The Amen

The Amen (left to right: Dave Wilson, Nick Scali, Bob Clarke, Tim Ryan and Ed Schryer)
The Amen (left to right: Dave Wilson, Nick Scali, Bob Clarke, Tim Ryan and Ed Schryer)

The Amen Algoma 45 Peter ZeusThe Amen (or A Men) originated in Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada. Band members in 1966 were Tim Ryan on vocals, Ed Schryer lead guitar, Nick Scali rhythm guitar, Dave Wilson bass and Bob Clarke drums. At this point they were known for their original songs and also for the 15 minute drum solos of Bob Clarke. A later clipping lists Bob Yukich and Bob Yeomans as well, and omits Ed Schryer.
After eight months together, playing at the local Teen Centre, they traveled to Toronto in late 1966 to record their only 45, a fine 60’s pop 45 released on the local Algoma label early in ’67. No songwriting credits are listed on the label, but an article from the Sault Daily Star mentions Tim Ryan as the composer of the a-side, “Carnivals and Cotton Candy”, with the slightly psychedelic “Peter Zeus” being a collaboration between Tim and Bob Clarke. Production was by John Holt.

Boris's Coffee House and Red Gas Room bands, the Amen, the Tripp, The Rabble
Amen at the Red Gas Room
The Amen apparently moved to Toronto at some point in 1967, returning on July 21 to Sault Ste. Marie for a homecoming concert at the Memorial Gardens. (The Memorial Gardens were demolished in May of 2006.) They stayed active until at least late 1967, sharing billing with the Guess Who at the Princess Theatre in September. They certainly had ambition and talent, but for some reason never cut another record.

A Men live on CJIC-TV with the Odds and Ends and the Rogues RPM, October 17, 1966
A Men live on CJIC-TV with the Odds and Ends and the Rogues RPM, October 17, 1966
Thank you Jim Witty for letting me know about this group, and special thanks to Bård Hodneland for the cool photo and memorabilia of the Amen, and Ronald T. Robinson, former DJ at Sault Ste. Marie radio CKCY, who sent in the fabulous article “Amen Cut Peter Zeus” from the Sault Daily Star which his wife had saved since high school. Thanks also to Ivan Amirault for the scan from RPM.

Amen are back clipping

The Amen cut Peter Zeus

Amen Sault Memorial Grounds ticketAmen and Guess Who ticket

Later photo of the Amen with six members
Later photo of the Amen with six members
Later photo of the Amen with six members
Later photo of the Amen with six members
Above, the Vandettas (Vendettas?): Bob Yukich, John Derbyshire, Keith McKie, Bob Yeomans, Alex Darou.
Bob Yukich and Bob Yeomans would join a later version of the Amen, and Keith McKie went on to Kensington Market.

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  1. I just saw “the Amen” reunite in Sault Ste. Marie for a local revival show called “18 Forever” on Dec. 8, 2007. This show included “(those)Rogues”, The Fire Flies and a host of other Canadian artists from Sault Ste. Marie including Jackson Hawke. The Amen did their 2 original songs from the 45 mentioned on this site along with some cover material. Sadly Wilson has passed away but the band paid him tribute on a tune. Tim Ryan on vocals was great and the Amen were FABulous. ;-)and YES, Clarke did a drum solo 🙂
    It was definitely worth the 40 year wait. 🙂

  2. Because of their Wisconsin release (Cuca), Rob Kirk & the Word are covered in my 2nd WI book, “On That Wisconsin Beat”. I have a great deal of info on Kirk, who was from Soo, MI, and who was murdered in SoCal in ’83, but have yet to learn of anyone who was in “The Word”, but I suspect they were NOT from Soo, MI. I’ve spoken to some people in Soo, Ont, but stil no leads. Does anyone have any related info?

  3. On December 8, 2007 The Vendettas reunited for the first time since the 1960s. Playing to 3000-4000 people, they and other popular bands from Sault Ste. Marie’s past, (Bobby D & The Bobcats, The Fireflies, The Amen, Those Rogues, Pavement Artists, Polisi Bassoon and Jackson Hawk,) rocked the city.
    Original members Keith McKie, Bob Yukich, Bob Yeomans and Alf Johns took the Sault back to the mid-sixties. Mike Yurich helped out on keyboards.

    A sample of the Vendettas can be found at:

  4. From the 18Forever concert, these bootlegs:


    Roll Over Beethoven:

    This Boy:

    Heart Full of Soul:

    All My Loving:


    Unchain My Heart:

    The urls were emailed to me by the YouTube poster. The original shots and sound were recorded using a hand-held videocam with built in internal microphone. This made proper sound balance difficult. (The camera probably shouldn’t have been brought to the concert.) They were shot at the Steelback Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. I don’t know if they are legal so I don’t know how long they’ll be up. Any positive ratings or comments would be appreciated. Any questions I’m comfortable answering, I will. This was the first time these guys had all played together in over 40 years!

  5. At Collegiate I would book both the Vendettas, and the Amen for dances. There was another band called the Vampires with Ricky Rogers. The Vendettas did Beatles and the Amen did Stones. Bob Clarke was in my Air Cadet pipe band. A spectacular drummer !!!
    I also shot the late Tim Ryan’s show at Hugh’s Room in Toronto for his concert DVD.

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