The Brym-Stonz Ltd.

“This photo was taken in 1967 in the high school auditorium before we were to play.” – Les Roberts
L-R: Mike Riggle, Don Prilop, Les Roberts, Henry Munson, and Dwayne Sanders.

An underrated 45, the Brym-Stonz Ltd cut the excellent “You’ll Be Mine” on the Custom label sometime in late 1967 or ’68. Although I thought it was recorded at Robin Hood Brians’ studio in Tyler, TX, like other Custom 45s by Billy McKnight and the Reddlemen, Les Roberts states that it was recorded in the label owner’s garage!

“You’ll Be Mine” is fine, moody garage, with a prominent bass line and some unusual chording on guitar and organ. It was written by Dwayne Sanders, while the psychedelic ballad on the flip, “Times Gone By” was written by Leslie Roberts.

Curtis Kirk ran the Custom label and seems to have put his name on every song he ever released, but I doubt he contributed to lyrics like “Colored contrasts call me back from illusions of love/ the variations of oceans of lavender skies!”

I recently heard from Les Roberts, lead guitarist and one of the singers for the band:

The Brym-Stonz were a band from Angleton, south of Houston. We were in high school and like most bands met through wanting to play music. We played lots of school functions and after game dances.

The band members were Henry Munson (Vox Continental organ), Don Prilop (Drums), Dwayne Sanders (Hagstrom bass), the late Mike Riggle (Rhythm/12 string Rickenbacker) who sang the lead vocal on You’ll Be Mine, and Leslie Roberts (Lead guitar) vocal on Times Gone By. The picture of the band is from after Dwayne Sanders had left.

We recorded these songs in December 1967 at Curtis Kirk’s studio converted garage in Tyler. We actualy recorded 4 songs in Tyler but only put the two songs on record. Curtis Kirk always put his name as a co-writer on songs he recorded. Probably to garner writers royalties in case the song did well.

I used to make the dances at the Brazoria County Fairgrounds auditorium each weekend. I got to see lots of local and regional bands such as BJ Thomas and the Triumphs, Roy Head and the Traits, Freddy Koenig and the Jades, Fever Tree, and others.

We formed another band in ’72 called Moonchild and over the years people left. I still play in a band called Dog Town Blues but everyone else has stopped playing.

Les Roberts

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  1. I think that I was the first to refer to The Brym-Stonz as “The Beatles of Angleton”. The name didn’t stick but I still use it. They were an amazing band and great guys. Mike Riggle played bass in a group that I was a member of in the early ’70s. He was a very good muscian.

  2. I am totally astonished to see this! This was recorded in December 1967.
    The band members were Dwayne Sanders (Hagstrom bass), Henry Munson (Vox Continental organ), Don Prilop (Drums), The late Mike Riggle (Rhythm Guitar/ Rickenbacker 12 string)
    and Les Roberts (Lead guitar). Mike sang the lead vocal on You’re Gonna Be Mine, and I did the vocal on Times Gone By. We were from Angleton, South of Houston. Thank you for discovering this and putting it on the Web!
    Les Roberts

  3. Mike was the youngest member of the Brym-Stonz Ltd. & I am the younger cousin of Mike. These guys turned me on to music in a way that I still haven’t recovered. I remember saving egg cartons to “sound-proof” the practice shack behind Les’ Dad’s house. Hearing the 45’s again sends chills up & down my spine ……I wish they would have recorded more. No one has mentioned the original piece “Cowpile” that Moonchild was doing when Mike was with them. Ah, the psychedelic 60’s & 70’s …. you gotta love ’em. Thanks, to whoever is responsible for this!

    Tim Bradberry

  4. I too am astonished to see this. I grew up with these guys in Angleton and was the lead singer in another band. I always looked up to these guys as great musicians and Les Roberts is STILL a great musician! Catch “Dog Town Blues” if you get the chance. You’ll enjoy them.
    Scott Martin

  5. I used to live across the street from Scott Martin, he was in a band with David Duffy… we used to chase them around our neighborhood as if they were the Beatles. I knew Mike Riggle very well and hung out with his little Brother Steve Riggle and cousin Tim Bradberry all the time. Henry Munson was my banker for a while. Wow… time has really flown by. Seems like yesterday.

  6. Les

    BJ Thomas is a very great vocalist I do alot of his music when I perform. I read his book and bought his gospel albums. It must have been an experience to see him when he was just getting started in the music business. Wow people don’t realize the history behind all these bands on this website. The lives that were touched when bands played at various venues.


  7. I agree with Blake. They were the Beatles of Angleton. I’ll never forget seeing them play at a Jr. High assembly. They had a P.A. system that had speaker boxes shaped like coffins. Mike Riggle was so cool. And of course “Hoss” Roberts was the Jerry Garcia of Angleton. I remember Les Roberts bringing a Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention album to school. I remember looking through a window at the high school gymnasiun and seeing them set up for the dance after the football game. I wanted to be in a band so bad. There were many groups from that place and time that influenced me for better or worse. Love Company, Trux. I remember going to the Fairground dances and seeing the Coastliners. Those were the greatest times….growing up in Angleton.

  8. Kenneth, your name is a site for old eyes! I am married to Lee (Butch Flippo) who was actuall in Love Company Inc. He has fine memories and I see most on a regular basis on facebook…where are you now? Butch also had an older brother in a band called The Futuras, and they actually recorded! Anyone remember them?? How about Ronnie Ellis and the Originals!!?? Write me!

  9. I have played with LES alot of times and he is quite the guitar player, when we are on stage together a certain magic takes place that i can’t explain we just look at each other and it’s on!!!!!!! Keep rockin Les, DogTown Blues is a great band check them out when you get chance 🙂

  10. Love Company Inc. played at my 16th birthday party in 1967 at building next to pool in Angleton, Texas.
    Somewhere, I have lots of pictures of the band and the party.

    Who were members of that band?

    1. Love Co. Inc. featured John Brantley, guitar; Scott Martin, lead vocal; David Duffy, drums; Jim Clark, bass; Fred Martindale, lead guitar; Lee Flippo, organ; Pat Howard, guitar.

  11. This is so cool to find this site. I played guitar with Mike Riggle for a couple years in the 70’s. Mike came up with a name of Pistol Dawn. We never really did much with it, just played and had a good time. Les would come by and jam with us from time to time. Mike changed me from a guitar banger to a guitar player.

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