7 and 7 Is?

Continuing the tribute to Arthur Lee and the other departed members of Love, Bryan MacLean and Ken Forssi, I’m featuring garage covers of Love songs, including seven different versions of “7 and 7 Is”, all of them interesting!

In New Zealand and Australia there were a few bands that took all or part of the names of UK and American groups, then covered their songs! For example, there’s the Australian Birds who covered two of the UK Bird’s 45s, “No Good Without You” and “Say Those Magic Words”, and a New Zealand Action who covered the UK’s Action “Never Ever”.

From Hamilton, New Zealand were a band that covered “7 And 7 Is” and called themselves Tomorrow’s Love, which is a bizarre tribute I guess, yet it’s a good version of the song.

The Upside Dawne’s version of “7 And 7 Is” comes from a very rare lp on the Audio House label of Lawrence, Kansas.

The Blues Inc. from Ohio give a slower and psychedelicized version of “7 And 7 Is”.

The Five by Five were from Magnolia, Arkansas, northeast of Shreveport. Their heavy version of “7 And 7 Is” comes from their LP Next Exit.

Other versions of “7 And 7 Is” include the Soul Benders (as “Seven and Seven Is”), the District Six and the Eyes of Blue.

The Move give a great live version of “Stephanie Knows Who” on their rare live EP of cover songs, Something Else.

Thee Sixpence later became the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Their cover of “My Flash on You” is one of the most famous covers of a Love song.

The Souls of the Slain were from Louisiana. “Can’t Go On” is simply their version of “Signed D.C.”. It was their only 45.

2 thoughts on “7 and 7 Is?”

  1. Looks like Aris (lead singer of the original Soul Benders) created 4 different videos of their 60’s hits (including 7 & 7 Is) and has put them up on YouTube.
    They’re pretty cool…those interested should take a look.

  2. I wonder what an original Tomorrows Love 45 disk is worth …I have been offered $100 for mine…but what I really would like to know …??

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