Robby & the Bondsmen Photo

The Bondsmen and Nirvana from Sudbury

Robby & the Bondsmen Photo
The Bondsmen, from left: Doug Simmons (organ), Vas Haritakis (drums), Roger Friskey (bass), and Robby Adams (guitar)

Roger and Lauraine Friskey wrote to me about Roger’s bands the Bondsmen and Nirvana. They sent the photo and card seen  here, but if anyone has additional pics, posters, or newspaper articles of these groups please contact me.

The Bondsmen were formed in the early 1960’s and consisted of Roger Friskey (bass/vocals, Robby Adams (guitar/vocals), Richard Lalonde (guitar/vocals) and Vas Haritakis (drums/vocals). They played at various teen dances in the Sudbury area including North Bay, Elliot Lake, and Field.

Richard Lalonde left the group and Doug Simmons, organ/vocals, joined the band.  They continued to play at various teen dances and made their debut at The Inferno, which was the place to play. It was a well-known dance club in Sudbury.

Nirvana band (Sudbury) Business Card
Danny Gaudet, an extraordinary guitar player, joined the band shortly after and they became The Nirvana.

They were originally managed by M & R Entertainment from Capreol ON. The band was later approached Bill Burke and he became their manager. Soon after this, Bill purchased a building on Durham St in Sudbury, and converted into a dance club. It was named The Hub and was opened to compete with other clubs, i.e. The Inferno and The Joint. The Nirvana became The Hub’s house band.  They played at The Hub for a couple of years. When the Hub closed down, the Nirvana continued to play at teen dances in the Sudbury area.

Other popular bands of that era were: The Act IV, The Inferno 5 + 1, The Kids, The Private Collection, The Beasties, The Village Steps.

The Nirvana broke up when Vas started working for the railroad and was out of town most of the time.  They never got to make it to the recording stage. Everyone went their own way. Unfortunately Danny died in Dec 2012 and Robby Adams died several years ago.

Roger and Lauraine Friskey

5 thoughts on “The Bondsmen and Nirvana from Sudbury”

  1. Growing up in a small town like Capreol brings back many fond memories especially when all the members of the band are friends. We had many good times at local dances in the Sudbury district. My buddy Jim Train [now deceased] and I ran the local teen dances at the Capreol area for some time and this was one of the bands that played there most of the time.
    Looking forward to hearing from others who remember this special time in our lives.
    Fred Teolis

    1. Fred I live in Sudbury and would like to discuss some things and hear what you have to say about the Sudbury music scene in the 60’s. Please email me.

    2. Hey Fred, the Capreol dances bring back some of the greatest memories of our mid to late teen years. What amazing times we had there and what great bands we heard in the Capreol arena. The picture we posted of the Bondsmen is one of only two pictures we have on hand. The other is of Roger and Robby. Just wondering if, as dance organizer, you perhaps have any other photos of the Bondsmen or Nirvana to share with us.

  2. I was just a kid in Nakina Ont in the 1970’s when I met Roger Friskey who was then rooming with my then bother-in-law. I never knew he had a band, only that he had great taste in music and he played guitar.

    I was always pestering him to teach me how to play. Once he showed me a riff that I still play to “show off”, (although I never graduated much beyond lol)

    Would live to see more here, pictures, videos, recordings , stories. Cool site.

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