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The Mods (of Pakistan)

The Mods Present Folk Instrumentals of Pakistan Columbia EP

The Mods Columbia EP Spring Dance, Garba DanceThe Mods band name and incredible sleeve look promising, but the ‘Mod’ flavor comes entirely from using Western beat combo instruments to play traditional songs. The results are an odd combination of Pakistani melodies and rhythms with some flavor of surf music, especially from one guitarist’s use of tremolo sound. More surprising is the use of a wah pedal, which would date this Columbia EP to not much earlier than 1968.

Mohamed Sadrudin Merchant played organ. The other members of the Mods are Karim on lead guitar, Feroz on rhythm, Rehman on bass and Aziz on drums. Mohammed Yousuf is credited with arrangments, and helped produce the session.

The only info I have is from the sleeve- if anyone knows anything more please write in.

The Mods Present Folk Instrumentals of Pakistan Columbia EP back

Miss Hippy


Not garage, but there is some electric guitar and I couldn’t pass up posting a sleeve like this one.

This EP is from a 1974 Pakistani movie, Miss Hippy, about a teenage girl who indulges in alcohol and hashish and gets into all kinds of trouble (extensive review here).

The review mentions ‘unimpressive songs’, but I think this one, “Rita Main Nashe Men Hoon” credited to Rubina Badar, Jamil Kishwar & Others, is worth a listen. The other two songs are more conventional. Music is by Robin Ghosh, lyrics are by Khwaja Pervaiz.