Chuck Edwards and the Apaches Ludo 45 She Let Me Go

Chuck Edwards and the Apaches

Chuck Edwards and the Apaches Ludo 45 She Let Me Go

Here’s an obscure Century Custom pressing by Chuck Edwards and the Apaches with a mix of garage and earlier rock styles that I like. “She Let Me Go” has gravelly vocals (credited to Tony and Eddie) over a great band that features good drum fills, a deep bass line and nice guitar work, plus a saxophone to tie it to the old styles.

The flip, “Lonely Apache” (written by Tony III) is a good, low-key instrumental. I don’t know any names other than what’s on the labels.

Released on Ludo Records 19796, I’m not sure of the date. The labels read “Recorded for Ludo Records by Century Custom Recording, Montgomery 6, Alabama 36106”.

Chuck Edwards wrote and produced “Dance Little Girl, Dance”- I believe he’s singing on it too – released as the Reactions on Ludo 001 b/w “Daddy’s Home” which I haven’t heard. I presume the Reactions single predates “She Let Me Go” by a year or so.

Chuck Edwards and the Apaches Ludo 45 Lonely Apache

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  1. There was a very popular Chuck Edwards, a jazz guitarist from Canonsburg, PA south of Pittsburgh. In the 1960’s he made some great instrumentals, mainly “Bullfight,” which had a sort-of Spanish flavor. “Bandido!” opening line, then a lot of background happiness, and some catchy chromatic jazz chords.
    Probably not the same person.

  2. Thanks for reviewing our record! My granddaughter’s music teacher found this review while he was doing some research on the record before he and my granddaughter learned to play it. It brings back a lot of great memories. I am Chuck Edwards and I thought I’d give you a little history about our band and the song. Our band started playing together in October 1963. Me (sax), George McCain (drums), and Walter Scott (bass) were all college students at the University of Alabama. We met Eddie Alvis (guitar & lead vocals) and Tony Rasmus (lead guitar & vocals) while they were in Montgomery with their military parents who were stationed at Maxwell AFB. Eddie was still in high school and had a wonderful voice. Tony was a wild looking kid with a beatle haircut who could really play a mean guitar. You could tell from the first time we played together that our group could really jam. We were not great song writers like the Beatles, but we could play any rock & roll, R & B, or country song you wanted to hear. Great music was produced in the early 60’s by people like Chuck Berry, Otis Redding, James Brown, The Beach Boys, Roger Miller, The Rolling Stones, Four Seasons, Glen Campbell, Roy Orbison, Elvis, Wilson Pickett, and The Beatles. It was a great time to be a teenager playing music. “She sat your bags off the train” was actually an expression my father, Charlie Edwards, used in referring to a girlfriend dumping her boyfriend and moving on. Tony and Eddie picked up on it and in about 15 minutes we had put it to music and created a song. The record label name, Ludo, was the name of my father’s houseboat. We played a lot together in 1963, ’64, & ’65 and like all bands, families move off and new faces come on board. Tony was the first to leave, Walter had to go to Vietnam, and Eddie went off the college. Last report I had, Eddie lives in California and is a chiropractor, Walter retired as a US Naval officer, Tony works on cruise ships as a professional musician, George was the mayor of Tallassee, AL, and I just started my 50th year running my father’s business – Edwards Plumbing & Heating in Montgomery, AL. The best thing that came from my band experience was playing a 1965 Junior/Senior prom in Clanton, AL where I met my future wife. Her then boyfriend hired my band – Biggest mistake he ever made!! We were married in October of 1968. Thanks again for your review! This has been really fun for me and my family.

    1. Hi Chuck,
      I came across another record on Ludo, “Dance Little Girl, Dance” by the Reactions, with you writing and producing – are you singing on it too? Same band backing you?

      Also, do you have any photos of the band from that time?

  3. I have fond memories of this band from my teen years, especially the instrumental Lonely Apache.
    Interestingly, I used Edwards Plumbing (for at least 20 years) to service my office building, the Foshee-George Building, before I sold it.

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