The Fourgathering

The Fourgathering were from the Chicago area, maybe from Wilmette, a suburb just north of Evanston.

“You’re Mean to Me” flies by in just over two minutes. From the opening chords the pace never lets up, with unrelenting drumming and a twangy rhythm on the guitar. The singer moves from one chorus and verse to the next, pausing only for a very brief solo from the guitarist. The fine background vocals are a nice touch. It was written by A. Gilmore and J. Mayfield.

On the flip, the band gives an energetic performance on the more ordinary blues standard, “Betty and Dupree”. It’s credited as public domain, and arranged by Dan Brown.

The RCA pressing code TK3M-6240 indicates this was most likely a mid-late 1966 release, recorded at RCA’s studios in Chicago.

Thor Records also released the War Lords’ stomping “Real Fine Lady”/ “I’ve Got It Bad” (written by T. Jacobs, J. Papelka).

Thank you to Chris Gilbert for the scans of the white-label promo copy of this 45, seen below.

One thought on “The Fourgathering”

  1. YOU’RE MEAN TO ME rules!!! It’s the very definition of a swinging stomper!!! It’s a real beat tune worthy of the English and European beat groups but with that cool American quality!!!

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