 801J-1283VGsome chips at edge of vinyl do not affect play, plays with background noise but not bad, ask for sound clips$30
Dorsals & the GatormenNamu / Killer WhaleCamelot J-120VGslight warp does not affect play$16
Dr. T & the UndertakersThings Have Changed / It's Easy ChildTarget 4610VG+
DruidsIt's a Day / A Man Should Never CryColumbia 4-43484VG+ / VG+Picture sleeve has some light creasing but no tears, splits or writing. Styrene 45 has white promo labels$25
DupraysYou Make Me / The FrogPrism PR-1929VG plays +Demented B-side! A-side label has some rubbing wear, but B-side label has a number of small tears and areas of wear.$45
Dynasty FyveA Faithful Man / Poetry in MotionBuff 51568VG+$16
Eastfield MeadowsFriends of Unequal Parallel / Love All Men Can ShareVMC 745VGscuffs, plays well$18
EccentricsPodunk Holler / WeathermasterFresh 32NMbeautiful, unplayed condition$350
EmblemsThat Girl of Yours / Hold On, I'm Comin'Lamia 1546VG+$28
Emperor, TheI'm Normal / The Crossing GameCurrent 111VG++first label$20
End, TheBad Night / Make Our Love Come ThroughInsegrievious 31007NM$150
EpicsLouie Come Home / Give Me a ChanceZen 202VGslight warp doesn't affect play$50
Erik & the Smoke PoniesI'll Give You More / From Where I'm StandingKama Sutra KA 227VG+yellow and red DJ promo labels$25
Evil EncorporatedAll I Really Wanna Do / Baby It's YouScene 102VG+ warpclean vinyl but rolling warp, doesn't skip or seriously affect play. Labels have some peeling near opening revealing yellow label underneath - typical for this release$22
Eyes of RealityWhat You Waitin' On Girl / Goin' BackChannel "1" COR-701VG light warplight scuffs and rolling warp, plays through fine$75
FairviewsCry Over Mary Lou / Little OneSpinIt 121VG+$30
Fairviews & Fifth DimensionA New Direction / DiscumbooberSpinIt 124VG+Bud Mathis$34
FamilyI Wanna Do It / A SongTeen Town TT-119VGMany light scuffs and scratches but both sides play well with just occasional light noise, no loud clicks. A-side label has two small red "x"s, both labels show a little general age.$24
Fantastic Dee-JaysLove Is Tuff / Just a BoyStone 44VG+edge has small chips and rough areas, vinyl has a few dimples, no affect on play. Black line in marker on A-side label$22
Ferrari's of Canada(All I Ever Want Is) Girls / Please Tell HerDCP 1110NMWhite promo labels with oval DCP logo and all-black type$24
Fifth OrderGoin' Too Far / Walkin' AwayDiamond D-212VG$22
Fifth OrderGoin' Too Far / Walkin' AwayCounterpart 2571VG+orig. label$32
Finer ThingsIn the Night / Young and CarefreeAMIC 507VG+minor warp does not affect play$12
FireballsGroovy Motions / Goin' AwayAtco 6569VG++drill hole$6
First FourHurt Me to My Soul / That's Where Love Has GoneStrata 103NMwhitel label version, X on A-side in marker, pencil marks on labels$50
Five TymesHold Me Now / Around and AroundBear 1969VG plays well$14
Flowers, Fruits and Pretty ThingsTake Me Away / Wanting YouG&P 101VG+white label promo$25
Floyd Dakil ComboDance, Franny, Dance / Look What You've Gone and DoneJetstar J-103VGslight storage warp causes noise at intro of Franny. Clean labels$55
FlysBe What You Is / The Way Things AreMyskatonic 101VG+white labels, red X on A-side label$300
FoundsRemember / WheelsReeb 0044VGclean, small chip into label at center hole from loading on old-style turntable post, ask for scans & audio$100
Four, TheNow Is the Time / Lonely Surfer BoyClark CR-225VG plays +$70
FraternityMaura, Very Special Girl / Maura's ThemeAdonis 07/08VG+Minor warp. Edge of labels show discoloration from contact with paper or other record$6
Freddy CannonNatalie / The Laughing SongWarner Brothers 5832VGwhite promo labels, plays well check clip$11
Friendly TorpedosNothin's Too Good For My Car / So Long AgoOriginal Sound OS-95VG+Sean Bonniwell, wlp$36
FugitivesShe Believes In Me / Your Girl's a WomanMala 6772NMdrill hole, styrene.$16
FugitivesI Don't Wanna Talk / You Can't Make Me LonelyWestchester 1002VG+very close to NM, one minor scuff dnap$50
FugitivesMean Woman / I'll Be a ManColumbia 4-43261VG+wlp, styrene 45$28
Fugitives (Bill Allan and the)Come On and Clap / You're the Kind of Girl (That I Go For)Trend 8090-T-101VG+rare Wisconsin 45 comped on Highs in the Mid 60s vol. 15$400
FugsKill for Peace / Morning MorningESP-Disk 508VG+ light warp dnap$32
G.T.O.'sCircular Circulation / Mercy's TuneStraight ST 104VG+White promo labels. Glossy but a little surface noise at times$55
Galaxies IVLet Me Hear You Say Yeah / Till Then You'll CryVeep 1211VG+white label promo$25
Gary & the NightlightsTake Me Back / Sweet Little SixteenDiscotek 3016VGsome scuffs but plays well, check audio clips$30
Gary WalkerYou Don't Love Me / Get It RightCBS 2036VG disk / VG- PSSwedish PS, would grade higher but has thin tear along 1" of top$25
Gary WalkerYou Don't Love Me / Get It RightDate 2-1506VG+wlp, styrene disk$32
Gass Co.First I Look at the Purse / Come On UpPro 400VG+clean but small dish warp that dnap. B-side label has pressing defect that looks like a tear at edge$125
GearsFeel Right / ExplanationHillside 1001VG++clean vinyl but has pressing bubbles (all copies do) - no affect on play$40
Gene and the Team BeatsI'll Carry On / Apple FuzzLeatherwood 2096VG++$100
Gene and the Team BeatsI'll Carry On / Apple FuzzLeatherwood 2096GA-side plays through with noise towards end of song. B-side plays with heavier noise. No deep scratches. Labels have damage around center hole touched up with black marker.$40
Gene ClarkEchoes / sameColumbia 4-43903VG++white promo labels, styrene 45 has thin molding line - not a crack!$30
GentsI Wonder Why / Moonlight SonataNormandy NRS 91067VG+Stock labels. Glossy styrene plays well. One small mark towards end does not affect play.$32
George Wallace, Jr.Think!! / Cotton FieldsB-Bob 7202VG"Cotton Fields" label has 3 tears about 1cm each. Generic brown sleeve signed by George Wallace Jr himself$16
Georgie PorgieCould You Love Me / Love You Girl "Always"ZTSP 96402VGminor warp dnap, b-side has 1/2 second of hiss from some pressing defect halfway through song. Styrene 45$26
Gershon KingsleyHey Hey / Twinkle TwinkleAudio Fidelity AF-154VG+includes 8 page 6" booklet on moog & gershon in VG+ condition (light crease, price sticker residue)$24
GirlsMy Baby / My LoveCapitol 5528VG+Both labels have marker blacking out "5528" and some of the production credits on the right sides$55
Glory RhodesNot that Kind of Guy / Gonna Be SomebodyU-Doe 102VG-Plays acceptably but not perfect. Has dimple that sounds lightly and feelable scratch that makes minor noise$34
Golden ToadstoolsSilly Savage / Weeping RiverMinaret Min-138NMstock labels$30
Grand PreesHeartbreak Hotel / Four Strong WindsGo Go 101VG++very slight storage warp, does not affect play$22
Grand PreesThis Lonely Day / No Time To LoseScotty GOP 825VG++$35
Gray GhostBlack Sunshine / Plastic ShadowPirate 10571NMKennelmus related single$125
Great ScotsGive Me Lovin' / Don't Want Your LoveEpic 5-9805VG plays wellstock labels, glossy with light surface scuffs, plays fine, styrene 45.$35
Great ScotsThe Light Hurts My Eyes / You Know What You Can DoTriumph 67VG++white label promo, slight storage warp dnap, date stamp on A-side label, very light label discoloration due to age.$60
Great ScotsThe Light Hurts My Eyes / You Know What You Can DoTriumph 67VG plays +white label promo, A-side label has 10¢ stamp. B-side has some spots of discoloration that don't affect play$42
Gregory Dee & the AvantiesThe Grind / Love YouBangar 00620VG$18
Group Inc.Like a Woman / Just Call Me UpStaff BP-177VG plays well$125
Guys FiveTalking About Freedom / I'm Gonna Find ItARA 1916VGlabels have ring wear, "Sue" in marker small on A-side label$16
H.M. SubjectsDon't Put Me Down (Censored) / (Uncensored)Blue Saint 1001VG++original labels have Censored/Uncensored on left side$17
Hangmen (The Hangman)I'm Gonna Love You / GoodnightFlo-Pin 101VG++$1,000
Happy ReturnLonged For / MaybeStack TS-XM509/10VGA-side plays well, flip has noise. Small square of paper taped to A-side label$35
Happy ReturnLonged For / MaybeStack TS-XM509/10VG+Labels have marks in red marker, labels are coming off and have rips (but no paper missing), ask for scans, styrene 45$60
Harry NilssonYou Can't Take Your Love / Born in GrenadaTower 136VG++stock copy with company sleeve$16
Heart and SoulAfterthought / IfStrive STR 829G
labels have no tears or writing. Plays through with some noise, especially at end of Afterthought$22
HerosI Can Only Give You Everything / Say It With a SmileM-Gee 001VG++light rolling warp, b-side label has line through M-Gee$40
Hoyt AxtonBring Your Lovin' / Tiger in the ClosetVJ 619VG++white label promo$45
Hoyt AxtonDouble Dare / L.A. TownVee Jay 604VG-scuffy but plays well with occasional light ticks, check audio clips. Two drill holes! Stock labels.$35
Human BeingsAin't That Lovin You Baby / Because I Love HerWarner Bros 5622VG close to VG+ plays wellwhite label promo$25
Human BeingsI Can't Tell / An Inside LookImpactVG-, plays bettermany light scuffs, scratches, nothing deep$25
Ides of MarchI'll Keep Searching / You Wouldn't ListenParrot 304VGsmall sticker on B-side label$10
Iggy Pop / James WilliamsonI Got a Right (mono) / Gimme Some Skin (stereo)Siamese PM-001NMlabels have some rubbing wear. Iguana logo. No picture sleeve$12
IllusionsNow That It's Over / The OutcastAudio Unlimited 815N-1000VG+glossy with light warp that does not affect play. Number "8" written on "The Outcast" label in marker$225
IllusionsShadows of You / Rain Shine or SnowChantain L-193VG+dish warp which doesn't cause any needle jumps or distortion, otherwise would be close to NM$50
Impact ExpressYou Get Your Kicks / I'm Gonna Change the WorldLavender 2006VG+$125
In-CrowdNothing You Do / In the Midnight HourRonn 1VG++wlp$38
InfernoYour Heart Is Too Big For Your Head / The Hurt Doesn't Go AwayDate 2-1524VG++white promo labels$20
IngredientsPlease Don't Leave Me / Hey WhoToddlin' Town 101NMunplayed store stock$16
InnocenceMairzy Doats (backing track - no vocals) / sameblank labelVG plays wellinstrumental backing tracks to the released 45. Blank labels have "Mairzy Doats Track" written in pen on one label, deadwax reads KSM-1010$40
IntimatesI've Got a Tiger in My Tank / Smart Too LateEpic 5-9743VGWhite promo labels. Many scuffs but plays well - check audio clips. Labels have some soiling, B-side label has 3/4" thin stain$75
Ivan and the SabersIt's Not Like You / Just Let Her GoPrism 1893VG+B-side label has stains$12
J. J. LancasterSo Unkind / The Parade Has Passed Me ByDate 2-1564VG++wlp, beautiful gloss, pressing bubble on b-side, date stamp on A-side label, "X" and pen mark on b-side label,styrene 45$70
J. J. LancasterSo Unkind / The Parade Has Passed Me ByDate 2-1564VGwlp, A-side plays EX, flip has needle mark that clicks$50
J.G. GiantsBusy Body / Caught You Red HandedResult R-101VGLabels have some discoloration (becoming orange on outside half). Vinyl, not styrene$225
J.T. & the TrollsI Can't Believe It / I Who Have NothingTyondal 101VGScuffs, but A-side plays well, check audio clip. B-side label has fading on "Tyondal"$90
Jack E. LeeLove That Louie / OctavepussRCA Victor 47-8452VG+wlp, some marks on A-side (ink?) vinyl that do not affect play$18
Jade Stone & LuvTake a Look / WaitingJade JR 1077VG+glossy but vinyl has some minor background noise$12
Jalopy FiveGet Off My Cloud / Henry Barry - 1-2-3Hit 228VGsmaill initials on A-side label$18
JaybeesI'm a Loner / Do You Think I'm in LoveRCA 47-8904VG++white promo labels$20
Jerry & the RemnantsI've Wasted My Time / If I Love YouGini 103VG plays welllabels in excellent shape
Jerry Ashley & the Dynamics UnlimitedCome to Me / Don't Tell Me WhyRose 4912VG+sticker with name on b-side label$80
Jerry PalmerThat'll Be the Day / Together With LoveChattahoochee 676VG+X on A-side label$7
JestersCadillac Man / My BabeSun 400VG+white promo labels, red star stamp on A-side, minor warp does not affect play$35
Jimmy GordonBuzzzzz / Somethin' ElseChallenge 59194VGtape with numbers on it on A-side label. Styrene 45$25
John Fred & His Playboy BandHey, Hey Bunny / No Letter TodayPaula 294VGlarge biro marks on both labels$10
John Fred & His Playboy BandJudy In Disguise / When the Lights Go OutPaula 282VG++white label, but without "Promotional Copy - Not For Sale" etc$8
John Fred & His Playboy BandJudy In Disguise / When the Lights Go OutPaula 282VG+stock copy$6
John WonderlingMidway Down / Man of StrawWarner Bros 7242VG++stock copy, both labels have stars or "x"s in pen, one side has date stamp$75
Johnnie DoddLove You Baby / Think of MeArias BJ-101NMgarage / r&b with horns$35
Johnny FeverZombie / Wonderful World of the HeartRCA Victor 47-9071VG+White promo labels have a little foxing and light wear$45
Johnny WinterGone For Bad / I Won't Believe ItMGM K 13380VGstock copy but "X"s on A-side label$20
JohnnysNothing Sacred / I Remember
WB 7057NMwhite promo labels, with company sleeve. Styrene 45$30
JohnnysNothing Sacred / I Remember
WB 7057VG+wlp$26
Jokers WildTomorrow / Peace ManPeak 4459VG-white promo labels$24
Jonna GaultCome On Home / Man in the MoonM.A.P. AL-1733VG-styrene 45 with one feelable scratch, plays OK with occasional ticks, check clips. Labels have only light rubbing wear$33
Kal David & the ExceptionsDancing Danny / Come On HomeTollie 9043VG++promo copy$20
KazeechesYou Told a Lie / So-LongMuriel M-1111VG+$34
Keith AllisonLouise / Freeborn ManColumbia 44028VGwhite promo label, one tick at outro. B-side plays with more noise. No styrene distortion.$33
Ken & the Fourth DimensionSee If I Care / Rovin' HeartStar-burst 128VG+minor warp does not affect play, reversed labels$180
Kenny & the KasualsNothin' Better to Do / Floatin'Mark M-911VGPlays with light noise and ticks - check audio clips. Ring wear on each label, heavier on "Floatin"$190
Kenny Wayne & the KamotionsA Better Days A Comin' / TheyScorpio 2003VG++close to NM$65
King BeesOn Your Way Down the Drain / Rhythm and BluesRCA Victor 47-8787VG++wlp$24
King James & the Royal JestersI Get a Feeling / GirlPlato 80773VG+Some light background noise from pressing. Slight warp does not affect play. "Girl" has a mark and some pops, that side grades VG-$32
KingtonesTwins / Have Good FaithDerry 101VGA-side plays great, flip has a little noise. Labels have small areas of wear & tiny stains.$10
KoalaDon't You Know What I Mean / Scattered Children's ToysCapitol P-2365VG+promo labels$8
Koats of MaleLife's Matter / Swinebarn No. 3IGL 134VG-"Life's Matter" has a few clicks on fade out, and worse, "Swinebarn No 3." has clicks at opening and some distortion. Check audio. Name written on b-side label$26
LandlordsI'll Return / I'm Through With YouReed 1069VGplays with background noise, inscription in pen on I'll Return label$175
Larry & the LoafersLet's Go to the Beach / WhoSurefine 017VG++$150
Larry & the LoafersPanama City Blues / Til the EndReed 1061NM$30
Lavender Hill ExpressVisions / Trying to Live a LifeSonobeat R-s102VG plays +b-side plays a little off center, check audio clips$25
Leaping FernsMaybe Baby / It Never Works Out for MeX-P-A-N-D-E-D Sound X-103VG++white labels with heavy marker lines on both sides$15
LeavesToo Many People / sameMira 227VGone side plays solid VG+, the other has some light noise$18
Left BankeIvy, Ivy / And SuddenlySmash 2089VG plays +wlp, two "x"s on A-side label$14
Left EndSomeday I Will See / Sunshine GirlPeppermint 1007VG+Youngstown Ohio hard rock$80
Legendary Stardust CowboyParalyzed / Who's Knocking At My DoorMercury 72862VG++drill hole, styrene 45, stock labels$10
Lemon PipersQuiet Please / Monaural 78Carol 107VG+$60
Lewis & Clarke ExpeditionBlue Revelations / I Feel GoodColgems 66-1006VG+ disc, VG+ PS
Liberty BellThe Nazz Are Blue / Big Boss ManCee-Bee LH-3251/2VG plays wellscuffy, labels have wear and "298" written in marker$100
Liberty Street FerryGloria / Bear's BluesIGL 184NM$28
Light NitesOne Two, Boogaloo / Same Old ThingDunwich DN-149VG plays +Some scuffs but plays solid - check clips. Labels are clean with light wear.$160
Light, TheBack Up / Music BoxA&M 873VG+White promo labels, promo stamp (antique car) on A-side label$24
Limey's with London SoundsCome Back / Green and BlueSherwood 1215VGplays well.$45
Live from Vancouver - Sound Set / Reign / The Look / Silver Chalice RevueMind in a Bottle / Sea of Dreams / In a Whirl / Soul DriftingSGM 81007VG++ disc / VG sleevesleeve has light crinkling, bends$250
London & the BridgesIt Just Ain't Right / Leave Her AloneDate 2-1502VG+ disk / VG sleeverecord close to NM, a couple scuffs. PS has 1/4" tear in top center doesn't come into the printing, light creasing, also some browning of paper with age.$42
Long Island Rale RodeThink Love / Lovin' EyesAir Conditioned Igloo GS3404VGpops at intro but otherwise plays well, styrene 45, white labels$36
Long John & the SilvermenHeart Filled With Love / Wind in the SkyWanted 001VG plays +scuffy but check audio clips, A-side plays beautifully. Flip has light noise but still good sound$275
Lonnie & the LegendsI Cried / Baby, Without YouImpression 109VG+$45
Lord Alan & Sir RichardLittle Things / Run in the DarkCannon 101VG++minor area of ink missing from Cannon logo on A-side - pressing defect probably$20
Lord Douglas ByronBig Bad Ho-Dad / Coffee HouseUnion 505VG plays +b-side has small 1/8" area of wear on label$30
Los ChicanosLa Bamba / Love Is BlueRev 4003VGnot garage, more like folk, included because of Rev label$30
Lost SoulsArtificial Rose / Sad Little GirlDawn 45-809VG plays +clean, one large scuff on b-side does not affect play$22
Lost TribeWalk One Way / Fools Live AloneUnited Artists SUA 50465VG plays +stereo promo copy with yellow labels. Some scuffs but plays beautifully. Styrene 45$50
LoveAlone Again Or / A House Is Not a MotelElektra 45629VGpink label, compatible stereo, styrene 45, plays well with minor distortion, labels have some rubbing wear$14
Loving MachinesThe Loving Machine / Same Thing AgainPowell 3011VG plays +check audio clips, plays beatifully$225
Lulu & the LuversForget Me Baby / ShoutParrot 9678VG+stock copy$24
Luv BanditsMizzer-Bahd / Blues #2Parrot 316VG+promo copy, styrene 45$30
M + MWhere Is She / Your Turn to CryGlass F-201/2NMvinyl has a couple dimples on A-side, no affect on play$20
M.G. & the EscortsPlease Don't Ever Change / Sorry to HearREO 8936VG$21
Mad Andy's Twist ComboPainted Smile / X-Tra, X-tra Read All About ItOriginal Sound OS-85VG+white promo labels, styrene 45$35
MajesticsSmile Through My Tears / Love Has Forgotten MeMGM 13488NM
yellow promo labels, with company sleeve$35
MalemenMy Little Girl / She Means the World to MePine Hills 664P-2455VG plays +$55
Mark Markham & the JestersI Don't Need You / Goin' Back to Marlboro CountryPower 4225VG+slight storage warp dnap. 1st label before RCA$34
Mark VYou Make Me Lose My Mind / I Want to SayBlast 215VG+A-side clean and glossy, flip has surface marks but plays fine$42
Marke 5Pay / The LeaderJCP C-102NM$110
MarksmenNight Run / ScratchBlue Horizon 6052VG"No" writtin on "Night Run" label, "X" on flip. Plays well, check clips$42
Matthew Moore Plus FourCodyne / You've Never Loved BeforeWhite Whale 223VGpromo labels, styrene 45. A-side plays great, flip has some noise at intro$28
Max Frost & the TroopersFifty-Two Per Cent (mono) / Fifty-Two Per Cent (stereo)Tower 452VG+ disk / VG- PSStyrene 45 looks clean but has very light ticks at fade out. Promo sleeve is browned especially on the front, small tears at top, a couple small brown stains, back is blank, has small piece of paper torn at top.$34
Mayf' NutterHead Shrinker / Don't Know What To DoVault V-931VG++White promo labels show a little rubbing wear but no writing or tears$22
MC5Kick Out the Jams / Motor City Is BurningElektra EK-45648VG+ slight warpLight warp that doesn't affect play. Yellow and black labels. Vinyl, not styrene. Drill hole$22
MC5Kick Out the Jams / Motor City Is BurningElektra EK-45648VGBlack, red and white labels, A-side has number sticker, plays well, styrene 45$18
MercyFire BallSundi 6811NM$13
Merrell & the ExilesCan't We Get Along / That's All I Want from YouGolden Crown GMA-102VGscuffs, plays OK$12
Mersey MenI Can Tell / Miss AnnWild Woods 2001VG plays greata few minor scuffs that do not affect play. Small number sticker on A-side label$80
MetropolisAge of Evolution / Stray CatF.G.S. 473VG++Very slight warp does not affect play, close to NM but pressing has light background noise. Cool gloomy take on MC5's "Starship" on side A but I prefer "Stray Cat"$120
Michael BlountBeautiful Morning / Feathered CloudIBC Sound Recording acetateVGNo peeling or chipping, but playback definitely has some crackle, esp on b-side$17
Midnight ShiftNever Gonna Stop Lovin' You / She's Gone Far AwayM-S-I RecordingVG-Styrene 45 shows wear but plays well. B-side label has name written in pen$135
Midnight SonsDraft Time Blues / I'm Telling YouKG 100VG+Close to NM but b-side ticks a few times at start - check audio. Styrene 45$50
Missing LinksI Cried Goodbye / Heartbreak HillRosco 418VG+$150
MoonrakersNot Hidin' Anymore / 7th StarShamley 44021VG+glossy but vinyl plays with a little background noise. Drill hole$12
Moorpark IntersectionI Think I'll Just Go and Find Me a Flower / Yesterday Holds OnCapitol P 2115VG plays finescuffy but plays better than it looks, labels worn$35
Mothers of InventionWhy Don't You Do Me Right / Big Leg EmmaVerve VK-10513VG+Blue DJ labels$65
Mothers of InventionMother People / Lonely Little GirlVerve VK-10570VG+one pop at end of b-side, promo labels, "12" written in blue on "Lonely Little Girl" label$50
MoveSomething Else from the Move EPRegal Zonophone TRZ 2001VG+ disk / VG- PSCover has very small 1/8" tear at opening, very small circle tear near opening, crease top right and bottom right that have cause a couple large areas where lamination is loose and bubbling (but not torn). Back has residue from tape that was used to seal the EP at one time.$45
MuOne More Day / You've Been Here BeforeMS-102NMstyrene 45$35
MuphetsAll I Want / Why Can't You GoSound Spectrum S-S36001VG+edge warp dnap$15
Music City FrogsLay Me Down and Die / Don't Say It AgainMusic City 858VG++$15
Music MachineTime Out (For A Daydream) / Tin Can BeachWarner Bros 7234VGWhite promo labels are clean. Light warp does not affect play. Has light marks but plays VG+$25
MysteriesSatisfaction Guaranteed / I Can't Wait for LoveManhattan 817NM$30
Natural GasSunnydays / RubeRenee 5003VG+Rarer stock labels. One surface needle mark on A-side doesn't affect play.$28
Neal Ford & the FanaticsShame on You / Gonna Be My GirlHickory 45-P-1433VG+white promo labels have light rubbing wear$36
Neal Ford & the FanaticsMovin' Along / Little World GirlHickory 45-P-1500VG++White promo labels, styrene 45$12
Neal Ford & the FanaticsShame on You / Gonna Be My GirlHickory 45-P-1433VG+wlp, labels a little grubby$35
Neal Ford and the FanaticsPain / Get Together With MeHickory P-1468NMWhite promo labels, styrene 45$30
New ArrivalsJust Outside of My Window / Let's Get With ItSouthbay SBM-104VG- plays better$11
New BreedGreen Eye'd Woman / I'm In LoveDiplomacy 344VG+styrene 45, A-side plays great, B-side has a little distortion$16
New InvadersDon't Let Me Down / Baby Where y' Been?Invader 402glossy VGwhite promo labels, styrene 45$40
New OrderYou've Got Me High / Meet Your MatchWarner Bros 5816VG+stock copy$30
New WaveLittle Dreams / AutrefoisCanterbury C-512VG plays +stock copy. Plays with minor occasional noise. Styrene 45. Check audio clips$18
New YorkersMr. Kirby / Seeds of SpringScepter 12199VG+stock copy, drill hole, black marker line on "Kirby" label$32
NewluvsIt's All Over / Be My GirlBar Clay N196713VG+Vinyl looks VG++ but plays with some background noise - check clips.$40
Next FiveTalk to Me Girl / Mama SaidWand 1170VG++drill hole, Canadian issue on vinyl$16
Nino & the Ebb TidesAutomatic Reaction / Linda Lou GarrettMala 480VG+3/4" black marker line on A-side label$35
NomadsCoolsville / Shy GirlSkoop 1065VG"Coolsville" plays great - ask for sound clips & scans. B-side has some clicks towards the middle of the song.$275
North Bridge CompanyStrange Land Strange People / Crying All AloneGolden Voice 834G-4370NM$45
NovasThe Crusher / Take 7Parrot 45005VG+stock copy, some scuffs but plays fine$32
Nu-TronsI Told You Baby / From Now OnSpot 1123VG+/VG-A-side label has 1cm tear and several very small tears, wear at center hole. B-side clean except for pressing defect that caused one jump towards end of song on my turntable. Great A-side, ask for audio clips$60
One Eyed JacksLove / Sun So HighWhite Cliffs 265VG plays well$15
Opposite SixI'll Be Gone / Why Did You Lie?Spectre 119NM$360
Original DukesAin't About to Lose My Cool / It Looks Like RainDown Home DH-106VG-no skips but some noise & distortion - check clips. Labels have minor areas of wear, no pen marks or large tears$38
Orlie and the SaintsNew York Twist and Freeze / King KongBand Box 253VG+minor warp does not affect play$18
OrpheusMy Life / Music Minus OrpheusRed Bird 10-041VG+white promo labels, styrene$20
OutcastsYou Do Me Wrong / Love EternalStudio City 1040NMpressing dimple does not affect play$85
Painted ShipFrustration / I Told Those Little White LiesMercury 72662VG+Styrene 45 plays clean without distortion. Labels have drill hole, wrinkle on A-side label$150
Palace GuardsGas Station Boogaloo Downtown / Looking EverywhereWhite Cliffs 286VG++$125
Patti's GrooveIt Won't Last Too Long / Tears (Fill the Hours)Columbia 4-43484VG++Light warp does not affect play, glossy. White promo labels. Styrene 45$55
Paul Stefen & the Royal LancersSay Mama / I Fought the LawCitation J 5003VG$14
Pearls Before SwineImages of April / There Was a ManESP 4575VG+Styrene 45, looks NM, plays with slight noise, no styrene burn. Very rare promo release$60
PedestriansIt's Too Late / Think TwiceAtco 45-6567VGWhite Atco labels. A-side plays solid VG+, flip more like VG-$22
Pete Klint QuintetVery Last Day / This DayIGL 127VG plays +glossy vinyl with some surface marks$10
Peter & the InfinitsShe's Laughing at You / The LimboRuval UB-549/50VG+crooner pop ballad, not bad, b/w soul novelty$40
Pfc Danny Leonardo & the SubsetHey Girl / I RememberRok-Kit 1008VGplays well but a little noise towards end of "Hey Girl". Check sound clips$60
Pieces of EightStrange Things Are Happening / Double ShotAction 004VG+slight warp dnap. Soul instro (some chanting) on A-side, garage cover on flip$24
Placy Anatra and Ray PeckYou Must Believe Me / Makin' Up & Breakin UpKiderian K45-113VG+wlp$45
PleasureDon't Take the Night Away / Poor Old Organ GrinderTower 506VG+striped tower labels, vinyl, not styrene$18
PoorShe's Got the Time (one-sided promo)York 402VG+flip is blank$12
Poore BoysIt's Love / GiveSummer DRS 181VG plays +Rare 1st label. Glossy with only light surface scratches. "Give" label has a couple very small marks on it. Includes white sleeve with Poore Boys Fan Club info stamped on it.$40
Popcorn BlizzardMy Suzanne / (We Had a) Good Thing Going)De-Lite 516VG++very close to NM. Promo labels$24
Positively Thirteen O'ClockPsychotic Reaction / 13 O'Clock Theme for PsychoticsHBR 500VGName in pen and number sticker on A-side label, styrene 45$27
Preacher, TheLost Love / Dear BrotherBedias 101VG$16
PreachersInspiration / Who's That Hiding in the ClosetRighteous Ent. 1001VG+a few surface scuffs, plays great$35
QuadrangleShe's Too Familiar Now / No More TimePhilips 40408NMdrill hole, very minor warp dnap, includes company sleeve, stock copy$35
R./RoguesThe Sound / Love Is a Beautiful ThingWasp 102VGscuffy, A-side plays well, flip (a ballad - not the Rascals song) plays very noisy$65
Raga & the TalasMy Group and Me / For Old Times SakeWorld Pacific 77847VG plays finepromo copy$32
RainCity Lovin' / Take It AwayMGM K13622NM$14
Randy S & the Westwood PaperHaight-Ashbury Blues / instrumental versionAmerican Gramophone 6-667VG++Styrene 45$23
RationalsFeelin' Lost / RespectA2 104VG+name written on both labels, "Respect" label has small number sticker and scotch tape$14
RationalsGuitar Army / Handbags & GladragsCrewe 340VGstyrene 45$22
RationalsOut in the Streets (Sing!) / I Need You (ballad)A-Square 107VG$8
Rationals - I Need YouScot Richard Case - Get the PictureA Square 402NM$80
RattlesThe Witch / GeraldineProbe CP-480VG+$15
RavesDon't Chop Down My Tree / Think Of Your LoveSmash S-2105VG+White promo labels, "X" and "8/7" on A-side label in pen. Styrene 45$45
RavesEverything's Fire (mono) / Everything's Fire (stereo) /Smash DJS-15VG+/VGMono plays beautifully, stereo has a little bit of noise but nothing heavy, check out the clips. Styrene 45, no distortion$55
Ray Smithers & the Perpetual MotionWe Will Share / I RememberRock N' Jazz 9423VGscuffy, plays OK$12
Reactors1-A / Do That ThingCameo C-446VGstyrene 45, plays well - check audio clips$18
RealmsAll I Want / Baby Let's WaitMelody ME 105VGscuffy$40
ReboundsStepping Stone / Since I Fell For YouTower 288G+Flip is very noisy. White promo labels have some wear. Name in pen on A-side label$10
RegentsWorryin' Kind / WordsPenthouse 502VG plays +stock copy, styrene 45$30
Restless Feelin'sA Million Things / Hey Mama You've Been On My MindUnited Artists 50053VGstyrene 45, plays well without distortion. White promo labels are clean$34
RevelersIt Just Can't Be / Don't Listen to Your FriendsPJ 1400NM$12
RevellesYou Love Me No More / One More DayFreeport FR-1005VG- plays wellstyrene 45. A-side plays well - some noise at fadeout. Flip plays G+. Check audio clips$60
Richard & the Young LionsOpen Up Your Door / Once Upon Your SmilePhilips 40381VG disc / VG sleevesleeve has drill hole, minor creases, otherwise OK$28
Richard and the Young LionsNasty / Lost and FoundPhilips 40414VG+$25
Richie Knight & the Mid-KnightsCharlena / You've Got the PowerArc 1028VG$18
Ricky and BobShu Fly Shu! / My Love's For YouFonseca 150VG plays +
Ritchie DeanGoodbye Girl / I'd Do AnythingTower 102NMstock with company sleeve$6
RivierasLakeview Lane / Let's Go to HawaiiRiviera 1046VG+white label promo, X on A-side label$14
RivierasLet's Have a Party / Little DonnaRiviera R 1402VGsticker, pen mark on label$4
Rock GardenStarry Eyed Woman / New HopeProphet 6977VG plays +$75
RockatonesBad Girl / I'm a ManMelbourne WG 3201VGsmall tears on label$38
Rockin' ContinentalsCobra 289 / Count DraculaCasino 1009/1010NMunplayed stock, beautiful condition$475
Rockin' R'sCrazy Baby / The BeatTempus TR-7541VG++green labels, old dead stock, slight warp does not affect play. Small area of discoloration on A-side label$24
Rockin' RamrodsI Wanna Be Your Man / I'll Be On My WayPlymouth 2961VG plays +surface marks only$25
Rojay & FaberWe're On the Move Now / Good in This WorldFond 45-0024VGstyrene 45$21
Roky EricksonRed Headed Prayer (Two Headed Dog) / Starry EyesMars 1000VG+2nd pressing, NM but slight warp dnap, lo-fidelity pressing$30
Rolling StonesOff the Hook / Little Red RoosterDecca F 12014VGsurface marks, plays well. Early UK issue with curved Decca, ffrr logo, and "Recording First Published 1964" on right side. Centre intact.$15
RomancersTell Her I Love Her / My Heart CriesHi-Oldies 434VG+70s styrene reissue$17
RomancersDon't Let Her Go / I Did the Wrong ThingLinda 117VG+Promo labels$24
RomansYou Do Something to Me / I'll Find a WayMY 2905VG+ / VG sleevesleeve has light creases, browning with age$120
Ronnie & the Pomona CasualsI Wanna Do the Jerk / SloopyDonna 1402VG++white promo labels, red X on A-side label$25
Ronnie King & the Royal KnightsIs She Waiting For Me / Pebble in the OceanKingsway 526VG+small spot of discoloration on A-side label$25
RooksBelieve in You / I'll Be the OneEtiquette 14VG+Styrene 45$20
Royal CoachmenLollipop / Bama-LamaCoachmen 200.914VGlight warp does not affect play.$160
Rubber MazeWon't See Me Down / Mrs. GriffithTower 351VGwhite promo labels$40
RumblersI Don't Need You No More / BossDowney D-103VG+$20
RumblersI Don't Need You No More / BossDot 45-16421VG plays +many light scuffs do not affect play, light noise only$30
SagittariusMy World Fell Down / sameColumbia 4-44163VG++45 only long version (3:37) with psychedelic interlude. White promo labels have light aging and old date stamp on one side. Styrene 45.$20
SaharasThey Play It Wild / DebbieUnited 45-1033VG- plays +warp does not affect play. Scuffy, but both sides play well. Labels have some very small tears that look to have been touched up with pencil.$60
Sam the ShamHaunted House / How Does a Cheating Woman FeelDingo 001VG plays well$24
Samy PhillipWhen I Say I Love You I Mean It, and I Don't Change My Mind / Baby, I Love You TodayInfinite 2001VGscuffy. A-side plays very well, flip has frequent clicks, more like VG-. Four small dots of ink missing from A-side label$45
SandpipersLove Is a Beautiful Thing / Dancing in the StreetNo. 45099VG+Great version. Yellow promo label, B-side is off center$45
Saturdays ChildrenChristmas Sounds / Deck FiveDunwich DN-144NMwhite promo labels, "1966" written on A-side label$18
SawdustSunbeam / I Shall TryEAB 45-110VG+very slight warp does not affect play. Looks NM but has a little noise.$30
ScoundrelsCome Home With Me / La BolaVerve VK-10389VGClean promo labels. Glossy with light marks, plays with light noise.$8
ScribesJust Last Night / WishesOkayVG/VG-"Just Last Night" plays solid VG, "Wishes" VG-$60
Second HalfForever In Your World / Knight in ArmourIGL 131VG- plays +scuffy, A-side plays well despite wear$35
Second SummersSad Vibrations / Remember The DaysConn 777/8VG+glossy with light hairlines that do not affect play. A-side label has small check mark in marker$42
SeedsNo Escape / Mr. FarmerGNP Crescendo 383VG+Canadian issue on vinyl, drill hole, red labels with silver print.$25
Shados-MAll the Time / Sweet LoveQuintet 2010VGrare!$45
Shadows of KnightPotato ChipAuravision flexiVGcardboard flexi, some creases that do not enter grooves, center bit still present, name written on back of card$14
ShagsCause of You / By My SideSammy SA-102VGminor scratch at opening causes very light clicks, otherwise play is strong.$26
ShagsYour a Loser / CryingJo-Jo 101VGplays with backround noise esp at intro. Old price sticker on B-side label$17
ShandelsNo Way Out / Treat Me Like a ManCarldell 510VG++$35
ShanelsWhy Did I? / I Really Care For YouDee-Jay 3886NM$100
ShaprelsA Fool for Your Lies / You're Cheating on MePKC 1017VG$20
ShilosLet's Go Again / You're Leaving SundaySure 7545-5932VG+pressing bubbles, light warp does not affect play$30
Shiva's HeadbandTake Me to the Mountains / Lose the BluesArmadillo 811VG++edge has a rough spot - does not affect grooves$25
ShondellsIt's True / I Cried Last NightIkon 168VG+glossy, fresh, a few fine scratches do not affect play$425
ShondelsDon't Put Me Down / Shake a Tail FeatherEagle 106VG plays +Shake a Tail Feather VG-, noise at intro$28
Sidewalk Skipper BandIt's Raining Flowers in My House / Seventeenth SummerCapitol P 2205VG++promo copy$16
Sidewalk Skipper BandStrawberry Tuesday / Cynthia at the GardenCapitol 2127VG plays +$25
Singing BodiesMaybe Baby / What Am I Gonna Do With YouChase 4000VGtape residue and number sticker on A-side label$28
Sir Douglas QuintetShe's About a Mover / We'll Take Our Last Walk TonightTribe 8308VG+white labels with Tribe in plain type, dist. by London Records$6
SmacksRestless Ways / Nobody Else Is Gonna DoAlear 116VG+glossy, a couple marks that do not affect play$450
SmokeHalf Past the End / My MamaSmoke 1316VG+has a couple pops but glossy vinyl. Both labels have yellow stickers to correct artist credit$45
Solid SoulThe Price of Loving You / I've Been HurtLovett 69712NM$17
Some Other AnimalAll Alone on the Highway / I Don't Need AnybodyCypher C103VGno real scratches but plays with some background noise at intro$15
SonicsSherry / She Can't See MeCourtn' 5013NM1 cm circle of missing paper on A-side label - pressing flaw, does not affect play$30
SoothsayersI Don't Know / Please, Don't Be MadAcropolis 6601VG++ / NMunplayed stock, light dishwarp$15
Sot Weed FactorSay It Isn't So / Bald Headed WomanOriginal Sound OS-76VG++White promo labels, styrene 45$32
Soul BendersSeven and Seven Is / PetalsPhantasm 2568VGPetals label has sticker and name in pen$50
Soul SocietyPsychedelic Cycle / Leave Them AloneUniversal L2819VG plays +some scuffs but plays beautifully ask for clips$225
Soul SurvivorsCan't Stand To Be In Love With You / Look At MeDot 45-16793VG- plays +Scuffs and wear but play is fine, check clips$40
Soulful BowlfulFor All That I Am / Runnin Home to Mama20th Century Fox 45-6688VG+white promo labels, very slight warp dnap, comes with company sleeve
Souls of the Slain7 and 7 Is / Can't Go OnRickshaw 101VGplays well with almost no ticks or noise, has light surface scratches and scuffs, lo-fi pressing, labels have light rubbing wear but no tears or marks$350
Sound CompanyI Am Your Hour / Truman's DaughterDerrick 1905VGA-side plays well, flip has noise especially at intro. Labels a little dirty, A-side label has initials in pen$50
Sound on SoundGirl, You've Got to Turn Me On / My Little GirlTunnel 212NM$500
Sound SystemLove Is a Beautiful Thing / You Don't KnowWorldwide 6767VG+"Fly" written on A-side label in marker.$14
Sounds Like UsClock on the Wall / Outside ChanceFontana F-1570VG+a little scuffy but plays well. Lables have light rubbing, B-side label has small faded "x"$45
Sounds of TimeThe Town I Was Born In / Where, Oh WhereEnglishNM$60
Sounds, LtdSlimy Sue / Fly AwayPeak P-108VG+$75
Source, ThePhantom in the Rain / Yesterday Is GoneAmerican International Records A-141VG-styrene 45. A-side is scuffed but plays well - check clip. B-side has heavy discoloration and wear.$10
SparklesOh, Girls, Girls / Jack and the BeanstalkHickory 45-P-1406VG+White promo labels, styrene 45 plays without distortion$26
SparklesThe U.T. / He Can't Love YouCaron 94VG-scuffy, plays OK with some background noise$18
SparrowGreen Bottle Lover / Down Goes Your Love LifeColumbia 43960NMwhite promo labels. Styrene 45, no distortion.$35
Spirits and WormFanny Firecracker / You and I TogetherA&M 1104VG++almost NM$50
SpotlightsBatman and Robin / DayflowerSmash 2020NMdrill hole$12
SRCUp All Night / Turn Into LoveCapitol P-2457VG++close to NM, glossy$35
SRCUp All Night / Turn Into LoveCapitol P-2457VG+ edge warpClean vinyl but edge warp that moves needle at opening - play is excellent, no distortion or problems$20
StandellsBig Boss Man / Don't Say GoodbyeVee-Jay VG-679VGwhite promo labels, small pen mark on "Boss Man" label. Close to VG+$18
StandelsLet's Go / Love Comes Once in a LifetimePla-Me 9713/4VGTeenage Shutdown classic. Looks glossy VG++ but has constant background noise, not bad on A-side - check audio clips. Labels in excellent shape.$200
StillrovenHave You Ever Seen Me / Necessary PersonAugust 102NMlabels have light discoloration$35
StillrovenHey Joe / Sunny DayRoulette 4748VG+stock copy$32
Sting-Rays of NewburghFool / If I Needed SomeoneColumbia 4-44085VG+white promo labels, "x" in pencil on Fool label, styrene disc plays excellent, ask for audio clips$45
StompersI Know / Hey BabyStudio City 1028VG plays +"I Know" plays great - check clips. "I Know" label has small 1/2 cm tear on right side, "Hey Baby" has 2 cm x 1 cm tear below time and two names written in pen$200
StormA Make-Believe Kind of Kind / The Things Fools SayMeteor MS-5023VGName written on A-side label. Unknown 45, A-side is organ hard rock, flip has horns$50
StrangersTell Me / Easy Livin'Linda 118VG++Yellow promo labels. A-side has two arrows in marker pointing to title, and promo sticker that could probably be removed.$40
Stu Mitchell with Wes Dakus RebelsAcid / Casting My SpellKapp K-829VG++tiny hairline scratch dnap, very close to NM, white promo labels with company sleeve$70
StuartsJust A Little Bit More / Bringing It HomeAscot 2209VG++white promo labels. Styrene 45$28
Suburban 9 to 5Walk Away / Elevator OperatorLedger 18810VG plays +scuffy but plays better than it looks$30
Sugar and SpiceNot to Return / Cruel WarFranklin QC.622VG+ disk / VG- sleevePicture sleeve has no tears or writing but prominent creasing at opening and bottom corners. Languid femme-vox pop from Canada$36
Sunshine ReignsAcelia DulfinMBM 1946VG-plays well, a pop at end of A-side$28
Sunstone LollypopSunshine / People of TodayKel 8514/5VG plays +initials written in pen on A-side label.$45
SurfersMidnite Hour / Where Ever There's a Willno label DR-260NM$16
Survivors (Brian Wilson)Pamela Jean / After the GameCapitol 5102VGsticker with year on A-side, "x" "vocal" in marker in A-side, more marker on b-side label. Plays well with light occasional noise, check clips$70
Sweet SmokeMary Jane Is To Love / Morning DewAmy A-11042VG++"1968" written in pen on b-side label$38
Sweet SmokeMary Jane Is To Love / Morning DewJan-Gi 101VG+rare first label, great TX freakbeat sound$60
Sweet YoungunsWithout You / Untie MeCafu 1123VG++slight warp does not affect play$32
Sweet YoungunsDog Eat Dog / I Think It's Gonna Work Out FineShurfine 101VG+glossy, a couple minor surface marks dnap$50
TaboosAll My Life / So SadLa Salle 382VG++minor pencil writing on A-side label$90
Tari LaneCoffee Pot / Believe MeSanfris SF 13VG+slight storage warp dnap. "Believe Me" label has date stamped and "P" written in marker$30
Tea CompanyFlowers / Come and Have Some Tea With MeSmash 2176VG+white label promo. Light scuffing, very minor distortion, check audio clips. Styrene 45$26
Teddy & the ClockwatchersKinky / You Were Made For MeWarner Brothers 5626VG plays +close to VG+, glossy with a few surface marks$18
Teddy BoysLa La / Where Have All the Good Times GoneCameo C-433VGDJ labels$24
Teddy BoysDon't Mess With Me / She's So Sweet and Kindno label, 1616DGoodmany light lines and a deep scratch on A-side that amazingly does not skip. Labels have no writing, A-side label has some rubbing wear on left side.$90
TempestsOur Lovin' Ways / All of Your HeartPanorama 30VG plays +light scuffs do not affect play$24
Terry PilittereYou Wouldn't Believe Me / It's Not That WayNu-Sound Ltd 6112VG plays +$32
The TrippersKeep a Knockin' / Dance With MeRuby-Doo 1VG-Looks VG+ but has pressing noise throughout both sides - hear clips. Labels have date stamps. Small writing on "Dance With Me" label.$16
Thee AvantisI Want to Understand / NancySamron S-103VGVery small label tear on A-side, and some rubbing wear on B-side label$115
Thee MidnitersShe Only Wants What She Can't Get / I've Come AliveUni 55170VGdrill hole$7
ThemDark Are the Shadows / CorinnaTower 493VG++promo stamp on A-side label, white promo labels, styrene 45$15
ThemWalking in the Queens Garden / I Happen to Love YouRuff 1088VG+white promo labels$24
ThemWe've All Agreed to Help / Waltz of the FliesTower 461VG- plays +scuffy, plays OK. White promo labels, styrene disc$14
Them Other BrothersJust Forget 'Em / Be a Good Little GirlTollie T-9010VG++white promo labels, styrene, close to NM$18
Third BoothI Need Love / MysteriesIndependence 86NM$40
ToddMystifying Me / Be My Lover TonightPeppermint Productions PP1057VG-no PS. both sides good Youngstown 70s rock. Some scuffs, intros have some noise but then plays well$26
ToddsI Want Her Back / Things Will ChangeToddlin' Town 4001VG+noise at intro$25
ToddsI Want Her Back / Things Will ChangeToddlin' Town 4001NMunplayed store stock$36
Tom Dae Turned OnI Shall Walk / It Could Be So NiceHitt 7002FairLabels are about ruined, vinyl shows some pitting in deadwax, but plays through with background noise$35
Tom NorthcottWho Planted Thorns in Miss Alice's Garden / Sunny Goode StreetWarner Bros 7051VG plays +$12
Tommy AdderleyI Just Don't Understand / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going OnMar-Mar 314NMno drill hole$12
Tonky TomsonOn My Way / I've Been in LoveSkipper 1408VG+b-side label has small tear at edge$24
Tony Church & the CrusadeCan You Picture Yourself / Love TripTammy 860T-1029NM$40
Tony HarrisScorpio / HoneyDee Gee 1002VGwlp$16
TouchstoneLast Laugh / The ShowTransaction 708VG plays +A-side is light garage, flip is femme vox hippie$35
TrollsThat's the Way My Love Is / Into My ArmsRuff 45-1010VG-styrene 45 very scuffed and worn, with a strange discolored area that may be heat damage. No warp, and plays surprisingly well - check audio clips. A-side has band signatures.$500
TroyesRainbow Chaser / WhyPhalanx 1009VG plays +many fine scratches, play is good without distracting noise. A-side label has date stamp and 1/8" tear at top, both labels look moderately soiled/discolored$110
TruthsWhy / PendingCircle 45-953VG++some light hairlines, plays fine, promo labels$25
TurquoiseHello Bill / Steel GlassArcade 101VG-constant background noise, pressing bubble on b-side, labels show some aging$15
TurquoiseHello Bill / Steel GlassArcade 101VG++$75
Tyme of DayListen To What Is Never Said / I Wanna KnowMercury 72861VG+ warpclose to NM but has warp - didn't cause any problems on my turntable. Swirl labels. Styrene 45$12
Ugly DucklingsGaslight / Nothin'Arc U.R. 1021VG+70s reissue of these songs on blue Arc label$25 HOLD
Ugly ZDown to My Very Last Tear / Kathy's BackRondo 9158VGminor warp does not affect play, 2" area of hazy vinyl, some scuffs, but plays well with light background noise - checks clips$85
UnderbeatsAnnie Do the Dog / Sweet Words of LoveBangar BA 00632VG-scuffy, writing on labels$11
UnderbeatsIt's Gonna Rain Today / Sweetest Girl In the WorldMetrobeat 4449VG++very minor warp dnap$35
UnderdogsDon't Pretend / Little GirlReprise 0446VG+white promo labels, pen marks on b-side label$25
Union JacksI Gotta Go / No One But YouRampro R-116VG++Pressing has a little background noise, one tick at start of b-side. Labels have very light wear.$125
UniquesToo Good to be True / Never Been In LovePaula 222VG+stains, small tear on label, white label DJ copy$8
Unit VIAbout That Time / Mother May ITrump 359GGreat two-sider. Scuffed, worm, some scratches but plays well - check clips. Labels worn, 1" x .5" stain on A-side label$60
United NotionsWait Until Tomorrow / sameMinaret MIN-135VGWhite promo labels, styrene 45 has some scuffing but plays well with occasional light noise, check clips.$25
Untouchables with Mark One BandThe Dragster Boy / Dragster's EncoreFaap VD-7-RS2NM$45
Up / Allen Ginsberg & Peter OrlovskyFree John Now / Prayer for John SinclairRainbow 22191VGA-side plays well, spoken-word flip has some noise$38
Us FourThe Alligator / By My SideRising Sons 701VGStock labels show light rubbing. A-side plays great$65
Utica Club Natural Caronation BandThe Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song / Natural CarbonationUC-500VG+no PS$12
VagrantsThe Final Hour / Your Hasty HeartVanguard 35042VGwhite label promo, old price sticker partially removed$14
Val Richards VDancing With My Girl / My Oh MyScene 601VG++beautiful copy, styrene 45$36
Van GoghsYou Have Changed / Quiet GirlGrendel 201.158VG+$55
Vance Charles & the SonicsMy Soul / We Gotta Get Out of this PlaceGolden Eagle G-204VG++close to NM, b-side label has blemish on lead in wax that does not affect play$150
Vee JaysGoodbye Cheatin' Lover / Don't Let Me GoRichie 456VGpencil marks on A-side label$26
VejtablesFeel the Music / ShadowsUptown 741VG-white promo labels, "hard rocker" written in pen on A-side label, small mark on B-side label$50
VillagersHe's Not The Same / Sunshine My WayHamlet 6004/5VG+$110
VillagersYou're My Baby (Don't You Forget It) / You Don't Know What You've GotVillage Square 1001VG+good version of the Vacels song$30
VisionsShe's the Girl for Me / Take HerVimco 20VG++ A-sideA-side close to NM, beautiful. "Take Her" has two marks at opening that cause pops and a skip. A-side label off center.$275
VoyagersCan't Save This Heart / I Want You BackFeature F-101VG+white labels, both have "Demonstration" "Not to Be Sold" written in thin marker$120
Vy-CountzGoodbye / GiantkillerSalesmakerVG plays +VG or better, glossy, superficial marks only$180
WantedHere to Stay / In the Midnight HourA&M 844VG++stock copy, styrene 45, no drill hole$24
Warren SchatzPattern People / Before He Took YouWB 7167VG+Has edge crack that just barely extends into grooves - check audio clips. White promo labels, styrene 45.$9
We the PeopleLove Is a Beautiful Thing / The Day She DiesRCA Victor 47-9393VG+promo copy, name written on a-side label$28
WeejunsIf You Say Goodbye / Let Me Have ItJaguar DM-163VG+$45
West Coast BranchColors of My Life / Where Is the Door?A&M 869VG, plays + but damaged labelWhite label promo. A-side label is OK, B-side label has 1.5" area of tear and discoloration from being stuck to another 45.$25
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band1906 / Shifting SandsReprise 0552VGwhite promo labels have some light rubbing wear, plays well - check audio.$45
West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandHelp I'm a Rock / Transparent DayReprise 0582VGStyrene 45 but no distortion. One click at start of "Help I'm a Rock". White promo labels, A-side label has a few spots on it, b-side label has areas of brown staining$35
West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandSmell of Incense / Unfree ChildReprise 0776VG+White promo labels are clean. B-side vinyl has small discoloration does not affect play$30
Wet PaintWe Call Him a Man / No One to LoveFormal FR-200VGglossy but a couple short surface marks at start of side A that do not affect play. Flip has a little noise towards beginning of song$38
What FourAnything For a Laugh / Baby Can't You Hear Me Call Your NameCapitol 5449VG+close to NM but has warp that doesn't affect play. Red X on "Baby" label$22
Whatt FourYou're Wishin' I Was Someone Else / Dandelion WineMercury 72716G+scuffed and worn, plays with some noise but not bad, drill hole.$11
Whatt FourYou're Wishin' I Was Someone Else / Dandelion WineMercury 72716VG+swirl labels, drill hole, styrene 45$35
Wild OnesCome On Back / (instrumental version)Sears 2181VG disc, VG+ PS$15
Wild ThingOld Lady (stereo) / Old Lady (mono)Elektra 45672VG+ disk / VG+ PSradio station copy in picture sleeve that lists Next to Me for b-side.$18
Wild ThingsI'm Not For You / Love Comes, Love GoesShowboat 9685-1516VG"I'm Not For You" label has some writing in pen at top, some notes in faint pen around title$70
Window FrameBefore & After / You Have the ChoiceFrame WF 1001VG plays +heavy red marker and pen marks on A-side label$40
Witness Inc.Not You Girl / JezebelApex 77063VG++b-side has one surface scratch that dnap, otherwise NM. A-side label has very small spot where paper is missing and vinyl shows through.$60
Wolf PackWolf Pack / Because I Love You SoPanic 100NMrecent pressing of unissued acetate$9
WolfmenOnes Who Love / Take a WalkArchway 100VG-glossy and would grade higher but has tiny flecks of paint on "Ones Who Love" side that make occasional pops - check clips$18
World of MilanFollow the Sun / I'm Cryin' in the RainBrunswick 55292NMyellow promo labels$32
Wreck-a-MendedDirty Old Man / Sally's the One & Long Tall SallyUnited Artists UA 50122NMwhite promo labels have light discoloration, b-side has small scuff dnap, styrene 45$30
Wry CatchersWhen I Met You / Collision CourseAOK 1005VG plays fine1/4" circular dark stain near title on A-side label$35
X-CellentsHang It Up / Little Wooden HouseSure Play 0003VGName written in pen on "Little Wooden House" label. "Hang It Up" has some light ticks.$22
X-TreemsFacts of Life / SubstituteStar Trek 1221VG+light dish warp does not affect play. Has " /2" in deadwax which may indicate alternate mix.$40
Yellow PaygesWe Got a Love in the Making / JezebelShowplace 217VG+drill hole caused tight crack under label, dnap$14
You Know Who GroupDon't Play It (No More) / Run (I Wanna Be Free)Casual 94725/6VG plays +"#8" in pen on both labels$18
Young MenGo! / Too Many TimesUnited World 6947VGGlossy with light hairlines, plays well. Labels have some rubbing wear but no writing or tears$175
Young Monkey MenI'm Waitin' For the Letter / I Love YouP & M 3648NMunplayed stock, styrene 45, small surface scuff does not affect play.$50
Young SavagesWelcome to My World / I Love You Oh So MuchDynamic Sound 45-2007VG+$24
Zookie & the PotentatesTelephony / Bachelors Got It MadeNu-Sound 711VG-One feelable scratch but plays well with occasional noise. A-side label has small stain and name written in pen$20
3. New Zealand / Australian singles
Cam-PactDrawing Room / I'm Your PuppetFestival FK-2364VG+$45
ClevedonairesHe's Ready / Lost WomanImpact IR-1019VG+$115
House of NimrodSlightly-Delic / Reflections of Our TimeFestival FNZ-2017VG+A-side sounds great, flip looks clean but plays with noise. Name written in marker on A-side label$225
Larry's RebelsColoured Flowers / FantasyImpact IR-1033VG++NZBC sticker on A-side label, "Feb. 68" written in marker on b-side label$150
Last StrawsOne Fine Day / Why Not TonightScope SP-002VGb-side has some light noise in background. Pencil marks on each label$55
Ray ColumbusYo Yo / She's GoneZodiac AZ-1010NMAustralian issue with orange Zodiac logo (top Zodiac is not white, like in New Zealand issue)$35
Russ KrugerKeep Me Satisfied / Tell the TruthSunshine QK-1495VG+glossy with a few light hairlines. Check audio clips. Labels are clean!$225
Sonny Day & the SundownersLittle Lonely One / Hawaiian Wedding SongZodiac 1135VG+wlp, radio mark and sticker residue on flip lbl$10
SundownersBaby Jane / Keep a Knockin'Zodiac AZ 1007VG plays +name written very small on b-side label$50
Thane Russal & ThreeSecurity / Your Love Is Burning MeCBS BA-221289VG-many hairlines, nothing deep, plays better than it looks with good sound, light crackle at intro and end of song. Name written on A-side label$140
Tommy AdderleyI Just Don't Understand / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going OnMar-Mar 314NMUS issue, unplayed store stock but with drill hole$10
ValentinesShe Said / To Know You Is To Love YouClarion MCK-1975VG+A-side has small circular area where sticker was removed, seems to be a small tear that may have been touched up with marker - not very noticeable$90
4. UK
Adam Faith & the RoulettesMade for Me / We Are in LoveParlophone 5091VG+centre intact$12
Amen CornerGin House Blues / I KnowDeram 17.001VG+ / VGrare French PS, sticker residue, ring wear$18
ArtWhat's That Sound (For What It's Worth) / Rome Take Away ThreeIsland WIP-6019VG+UK issue, solid centre$26
AttackAny More than I Do / Hi Ho Silver LiningLondon 45-1013VG++Styrene 45 close to NM, has small spot of light discoloration from molding process, but this does not affect play. Clean promo labels.$65
Beat MerchantsSo FineTower 127VGUS issue, flip is Freddie & the Dreamers "You Were Made for Me"$9
Belfast GipsiesGloria's Dream / Secret PoliceLoma 2051VG+yellow stock labels, styrene 45$32
Bern Elliot & the FenmenNew Orleans / Everybody Needs a Little LoveLondon 9670VG+Styrene, but no Delta #$10
Big ThreeAt the Cavern EPDecca DFE.8552VG / VGcentre intact, vinyl plays well, cover has light creasing and aging and name written on back cover but no tears or splits$45
BrainboxDown Man / Woman's GoneElektra EKS-45673VG plays +US radio station promo labels, surface marks but plays well$21
Christie LaneJohnny Remember Me / I Need the SunPolydor 2 050 003VG+ vinyl / G sleeveDutch issue. PS has 1" long corner cut at top, two small pen marks, minor creases and edge wear$30
Cupids InspirationDream / Yesterday Has GoneNEMS 56-3500VGscuffs and light scratches, plays OK$18
Dave BerryMy Baby Left Me / Memphis TennesseeLondon 9666VG+styrene 45$18
Davie Jones with the King BeesLiza Jane / Louie Louie Go HomeVocalion Pop V.9221NM70s repro$40
DonovanLalenaEpic 5-10305VG++fresh clean US picture sleeve only - no record$8
Double FeatureBaby Get Your Head Screwed On / Come On, BabyDeram 45-DEM-85004VG++US promo copy, styrene, no distortion$75
Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichBad News / Tonight-TodayCotillion 44061VG PS, VG+ diskSleeve has date stamp, corner crease, and Cotillion stickers on front and back. White promo labels on 45$26
Eric Burdon & the AnimalsMontereyMGM K-13868VG++fresh clean picture sleeve only - no record$8
Fruit MachineFollow Me / Cuddly ToySpark 3702VG+ / VGsuper-rare Italian art sleeve. Sleeve has radio station stamp, some pen marks, small piece of tape and general light wear.$125
HolliesI'm Alive / You Know He DidParlophone R 5287VG+UK issue, great b-side!!$10
Jimmy NicolNight Train / Humpty DumptyMar Mar 313VG+white promo labels, star in red marker on A-side label$18
LuluLove Loves to Love Love / Best of Both WorldsEpic 5-10260VG plays fineUS issue, no PS, some scuffing dnap$9
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyCapitol 72178VG+US stock copy$9
Manfred Mann & Mike HuggSki 'Full of Fitness'/Sweet Baby JaneSki no#VG plays +odd UK issue$12
MonotonesWhat Would I Do / Is It RightHickory 45-1520VG+wlp, b-side label has moisture stain$16
MoveFlowers in the Rain / The Lemon TreeRegal Zonophone RZ 3001NMcentre intact, UK issue, beautiful$20
Neil MacArthurShe's Not There / World of GlassDeram 45-DEM-7524VG+US issue, styrene disc$22
Outer LimitsHelp Me Please / Just One More ChanceDeram DEM 7508VG+US release, promo copy, styrene$40
Purple GangGranny Takes a Trip / Boot Leg WhiskyBig T 101VG+UK issue, prod. Joe Boyd, centre intact$14
Rockin' BerriesFlashback / He's in TownReprise 0329VG+minor warp dnap, white promo labels$18
Ronnie Jones & the Night-TimersI Need Your Loving / Let's Pin a Rose on YouDecca F-12012VG plays +UK issue, centre intact$30
Rupert's PeopleHold On / Reflections of Charles BrownBell 684NMUS issue, promo copy, styrene 45$30
Rupert's PeopleHold On / Reflections of Charles BrownBell 684VGUS issue, drill hole, name written on A-side label in pencil, styrene 45$22
Sight and SoundLittle Jacky Monday / Alley, AlleyFontana F-1648VG+clean styrene 45 but A-side label has small ink smudge, and b-side label has date stamp, "x"s and some ink smudge$12
Simon Dupree & the Big SoundKites / Like the Sun Like the FireParlophone R 5646VG plays +UK issue, center intact, tape residue one side$12
Small FacesI Feel Much Better / Tin SoldierImmediate IM 062VGUK white label promo, small center hole$10
Small FacesSha-La-La-La-Lee / Grow Your OwnDecca F.12317VG+UK issue, center intact$17
SocietieBird Has Flown / Breaking DownDeram DEM-7517VG+US promo labels, styrene 45 is glossy. A-side close to NM, flip has some scuffing that doesn't affect play.$42
TruthBaby You've Got It / I Go to SleepPye 7N.17095VG+centre intact$70
WhoHeaven & Hell / Summertime BluesDecca 32708NMUS issue
WhoThe Seeker / Here for MoreDecca 32670VG++US issue, drill hole$14
WhoThe Seeker / Here for MoreDecca 32670VG++US issue, drill hole, larger typeface version$14
World of OzJack / King CroesusDeram 85034VG++US promo copy with company sleeve$11
YardbirdsOver Under Sideways Down / Jeff's BoogieColumbia 45-DSA 665VG+South African pressing. Very glossy but plays with slight noise. Yellow "X" on A-side label. Centre intact.$24
YardbirdsPuzzles / Little GamesEpic 5-10156VG+US issue, stock copy, styrene$18
YardbirdsTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor / Ha Ha Said the ClownEpic 5-10204VG+US issue, stock copy, styrene$13
ZombiesTime of the Season / sameDate 2-1628VG+Yellow "Special Rush Reservice" labels. Styrene 45 has no groove distortion but a couple light pops each side$26
ZombiesThis Will Be Our Year / sameDate 2-1612VGradio promo copy$15
5. Europe / South America / Asia
Aphrodite's ChildMagic Mirror / I Want to LivePolydor PD 15005VG+US white promo labels. Styrene 45$18
AtlantisFekete Barany / Kontraszt a telekbenQualiton SP 659VG++comes with cool mod company sleeve$30
BerkantSensizlik / Ayri DuseliSeviler SP 283VG- / VGsleeve wrinkled, tape on bottom, small stain$24
Blue CometsBlue Eyes / Blue Comets '66Epic 5-10066VG+ disk / VG PSwlp, picture sleeve has creases, some very small tears at top, but overall is presentable, with no writing. Styrene 45$40
Bluesmen, Blues Five, BeatovensCS Beat Festival 2Panton 03 0205VG+ disk / VG sleeveRare Czechoslovakian EP. Highlight is the Bluesmen 'A Proto se Bojim Mit Te Rad'. Vinyl in VG+ but missing center. Sleeve has great color but is taped neatly top and bottom seam.$34
BoysNo Reply / Let Me Know / Lost Love / Foot StompArena 0028G+ sleeve / VG diskRare EP from Beograd, Yugoslavia! Sleeve has pen marks on front and back cover, and also on blank inside. A-side label has pen marks. No large tears, just minor creasing. Record has light wear, no major issues. Check out the two best songs here$21
CedarsFor Your Information / Hide If You Want to HideDecca 68.107VG plays +Turkish press, center intact$75
DalidaJe Prefere Naturallement / Petit HommeBarclay BRC-1021VG++, sleeve VGTurkish issue - sleeve is nice but has 1" crease and tiny tear at top and light staining on the back$25
DanielaDanas Je Davan Dan, I Got You Babe + 2Radio-Televizija BeogradVG+ / VG+ sleeveone crease on sleeve, otherwise fine.$40
FlaversTo Megaleio / Panta Se ThimameAstron 502VG+ / poorGreek pop with cool edge. A-side plays great - check flip. Ballad flip has serious pressing defect rendering it unplayable$26
ForminxJeronimo Yanka / Dream in My HeartDecca 45-PL 8049VG plays +glossy VG with only light hairlines & surface scuffs. Ask for audio clips. Large centre hole, no PS, comes with Decca company sleeve$40
Golden CupsNagaikami-no-shojo, Love Is My Life, My Girl +1Capitol CP-4285VG+ disk / VG+ PSEP of pop songs, cover has a little creasing and corner wear, a little aging to the back cover, but no tears, splits or writing.$25
HoundsA Summer Song / Never Try to Catch the SunGazell C-201VG+ / VGSwedish PS, price sticker on label, small crease$14
I Bisonti di Bruno CastigliaMa Se Ci Penso / Lucille / Portami Tante RoseCity 6164NM vinyl / VG++ sleevePS has minor wear to corners and edges, no tears or pen marks$45
I CardinaliSo che mi PasseraCBS 3052VG++ / VGgood italian beat w/ picture sleeve$22
IllesKegildal / Elunk es meghalunkPepita SP-738VG+with Illes logo sleeve in VG condition - light wear$21
La Revolucion de Emiliano ZapataNasty Sex / Todavia NadaPolydor 1702-1515VG+ PS and discSleeve has front and back and blank inside, opens on three sides. Vinyl plays well, a few superficial scuffs$32
Les SunlightsPlus D'Amis, C'est Fini + 2Fermata EPE 565VG+ disk / VG+ PSBrazil release (33 1/3 rpm) EP. Two great garage songs. Cover has name written in pen on back but otherwise is excellent$24
Lorna & the SmokersTop Your Night / Come to FlavorSoundell 17-174VG+ PS and vinylSwiss promo for Marlboro cigarettes, trippy instro "Top Your Night"$20
Los ArlequinesNo Hay Amor Para Mi / Tomando Cafe
RCA Victor 3-10264VG+ / VG+Great Spanish garage with good soul-rock on flip
Los GritosTuset Street (Bocaccio Soul) / Cuidado…Belter 07 484VG+ / VGSpanish PS$30
Los SoñadoresVete / Lo Se Por MiRCA Victor 3-10332VG plays + / VGPS has tape residue on one side, sticker and narrow tear on back, otherwise very presentable.$30
Michel PolnareffTime Will Tell + 3Disc AZ EP 1068NM sleeve and discstill has tab inside sleeve$55
Michel PolnareffLove Me Please Love Me, L'amour avec toi, Ne me marchez pas sur les piedsDisc AZ EP 1053VG+/ VG+no tab inside sleeve, otherwise nice$28
MopsAsamade Matenai / Blind BirdVictor VP-1VG- PS, VG discsleeve has a lot of wrinkling and creases. 45 plays well, centre intact$35
Samo RedsUnder My Sweet Plaid / Young Man StoryHebra 401VG+ / VG+$14
SunstrokesCome On Lets Go / Rubber BallD'Swan 1076VG plays bettervery rare Filipino 45, great version of Richie Valens. Minor warp that doesn't affect play, A-side is loud and clear, flip has light noise.$55
TigersSeaside Bound / Prince in the HeavenPolydor SDP-2004VG+ / VG+includes PS and insert with dance steps.$25
Young IdeaColours of Darkness / With a Little Help From My FriendsColumbia DB 8205VG+ disc / VG + sleevesleeve has minor creasing, Dutch issue$25
6. Surf and instrumentals
Adams BoysMafia / DizzinessPopular AP 6179VG plays +Great instrumentals from Greece. Centre intact$90
Andrew Oldham OrchestraI Get Around / Save It For MeParrot PAR 9745VVG+A-side has one noticeable surface scuff that does not affect play. Styrene 45 with no distortion. Labels have only minor rubbing wear$17
ArondiesOne Dead Chicken / Keep on GoingAstra 1014VG$30
Arondies69 / All My LoveAstra 1005NM$25
ArrowsBlue's Theme / Bongo PartyTower 295VG+striped Tower labels, A-side label slightly off center, vinyl, not styrene$20
Baskerville HoundsSpace Rock parts 1 and 2Tema PXT 128VG plays +Light scuffs, styrene 45 plays fine.$16
BiscaynesOut of Order / Mis BeatRidge 6601VG plays +light hazing & dimpling to vinyl but plays great check out audio clips. Labels have area of fading from moisture or other cause$35
Bob-ChordsHi-Voltage / A-Tisket A-TasketSioux 8260VG+b-side label has "Sample" stamped MANY times over logo and top$75
BuddiesPulsebeat / The BeatleSwan S-4170VG+Two pressing bubbles at start of A-side do not affect play. B-side label has some writing in red grease pencil$32
BustersBust Out / Astronaut'sArlen 735VG plays wellA-side label has July 1963 written in pen, glossy with a couple minor scuffs dnap$16
Calvin Cool / KingsmenEl Tecolote / WeekendAstra A-1025VG++red wax, 70s reissue, minor label wear$24
Cams with Sy LinderSmashin' / Drag RaceIndie 1303VG$50
CarnationsScorpion / Fireball MailTilt 45-780VG plays +some light marks but plays well. "Fireball Mail" label has a little marker touchup$65
CatalinasBail Out / BulletinSims 134VG++A little scuffing but glossy and very close to NM. Silver print in Sims logo has some flaking$25
ChandellesEl Gato / JesterDotNMwith Dot company sleeve$50
CordsTermites / Country ChurchRakki 101NMgreat instrumental, same group as "Ain't That Love"$80
CorvettesShaften / JaniceDuncan 401VG plays +Close to VG+, glossy with a few surface marks$65
CrescentsPink Dominoes / Break OutEra 3116VG+$25
CuriosChicken Back pt. 1 and 2Curiio Q102VG plays +A-side label has scratches to imitate chicken scratches$30
Dave and the StarlightsStarlight / I Wished Upon a StarWhite Label of Golden Ring KB 3812VGplays with some noise, check audio clips. Rare Kaybank instrumental / vocal$20
Dave Clark FiveChaquita / Do You Love MeEpic 5-9678VGb-side label has 2 stickers on it$24
Dave York & the BeachcombersBeach Party / I Wanna Go Surfin'PKM 6700VG plays greatwhite label, A-side label has number in marker and name in marker, plus sticker with number on it$10
Davie Allan & the ArrowsU.F.O. / Theme from Wild AngelsTower 267VG+White promo labels. Labels have some soiling$20
Midnight Express / DriftingAmp 792VG+white label promo, one mark on b-side does not affect play$32
Dial TonesBoss / Dick Haiman & the Dial Tones - Blue Moon of KentuckyHorizon 1596VG plays +Green and white labels, Xs written small on A-side label$20
Dick DaleLet's Go Trippin' / Del-Tone RockDeltone 5017VG+$24
Dick Dale & the DeltonesMiserlou / Eight Til MidnightDeltone D-5019VGNumber sticker on A-side label. Scuffy, plays with light background noise, check audio clips$18
Down BeatsThe Hucklebuck / SlewfootArdent A-12-003/4VG plays +Promo labels, some rubbing noticeable.$40
DriftersCherry Chocolate Twist / Red Chek Polka (by Gardy K)Quality ChekdVG- A-side plays +dairy promotion record with good A-side instro$12
DuvalsFerny Roast / The Last SurfPrelude 110VG+small pen marks on A-side label. Light fading to label name on A-side. Rolling warp, but plays OK.$25
Eddie & the ShowmenLanky Bones / Far Away PlacesLiberty 55695VGwhite promo labels, "6" written large in marker on "Far Away Places" label. Styrene 45$25
EggheadsFoolin' Around / MiracleBell 601VG-Styrene, shows some distortion especially on "Miracle" A-side label has some fading wear$14
ExportsCar Hop / Seat Belts PleaseKing 45-5917VG++$15
FiendsThe Addams Family / Quetzal QuakeGNP Crescendo 335xVG+Blue label stock copy$15
FlaresFoot Stomping Part 1&2Felsted 45-8624VG plays well$12
FranticsWerewolf / No WerewolfDolton 16VGstyrene 45, has some noise esp. at beginning, check audio clips. "No Werewolf" plays better$26
FugitivesThe Fugitive / I Like It Like ThatRondack RO7-9783VG- plays +scuffy but plays well, asked for audio clips. Labels have some wear and soiling but no major defects$100
Gabriel & the AngelsChumba / Hey!Amy 802VGPlays well - check clips. A-side label shows wear and has name in pen, B-side label has ink smear$24
Gary WebbDrum City / part 2Donna 1321VG+$21
Gigolo'sMovin' Out / Black and BlueBroadway B-1000VG plays +$25
Golden EchosGolden Echo / SandyKen-H 511VG-Guitar instro plays well, flip has more noise. Many small water drop stains on labels$13
HolidaysDesperate / Dark ValleySanto 500VG plays fine$35
Hollywood PersuadersGrunion Run / TijuanaOriginal Sound OS-39VG+tiny tear on A-side label.$30
Jan DavisFugitive / Boss MachineA&M 733VG++white label promo, small pen mark on A-side label$14
Jim Sullivan
Bach & Forth / Toad StoolLondon 9585VG++promo copy$18
Jimmy HannaBusybody / Where Does Love GoBolo 747VGStyrene 45, plays well without distortion. Check audio$28
Johnny & the VelvetonesHitch Hiking Home / S.O.S.Jerden 714VG+slight storage warp. Glossy, but a low-fi pressing$21
Johnny Thompson & the One Eyed JacksSoul Chant / For Us There'll Be No TomorrowGuitarsville 2121VGstyrene 45, plays well, A-side label has 5 small lines (stains I think) to the right of "Guitarsville"$40
Keetie & the KatsWay Out / CrosstiesHuron 22007VGname written in pen on Crossties label$30
Keetie & the KatsWay Out / CrosstiesHuron 22007G+$18
King PinsDoor Banger / Rod Hot RodMGM K 13535NMpromo copy with company sleeve$40
Lawrence Comp. (Phil Lawrence)Moon Beams / Blue DreamCarol-Ray 1201VG plays +glossy but a few stray surface marks dnap$24
LegendsLariat / GailKey 1002NM
Lenny & the ThundertonesThunder Express / Alabamy BoundComma C-444VG++$32
Link WrayBlow Your Mind / Rumble '68Heavy H-101VG+"Rumble '68" label has number sticker and number written in thin marker$110
Link WrayRaw-Hide / Dixie DoodleEpic 5-9300VG+Dixie Doodle label has a couple tiny tears at edge and some bubbling. Styrene 45, plays without distortion$16
Link WrayRaw-Hide / Dixie DoodleEpic 5-9300VG$10
Link WrayRaw-Hide / Dixie DoodleEpic 5-9300NMStyrene 45. Includes original Epic company sleeve$22
Link WrayRumble MamboOkeh 4-7166VG plays wellb-side is "Hambone" by Red Saunders, has tape on label$12
Link Wray & the RaymenBatman Theme / AloneSwan 4244VGsome groove wear esp. on B-side$15
Lon Dobro ComboUndercurrent / Mid-Night Surf
Troy 1003A-side VG- plays OK, B-side G noisywater stain, pen marks in red on A-side label$18
Lonnie MackHonky Tonk '65/ Chickin' Pickin'Fraternity F-951VG plays +A-side label has 2 stickers on it$7
Los IntocablesLa Calambrina / Mr. MotoDiscolito 043VG plays +both labels have name in pen, A-side label has tear from price sticker removal$45
Marlow StewartRiptide / Sky Surf'nUA-102VGglossy but has minor background noise$18
MonarchsFriday Night / El BanditoZone 1106VG plays welllabels have some wear, moisture stain$12
Monarchs IVSurge / WeekendErwin 1069VG plays wellb-side label has 'X' in black pen$25
MoongoonersMoongoon Twist / Willie & the Hand JiveDonna 1373VG+$30
MysterionsDown Hill / One Night in ParadiseFascination 1009VGStrummin' Mental classic instro$40
Paul Revere & the RaidersOrbit / Beatnik SticksGardena G-106VG+styrene 45 - opening sound effect has light distortion (typical for this pressing), check clip. Includes company sleeve$36
PyramidsPenetration / Here Comes MarshaBest 45-13002VG++block letter label$12
RamrocksNew Guitar / Only YouPress 2813NM
Rangers4 on the Floor / (Ghost) Riders in the SkyFTP 404VG++$28
Hanging Five / PatchG-Clef 45-702VG scuffy but plays well3 small chips in edge do not come into groove, A-side label has sticker and 1/4" tear near opening. Label has G-clef logo$40
Rockin' ContinentalsCobra 289 / Count DraculaCasino 1009/1010NMunplayed stock, beautiful condition$475
RotationsHeavies / The CruncherOriginal Sound OS-41VG plays finescotch tape on labels$55
Royal KnightsSweet Revenge / Yes It's MeFireballNMA-side signed by band member in pen, doesn't obscure any label credits$60
Sean and the SheasSpiders / Hi DiddleYorkshire Y-004NMA-side cool instrumental$45
Sensational Guitars of Dan & DaleBatman Theme / Robin's ThemeTifton 125G+has warping that doesn't skip on my turntable. Minor background noise, plays well.$18
Shut DownsFour in the Floor / Beach BuggyColpix PX 11016VG- plays better
UK issue, missing centre, both labels have 1/2" tears$18
SkylinersSchroeder Walk / Amon JoyScotte 2666VGplays well, red mark on b-side$15
SlyButtermilk parts 1 & 2Autumn 14VG+dimples in wax do not affect play$30
Snow MenSki Storm / Part IIChallenge 59227VG plays +hairline scuffs, plays great$25
Sounds of HarleyThe Hard Ride / Victorville BluesMGM K 14248NMDJ promo labels$26
SquaresDavey's Drag / Square Rock Part IIITel C1003VG+$18
StrangersThe Caterpillar Crawl / Rockin' RebelTitan FF-1701
VG- plays OK
initials written large on A-side label
StrangersThis Brave New World / In the BeginningAfton 1700VG++very slight warp, dnap$36
StrangersThe Caterpillar Crawl / Rockin' RebelTitan FF-1701
VG+number sticker on A-side label, labels show some wear$27
SundownersRumble / SorrentoWink 100VG-scuffy styrene but plays well. Labels show wear and glue is coming undone in spots$28
SunglowsHappy Hippo / PeanutsSunglow 107VG plays +2 number stickers on A-side label$12
Super StocksThunder Road / Wheel StocksCapitol 5153VG plays +2 number stickers on B-side label$13
Teddy & the Rough RidersTomahawk / ThunderheadTilt 45-778VG plays +A-side label has some wear, b-side label in poor condition with large tears and black marker$22
TeematesNightfall / No More TomorrowsAudio Fidelity 105VG plays well$36
Teen-BeatsSwimmin' Part One / Part TwoOriginal Sound OS-49VG+glossy but plays with light background noise$33
TelstarsSpaghetti Strap / ToplessTeen 516VG-Light warp does not affect play. "Spaghetti Strap" side has name sticker and a number of pen marks on label. "Topless" label is clean with a little wear. Styrene 45, check audio clips$45
ThunderboltsBlending / I'm SorryRondack 6-9768VGStyrene 45, yellow sample labels$21
Tony March & Bill Davids RocketsShow Down / It's Never Too LateTammy 1003VG+A-side clean and glossy, flip has surface marks but plays fine$70
TornadoesBustin' Surfboards / Beyond the SurfAertaun 45-100VG+$24
TrashmenBird Dance Beat / A-BoneGarrett 4003VG+drill hole, glossy vinyl except light marks on b-side make light noise$15
TurtlesBuzz Saw / You Showed MeWhite Whale 292VG++$15
VenturasThe Corrido Twist / High Noon RumbleDonna 1352VG plays +Stock labels. Styrene 45 with scuffs but A-side plays very well. Very faint "C" written on both labels in marker$28
VenturesJourney to the Stars / Walkin With PlutoDolton 91VG plays +2 number stickers on A-side label$15
VenturesThe 2,000 Pound Bee, pts 1 & 2Dolton 67VG++comes with company sleeve. Styrene 45$35
ViceroysGoin' Back to Granny's / Get SetBolo 739VG+$15
ViceroysGranny's Pad / Blues BouquetDot 16456VG+A-side label has small area of wear, not very noticeable$12
WailersMashi / On the RocksImperial 66045VGGlossy with some surface marks, but styrene 45 plays near perfectly without distortion. "On the Rocks" label has small tear from sticker removal and a diamond-shaped gold mark$65
WailersMau Mau / Beat GuitarGolden Crest 591VG+styrene 45, logo with waveform behind it$40
WailersShakedown / We're Goin' SurfinEttiquette ET-6VG+plays with minor distortion, styrene 45$20
WailersTall Cool One / Road RunnerGolden Crest 518VG+missing Tall Cool One label$15
WailersTall Cool One / Road RunnerGolden Crest 518VG$10
Wes DakusSour Biscuits / Las Vegas SceneSwan S-4206-SVG+"Las Vegas Scene" plays slightly off center, two number stickers on b-side label$24
Wes DakusSide Winder / Pedro's PadUnited Artists 722NMwith NM company sleeve$40
7. Clearance 45s - take 25% off price
? & the MysteriansI Need Somebody / 8 TeenCameo C-441VG$8
2 of ClubsWalk Tall Like a Man / So Blue Is FallFraternity 975VG+$5
Augie Moreno & SensationsCry Cry Cry / Mine All the TimeMoatG+ plays VG+many light marks but plays very well. B-side label has old price sticker$20
Billy Bob BowmanMiss Pauline / ShowersUA 50957VG++$5
BirdwatchersGirl I Got News for You / Eddies TuneScott 143VG-pen marks in red on A-side label$10
Black BeltsKarate Chop / japanese versionRotten Rat 1011VG$14
Bunches' a GoodSee the Farmer / What Do You Want to Be (Nothing)Mod 1008VGscuffs, plays with light distortion$12
CatalinasBail Out / BulletinSims 134G+plays through without skips$8
Combination, TheDon't Cry Buddy/LonelyDamon 12873VG++Maudlin song, more country than garage. Label completists only.$7
Crabby AppletonGo Back / TryElekra 45687VG$5
Craig & MichaelThat Kind of Girl / DriftyDowney D-140VGwlp, light moisture stains on label, pressing has light noise throughout$12
Danny Peil & the TigersJingle Jump / Flip SideRaynard 602VGA-side label has 2 stickers on it$12
Dave Kennedy & AmbassadorsYou Didn't ListenCuca 1036G, worn, plays ok, some noiselabel tears$5
Dino, Desi & BillyI'm a Fool / So Many WaysReprise 0367VGlight scuffs, name on A-side, no picture sleeve$6
DynamicsClap Your Hands / Roses & ThunderAthon 106VG-one mark makes click just before start of music, otherwise plays solid VG+$32
EmeneesRockelation Beat / Jubilee Juke Box Jamboree JiveEmeneeG+$4
Eric & the ChessmenYou Don't Want My Loving / Blue SkiesKama 777VG but has crack
1/4" crack, plays with light noise$24
Fastest Group AliveThe Bears / BesideTeen 101VG+$12
FenwaysI Move Around / A Go GoCo & Ce 241VG plays +$7
Flyin' HomeYou Go Your Way / Flyin Home BoogieGenesis GP 32924VGb-side label has 1" tear, both labels have smaller tears & wear. Horn rock$10
FlysNo More Heartaches / Halfway to SeattleWarped RI3914NM but dishwarpthin vinyl has consistent warp that doesn't cause skipping$12
Fresh AirCircles / I Think of Seeing HerGM 723VG-$6
Giant SunflowerFebruary Sunshine / More SunshineTake 6 1000VG+Pat Vegas$16
GoodtimersMaria / Forgive MeCommand Performance 131VGearly 70s soft rock$8
Heart and SoulAfterthought / IfStrive STR 829Gtear on label, heavy marker on label, plays with background noise, no skips$16
Ides of LoveHey Mister Wise Man / Something So PrettyTalmu 314VG-scuffy but plays OK$8
JayhawkersDawn of Instruction / Searchin'Deltron 21VG$12
Jim & JeanChanges / Strangers in a Strange LandVerve Folkways KF5005VG+DJ promo copy, X and "Yeah" marked in biro on Changes label$8
Just UsI Can Save You / I Can't Grow Peaches on a Cherry TreeMinuteman 203VG+two white stickers with numbers on Peaches label$7
Just Us FiveI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Tennessee StudWA 111VG plays +$18
Kathy & LarryTime / Magic IslandChallenge 59374VG-many scuffs & scratches, plays with some distortion and background noise, not too bad. Stock labels, styrene 45$10
Kenny Wayne & the KamotionsThe Day When the Sun Goes Down / How Should I FeelCandy 1011VG-$6
KeytonesI Don't Care/ La Do Da DaChelsea 101VG- plays OK$8
L.A. County C.O.P.E.Stand Up You Children / Sacramento PlayhouseRev 5001VG+$12
LegendHow Can I Find Her / Raining in My HeartDate 2-1521VG+white DJ labels, styrene 45$8
Les Habits JaunesOu-va-t-elle / Monsieur LongtempsVisa V-102NM$10
Little John & TonyThe Beginning of the End / All I AskVolkano 5001Fairlooks clean but played with distortion on my turntable$5
Lords of LondonLittle Lonely Summer Girl / The CowboyDomain 1423VG plays wellpromo copy$15
Lost in SoundYou Can Destroy My Mind / Stubborn Kind of FellowShowcase 9811VG$9
Love SocietyYou Know How I Feel / Let's PretendTarget 1006VG plays better$7
Magic RingLittle Mary Sunshine / Do I Love YouTantara 3105VG-many fine scratches plays with light noise, small tear on A-side label, name written in pen on b-side label$7
Magnificent 7In Mist and Rain /Stubborn Kind of FellowLemco 882A side VG plays well, flip G has skip$7
Marty & the MeritsHey, Let's Twist / The Big Split TwistKenilworth 9000VG plays +some light hairlines but play is fine. Red labels. Silver ink smeared on left side of A-side label$10
Michel et Les ChanceliersAttends et tu verras / A Paris la nuitCitation CN-9031VGplays fine$8
New BreedGreen Eyed Woman / I'm in LoveDiplomacy 22VG-looks VG or better, but "I'm in Love" has skip near intro if less than 2.5 grams tracking. No feelable scratches. Small "x" s on A-side label in pencil$8
New GenerationsThis Day / Mel Edmundson - The Sweetheart TreeSpring 61231VGChristian folk, not rock music$6
NightcapsWine Wine Wine / Nightcap RockVandan VR-7491VG$8
RandyWhy Is It Always the Same / Just for YouRST 681VG-1975 hypnotic folk$8
Ron-DelsIf You Really want Me To, I'll Go / Walk AboutBrownfield 18VG$11
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs(I'm in with) the Out Crowd / Not by the Hair of My Chinny Chin ChinMGM K13581VG+drill hole, label has some creasing around center hole from pressing$5
Senator BobbyWild Thing / Wild Thing a la Senator Everett McKinleyParkway 127VG+$8
ShagsBreathe In My Ear / Easy StreetKayden 408Gsurface noise throughout, no deep scratches$10
Shy TonesSummer's Gone / DodyUnited Audio 6008G+$12
SierrasOh, Janet / I Wouldn't CareBTR 1009Poorcracked but can play through with clicks, vinyl surface not bad, rolling warp, labels have major flaking$1
SpokesmenFor You Babe / Dawn of CorrectionDecca 31844VG++
Squiremen FourWhat's On Your Mind / Bitter EndSquire 14/15VG/ PoorA-side plays OK with minor noise, B-side looks clean but has heavy noise for first 25 seconds, then clears up, A-side label has large tear, b-side has smaller tears$10
Stained GlassMy Buddy Sin / Vanity FairRCA Victor 47-8952VG$10
StompersFoolish One / "????"Landa 684VGwlp, some writing on B-side label$10
StratfordsNever Leave Me / EnajO'DellVG-$5
Strawberry Alarm ClockTomorrow / Birds in My TreeUni 55046VG+$6
Sunny & the SunglowsTalk to Me / Every Week…Tear Drop 3014VG++$8
TelstarsHold Tight / Keep on RunningColumbia 4-44141VG- plays OKwlp, great mod track, styrene 45$20
Tim Tam & the Turn-OnsWait a Minute / OpeliaPalmer 5002VG-b-side label has area of creasing$8
Tommy AdderleyI Just Don't Understand / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going OnMar-Mar 314VG$8
Tommy FlandersThe MoonstoneVerve Forecast 3075VG++ / VGrelease date stamped in ink on picture sleeve$10
Tony CaryShe Belongs to MeMiramar 112VG- plays OKone-sided promo, stamp on label$15
Tony Rivers & the CastawaysI Love the Way You Walk / I Love YouConstellation C-128NMunplayed store stock but with drill hole$12
Underground Sunshine9 to 5 (Aint My Bag) / Rotten Woman BluesIntrepid 75019VG+one scuff on b-side, otherwise NM-, drill hole, comes with Intrepid company sleeve$9
Underground SunshineAll I Want Is You / BirthdayIntrepid 75002VG+drill hole$12
UniquesFast Way of Living / Not Too Long AgoPaula 219VG$5
Willow GreenFields of Pepperment (vocal/ instrumental)Whiz 619VGdate stamp on label$6
Words of LuvHave to Be Out of My Mind / Tomorrow Is a Long TimeHickory 1462VG plays well2 large stickers and initials on A-side label, name written on b-side label$7

Styrene vs Vinyl: most US 45s on Columbia, Epic, Date, Mercury, Fontana, Challenge, Wand, Golden Crest, Bell, Mala & Amy are styrene, not vinyl. Pressings done at Monarch in California are styrene. I try to note when a 45 is styrene instead of vinyl. Styrene wears out faster, but in fine shape these 45s sound fantastic.

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