The Legend (UK)

from left: Doug Ayris, John Sergeant (hidden) and Brian Hoskins
The Legend were a Twickenham band that never recorded. Their members were bassist Brian Hoskins, lead guitarist Doug Ayris, Nigel Kingswell on lead vocals and John Sergeant on drums. Hoskins later joined the Kool. John Sergeant sent in the photos here and wrote to me about the band:

As promised here are some photos of myself and the Legend at Firestone’s tyre factory on the Great West Road, at Isleworth, near Heathrow. I look so young I can’t believe that it really is me. Doug Ayris is the one walking off the stage. Brian Hoskins is the one pointing at me! The buggers left me to do a 15 minute drum solo while they went for a pint and to chat up the girls.

We did lots of gigs in and around Twickenham area which took in Isleworth, Feltham R & B Club, Heatham House in Twickenham was one of our regular spots. They still have music and youth work there even now in 2011. Amazing! We must have deafened everybody because we played in a very small room.

All the bands at that time were doing R & B, all Howling Wolf and that sort of thing. We had been doing that stuff too but we discovered Zoot Money, Georgie Fame, plus some soul and out and out rock and roll and that was where we wanted to be. We played a wide range of stuff but NOT the R & B that everybody else was doing. We had Cliff Bennett, Johnny Kidd, the Drifters, the Impressions plus the best stuff of our own groups like the Hollies etc. It was a two guitar, drums and vocals line up and (we were told) was pretty damn good! Loved it anyway.

I am still very friendly with all the other guys in the band and we see each other quite regularly. However, I have lost touch with Brian and have been trying for years to find him. Last time I saw him was at a jam session above his battery business in Slough circa 1970.

John Sergeant

John Sergeant with the Legend

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