Black Prince Hotel, Bexley, Kent

The Black Prince Hotel in Bexley, Kent was a popular live music venue during the 1960s. I’ve started to compile a list of artists that performed there and would welcome any additions as well as any memories of the pub.

12 April 1964 – Graham Bond Organisation

17 May 1964 – Graham Bond Organisation

21 June 1964 – Graham Bond Organisation

12 September 1964 – Graham Bond Organisation

18 October 1964 – Graham Bond Organisation
29 October 1964 – Graham Bond Organisation

28 February 1965 – Rod Stewart & The Soul Agents with Buddy Guy

29 August 1965 – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

30 January 1966 – Spencer Davis Group

6 February 1966 – Alex Harvey
13 February 1966 – Graham Bond Organisation (with Big Wheel Soul Band?)
27 February 1966 – Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band

6 March 1966 – The Action
27 March 1966 – Steampacket

5 June 1966 – Downliners Sect

3 July 1966 – Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band

21 August 1966 – Shotgun Express

4 September 1966 – The Moody Blues
11 September 1966 – Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers
18 September 1966 – Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band

20 November 1966 – Downliner’s Sect

14 March 1967 – Carl Douglas & The Big Stampede

9 April 1967 – Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger & The Trinity
25 April 1967 – Jimmy Cliff (with The Shakedown Sound)

30 May 1967 – The Nite People

2 July 1967 – The Coloured Raisins

3 September 1967 – The Amboy Dukes
10 September 1967 – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

8 October 1967 – The Amboy Dukes

7 November 1967 – Carl Douglas & The Big Stampede
12 November 1967 – Dantalion’s Chariot

5 May 1968 – Spooky Tooth

9 June 1968 – Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
23 June 1968 – Spooky Tooth

4 August 1968 – Spooky Tooth

15 September 1968 – Ten Years After
22 September 1968 – Timebox

10 December 1968 – Simon K & The Meantimers

27 June 1969 – The Symbols

10 August 1969 – Trapeze

19 October 1969 – The Greatest Show on Earth

9 November 1969 – Timebox


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19 thoughts on “Black Prince Hotel, Bexley, Kent”

  1. I loved playing this gig with the Downliners Sect. Both stages were great and the promoter was a really decent chap. When I saw that the old gig had disappeared I was very sad.

    Don Craine.

  2. January 1970 Bexley Black Prince-Trifle (11th), Trapeze (25th)
    May 1970 Bexley Black Prince- Toe Fat (17th)
    June 1970 Bexley Black Prince- Trapeze (7th)
    July 1970 Bexley, Black Prince-Status Quo, Bram Stoker (12th), Greatest Show On Earth (19th), Trapeze (26th)
    August 1970 Bexley Black Prince-Slade (23rd)
    Sept 1970 Bexley Black Prince-Faces (13th), Groundhogs (20th)
    Oct 1970 Bexley Black Prince- Steamhammer, UFO (4th), Caravan (11th)
    Nov 1970 Bexley Black Prince-Groundhogs (29th)
    Dec 1970 Bexley Black Prince-Steamhammer (13th), Greatest Show On Earth (24th), Argent (27th)


    David F

  3. I seem to remember the first band to play there was Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimension with Rod Stewart doing of few vocals

  4. The Moody Blues Also Backed Sonny Boy Williamson as well
    Other Bands
    Derek & The Dominos
    The Mike Cotton Sound
    The Petty Things

    1. yes I remember the Moody Blues being resident there most Sunday nights late 64 and throughout 65 and even later I think. Can remember first time I heard this great R&B band at the Black prince and wondering who they were…and as we were leaving they sang Go Now…we stayed and listened and realised who they were as the record had just been released. Following in 1965 asked them if they played any James Brown and they said no, but did lots of Ray Charles songs….. later April 67 l had my wedding reception there. Black prince has many sweet memories for me.

  5. I saw John Lee Hooker, Freddie King & Traffic (& the girl who sang “Rescue Me”. Have no record of the dates, but a great venue

  6. Used to go there early 70’s – it was run by the dad of a kid at my school – Dave Fletcher, I think. Seem to recall Quo was more or less resident band, but preferred Stray even if they were a bit heavy on the strobes. One night, midweek I think, we queued up outside with what we later discovered was the band. My mate had just bought a pair of bright green 4″ stack shoes, but was upstaged by this guy in front with 6″ ruby red stacks – turned out it was Andy Mackay – one of Roxy Music’s first gigs before Virginia Plain. Awesome.

    1. Early 70’s for me and I seem to remember that the promoter had a record shop in Lewisham. Stray, Roxy Music, Groundhogs, Genesis, Argent, the list goes on but my memory doesn’t. Lanny.

      1. I sign out and then Arthur Browns Kingdom Come, Blackfoot Sue, Wishbone Ash, Focus, Pink Fairies, Rory Gallagher, Uriah Heep (?) and Atomic Rooster (?) are magically recalled. Lanny.

      1. I used to work the door at Black Prince. Yes that’s correct it was run by Len & Kath Fletcher.
        Great venue and great memories.

  7. I used to watch Graham Bond in April 1964 – driving up from school in Rochester. Amazing sound and some fearsome punch-ups when the lights went out and the bouncers were set upon.
    Booked Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band for a Reading University gig around ’66. Nobody could keep still. We also had Cream when they first formed, then couldn’t afford them after their first hit, ‘Wrapping Paper’ (I think)

  8. Was there in 63/64/65 (?)and saw Long John Baldry and His Hoochy Coochy Men. On piano was a young Reg Dwight, with guest vocals from ‘Rod the Mod’. Wish I could remember more detail!

  9. Lived only 5 minutes walk away and started going when they had Modern Jazz on a Sunday night then changed over to R & B with bands such as
    Alex Harvey, Graham Bond , Steampacket (Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll, Rod Stewart & Long John Baldry), John Mayall Bluesbreakers, The Downliners Sect, Alexis Korner, Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band, The Animals plus many more

    1. I remember the blues nights on Sundays, Must have been 1965 -66 Steampacket with Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton with John Mayall, Stevie Windwood with The Spencer Davis group, also seem to remember Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce but not sure what bands they were with. Also as mentioned above Zoot Money, Graham Bond Organisation. Small venue, I think then it was 2/6 to go in. Brilliant times, the music fantastic. The last time i saw Eric Clapton was in Hyde Park, think I paid 60 pounds

  10. I saw Lindisfarne on the 13 Feb 1972 ,I know because I took my girlfriend there on our third date we have now been married for 44 years .The Black Prince was a fantastic music venue in the late sixties and early seventies great memories.

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