Cross Tie Walkers Valley 45 Days I Recollect

Cross Tie Walkers

Cross Tie Walkers Valley 45 Days I RecollectCan’t find much about this group who did this one 45 in 1970. The Cross Tie Walkers included brothers Tony Goggans and Mike Goggans. From a signed copy I saw online, other members includes Patrick Stephens and Roger McDaniels (not sure I have Roger’s surname correct).

I’ve read Valley was an Alabama label, and apparently the Goggans came from Fort Payne, Alabama but Vance Pollack tells me they were often billed as “the Malabous Ron, aka Malibus / Malibous, etc. of Fayetteville” in North Carolina.

Cross Tie Walkers Valley 45 Girl We Got a While Yet“Days I Recollect” is the standout, sounding much like Creedence, but with something original to it. Mike Goggans wrote both that and the flip, “Girl We Got a While Yet”, for Clay Music BMI.

Tony Goggans produced the 45, engineered by Jerry K. Black and arranged by Michael Goggans. The PRP 21841/PRP 21842 code indicates Precision Record Press in Nashville.

Any additional information about the group would be appreciated. Anyone have a photo of the group?

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  1. All info is correct! The Goggan brothers did this project on their own as the Cross Tie Walkers. Reason the Malibous did it this way was they learned how the money from their first regional hit, “She’s a Doll” didn’t make it back to them. Days Gone By was recorded at Arthur Smith Studio in Charlotte around 1968. I was the drummer from Fayetteville working the Circus Lounge with them as the Malibous from Fort Payne, AL.

    1. I do remember “She’s A Doll” but I have no memory of this on at all. I do have the album they did in 1984 (Malibou Mountain Band).

        1. Don, what a pleasure to hear from the fantastic Gibson Bass player of the fabulous Symbols and Malibous circa 1969ish. It was a dream come true for a 15 year old to be asked to join the Symbols to fill the huge shoes of Carl Erwin the best drummer in Fayetteville with the showmanship and good looks to match! We had an adventure on the road to Myrtle Beach in your Safari wagon to start the summer at the world famous Bowery where later the other group from Ft Payne crafted their 40 number one hit dues paying and playing for tips musicmanship. So great to hear from you! Get up with me at please!

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