The Mark IV

The Mark IV, from Poughkeepsie, released three 45s on the Giantstar label out of Mahopac, in Putnam County.

I haven’t heard the first, or the other side of their second 45, “Hey Girl (Won’t You Listen)”, a good folk-garage song.

The b-side of their last 45, “Don’t Want Your Lovin'” is the toughest 45 song they cut, a crazed rave-up with plenty of furious strumming. The A-side, “Would You Believe Me” is fine too, though the transfer is from my VG- copy.

Songwriting credits go to John Ackert, Butch Loreto, Emery Ruger and Ed Gilroy, maybe the son of their manager, Bob Gilroy. Besides these four, another member of the bnad was Jimmy Marino, who I believe is listed on the card as Jay.

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  1. I was googleing my old band just for the hell of it and came across this website which was a pleasant surprise. It’s amazing that you have our old records on it. The original group was started in 1964 by myself (Bass Guitar), Jimmy (JJ) Marino (Rhythm Guitar), John Ackert (Lead Guitar, Organ) and Emory Ruger (Drummer). We practiced in Jimmys living room and did mostly Beatle (our biggest influence) and other English group’s songs at that time. We got my Dad (yes Bob Gilroy was my father) as our manager and named the band after the cigars he smoked (Mark IV cigars). We started playing local YMCA, church and High School dances and the band took off from there. My Dad kept us working every weekend for almost 4 years, branching out into dance clubs in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, upstate New York and New York City. Jimmy left the band in 1966 and was replaced by Butch Loreto. Jimmy later rejoined the group and we became 5 members but kept the name The Mark IV because the band was so popular and known by that name in most of the northeast. From 1965 to 1968 we also played concerts with Eric Burden and the Animals, Jay and the Americans, The Dixie Cups, The Angels, The Tyme and many other groups, We also had a female singer for a while named Rae Ann Panzera. She could definitely belt out a song and was instrumental in our group winning our first Battle of the Bands. She is also the female voice on Hey Girl. I have sent you my email address incase you have any questions about my band or any of the other bands or clubs of that time. Anyone can feel free to contact me at my email address which is That you so much for the recognition and for bringing back fond memories.

  2. I’m John Ackert’s brother. That’s also how I was known in the 60’s when my brother’s band was very popular, John Ackert’s brother. It is really great to see that the existence of his band the Mark IV is preserved here on this website. I have albums full of pictures of the band. If anyone is ever interested in more information please feel free to contact me.

  3. Well….I am Jimmy Marino’s cousin from Poughkeepsie but now live in pleasanton CA.

    I remember the battle of the bands around 1967 or 1968 or so at Arlington Jr high School. You guys were great! I believe you did Back in the USSR by the Beatles which makes it 1968. My mind is fuzzy on it. I also remember asking you guys to do a song for me probably 1965 or 1966 called Good Lovin by the Little Rascals.

  4. I found some old film footage, there is no soundtrack, but the face of the drum set says MARK IV, and it looks to be shot around the late 1960s. I was trying to find out more about the footage, and it led me to this page. Is this the same Mark IV?

    1. Sorry that is not us!! I wish someone did have old footage of our group playing though. If anyone does please contact me!!!

  5. No.
    This would have been a California or west coast based group, the radio station letters on the marquee sort of pinpoint the area where the footage was shot

  6. KMBC was a Kansas City, MO station.
    Radio and TV stations west of the Mississippi start with “K” .
    Stations east of the Mississippi start with “W”.

  7. Wowie zowie! I first met john and Jay at the IBM country club. I believe it was 1965. Me and my girlfriends were big fans of the Mark IV. I think Jay was the first guy I ever made out with ! Whoa! Too much info. Anyway…WHATS IT TO YA!?!

  8. I was looking for another band and found the Mark IV. The first time i saw the Mark IV was at the La Grange fire hall. Rae Ann is my cousin and that’s how i knew them. What great memories.

    1. Hi Rikk. The is Ed Gilroy of the original band. How is Rae-Ann? I haven’t heard anything about her in a long time. I have looked for her on the internet with no luck. She was a great edition to the band at that time and I missed her when she left us!!!

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