The Glass Candle

This is an excellent psychedelic 45 from early 1969. “Light the Glass Candle” has piercing guitar lines; “Keep Right on Living” chugs along to steady tom tom beats with vocals that sound either very young or speeded up.

Both sides written by Jimmy Tillmann. Two other members named Roger and Danny have signed my copy of the 45. There must have been at least one more member, as the lineup includes guitar, bass organ and drums.

The 45 was produced by Alan Posniak, and seems to be their only recording. The Target label was based in Appleton, Wisconsin, but I’ve read the band was from Milwaukee, about a hundred miles south of Appleton.

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  1. The Glass Candle was, indeed, from Milwaukee and they are included (and depicted) in my book, “On That Wisconsin Beat”. Besides Tillman, the other members were Roger Hyde, Don Zank and Dan Dawe and, later, John Kruger. Producer Al Posniak was the owner of Target (=Tee Pee for Target Productions).

  2. Just wondered if you know where Al is now — 03-19-2012. He was from Appleton and a local website has questions about whether he is still with us and if so where he is?xebb

    1. To: Gary Myers

      My daughter just forwarded your comment to me (almost 2 years later).

      I never heard of the label Toby; but Al did a little producing once he came to Chicago and it is possible he used some label.

      1. Thx very much, Chuck. According to a member of Sherry & Wine (the band on the Toby release), the record was produced in Appleton. It was on Expo (Waukegan/Chicago area label) in 1970, but I don’t know if the Toby release came before or after that, and the member I spoke to didn’t remember, so the question remains, at least for now.

  3. Lindsay, thx very much, but no, I never heard back. My question concerns if he knows anything about a label named Toby. An IL band called Sherry & Wine had a release on Toby 101 (June Lady/You Can’t Do That), prod. by Alan, and it was also on Ex Plo. I’d like to know which one came first, and what yr the Toby release came out.
    Gary E. Myers / MusicGem

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