Chaos Incorporated

With a name like Chaos Incorporated, you’d expect sinister psychedelic sounds, but instead what we have here are two exploitative r&b tracks.

“Daktari Ooo-Ah” is in the tradition of Kip Tyler’s “Jungle Hop” and other jungle and monkey records. On the flip is “Spanish Cooking”, a take off on another genre: soul food records.

“Spanish Cooking” was writen by Frank Guida and Gary Anderson aka Gary “U.S.” Bonds. The way the band plays, it sounds like it could be a throwaway from one of Bonds’ sessions.

Guida was the man behind the S.P.Q.R. and LeGrand labels. He recorded some fantastic music by the Swinging Machine and Lenis Guess around this time that I recommend over this one. Frank Guida passed away on May 19 of 2007, just a week shy of his 85th birthday.Thank you to Marty for the 45.

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  1. This Guida record is circa 1967 and it sounds like Jimmy Moore is the lead vocalist on Spanish Cooking. I think that Frank Guida is also adding some of his “funny voices” in the background. Jimmy Moore was a member of The Sheiks, who had a couple of singles in 1961-62 (Legrand 1013 Why Should I Dance and Legrand 1016 Twist That Twist)and also were the vocal backing group on many of Gary US Bonds’ early Legrand records. Jimmy Moore can be heard in great form on Legrand 1037 Bye Bye My Love c/w Crawlin’ circa 1965 and SPQR 1006 Church Street Sally c/w I Hate You Baby circa 1968. Pastor James Moore made a nice Gospel CD with Lenis Guess in NYC just before he passed on in May 2005.

    Daktari Ooo-Ah is probably based on one of Guida’s houseband backing tracks. It is the same theme used for Gary US Bonds’ 1962 Legrand 1025 single Do The Limbo With Me, which was also re-used for Gary’s unreleased recording I Wanna Holler, which we didn’t get to hear until the early 1980s when Frank leased it to K-Tel and subsequently on various CDs.

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