The Caretakers of Deception

A legendary disc since its inclusion on the original Psychedelic Disaster Whirl LP. Nothing is known about the band except they might have been from Los Angeles or somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. Tarzana is a possibility.

“Cuttin’ Grass” and “X+Y=13” were both written by T. Jones and released on the Santus Record Company label, SS-11/12, in 1967. The publishing was by Hoblong Music, produced by Long-Miller Enterprises. Half of Long-Miller was Joe Long of Encino, who had a 45 as Big Joe Long, “Just For a While” / “The Things You Do”.

The Caretakers of Deception 45 has recently been booted.

10 thoughts on “The Caretakers of Deception”

  1. x+y=3 was covered by THE THANES from Scotland and released as a 45 in 1997 but had been in the band’s repertoire for a good 10 years since there’s a recording of it when they were called the GREEN TELESCOPE…

  2. Thank you!,

    Though I don’t think that it will make T. Jones visit this page and tell all of the wonderful stories he might have regarding Caretakers of Deception. Shouldn’t MopTopMike know something, he knows everything in this area.

  3. My name is Joseph Aptel, I met T Jones and became friends in 1965.
    in 1968 I went to Vietnam but just before going I watch T Jones performing with his band publicly at US Grant High School in Southern California.

  4. Try Tom Chase Jones in sherman oaks california. I am almost certain that you will find that this is thr guy.

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