The Persian Market Lightning 45 Flash In The Pan

The Persian Market

The Persian Market Lightning 45 Flash In The PanLee DeHart – lead vocals
Doug Cochrane – lead guitar
Brad DeHart – rhythm guitar, vocals
Tommy Ranson – bass and vocals
Doug Begneaud – organ
Keith Thibodeaux – drums
Joe Stein – percussion and vocals

The Persian Market came from Lafayette, Louisiana. In May of 1967, the band recorded four songs at La Louisianne’s studio in Lafayette. Two of these, “Flash in the Pan” and “The Wind Is Ours” were released on Lightning Records LR 103. They also recorded versions of “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White” and “The Gamma Gooce”, which eventually saw release on Cicadelic. “Flash In the Pan” is a driving garage number, led by the organ playing and with a good vocal delivery. It was written by Lee Dehart and Tom Ranson. The flip is the softer “The Wind Is Ours” (written by Brad Dehart for Lightening Pub, BMI).

The single was produced by Eddy Raven and Ben Skolnick, 104 Brighton, Lafayette, LA; the address is a house not far from the Vermilion River. Ben Skolnick managed the group.

Anyone have a photo of the band?

Persian Market Lake Charles American Press Thursday, May 11, 1967
May 1967 ad for the Cave on Ryan Street in Lake Charles, featuring the Persian Market (Fri. May 12) & the Gravel Road (Sat. May 13)
The first 45 on the label was Lightning LR-101, the Roamin’ Togas “Bar the Door” (Person, Adams, Prust) / “You Must Believe Me” from June of 1967, with the same production and publishing credits as the Persian Market. The Adams in the credits seems to be Pete Adams, according to BMI. I’m not sure of any other releases on Lightning, but the Togas and Persian Market are now very rare, fetching about $200 nowadays.

Sources: Brad DeHart’s website and Mike Dugo’s interview with Doug Cochrane.

The Persian Market Lightning 45 The Wind Is Ours

The Fabulous Checkmates Morgan 45 Safari

Morgan Records discography

The Fabulous Checkmates Morgan 45 SafariMorgan Records had its base in Montgomery, Alabama. Some artists, like the Rockin’ Gibraltars recorded at Cloverland Studio in Montgomery. Publishing was often with Granny Music BMI.

Morgan discography (incomplete – any help with this would be appreciated)

Morgan 674H-3947 – Kavaliers – “Get Your Feet Off Me” / “If You Loved Her” (SK4M-3947) (November 1965)
Morgan HV-? – Kavaliers – “Hey Baby” / “Gotcha” (?) (TK4M-?) (1966) (need confirmation of this one)
Morgan 5965 – Doug Hughes – “Reno Blues” / “Two People I Know” (need confirmation of this one)
Morgan HR 9018 – Charlena & the Rockettes – “Ramrod” / “Last Night”
Morgan HV-9040 – Rockin’ Gibraltars – “Go With Me” (S. Grier, K. Brewer) / “Signed, Sealed and Delivered”
Morgan HV-9041 – The Mustangs – “Hitch Hike” / “Daddy’s Home”
Morgan HV-9044 – The Bankrupts, vocal Jimmy Wood – “Bankrupt” (J. Segrest) / “Why Can’t I Change” (T4KM-5107)
Morgan HV-9047 – Fabulous Checkmates – “Safari ‘Jungle Trip'” (Bush, Jones, Helms, Windham, Dean) / “My Sin and My Pride” (TK4M-5244)
Morgan HV-9060 – The Seeds of Time – “She’s Been Travelin’ ‘Round the World” / “Gina” (TK4M -9675)

The Kavaliers were Wayne Neuendorf, Jack Boutwell, Mike Morris, Larry Hughes, Tim Nix and Mike Walters.

Thanks to Gary Wise for help with the discography.

Illusions Chantain 45 Shadows Of You

The Illusions

Illusions Chantain 45 Shadows Of YouOne of many groups called the Illusions, this group cut only one 45 featuring the great “Shadows of You” by D. Gillon, which was originally the B-side. The A-side is the more pop “Rain, Shine, or Snow” by J. Dougherty.

I can’t find any info on this group. United Recording and Production was incorporated in Birmingham, Alabama on May 20, 1968. The Chantain BMI credit doesn’t show up in BMI’s current database. Although it looks something like a Rite pressing, it is not, with etched deadwax simply “L-193-1/2″. Maybe someone can comment with the likely pressing plant for this record.

Chantain had at least three other releases, a soul 45 by Roy Smith “Don’t Go Away” (R. Smith, B. Walker) / “The Pain Lingers On” (Chantain CH-0014, reissued on Ascot AS 2239), the Regular Size doing a ballad called “Down In Texas” b/w “Richmond”, and a release by Jerry Woodward.

Illusions Chantain 45 Rain, Shine or Snow

The Beat Syndicate, circa 1965

The Beat Syndicate

The Beat Syndicate, circa 1965
The Beat Syndicate, circa 1965, from left: Tony (the drummer), Jim Newton, John Maskell, John (the bassist) and Mick George
John Maskell wrote to me about his group the Beat Syndicate and sent in the great promotional photo seen here. Has anyone come across their unreleased demo?

I was a vocalist for a group called The Beat Syndicate.

Attached is a photo of the group circa 1965. From the left, Tony the drummer, Jim Newton the rhythm guitarist, John Maskell, John the bassist and Mick George the lead guitarist. I am afraid I cannot recall two of the surnames of two that are mentioned.

In September 1965 (25th I think) we appeared at the Cellar Club supporting The Nashville Teens. Arriving about 7 pm we started the show at 7.30 pm. We played on and then had a 15 minute break, when we were informed the Teens had been fog bound in Manchester where they were recording Top of the Pop’s. We were asked to play on to keep the show going as they were not sure what time the star act was going to arrive. Two guys who had left Screaming Lord Sutch’s group to form The Plebs, Danny McCulloch and Derek Sirmon gave our drummer and bassist a break. We eventually finished at just after midnight and the Teens went on at 12.30 am. I am not quite sure about the actual date, from my old notes it has to be a few days either side of the 25th, if it’s not the 25th.  

We won a beat competition at Coronation Gardens Leytonstone, where we were based, and were given a recording test at Pye studios. Alan A. Freeman was the producer. We recorded a song that the lead guitarist and I wrote with a standard on the B side. The record was never released and I lent my copy to an agent who said he would get me some work after I left the Beat Syndicate but I never saw him or my disc again.

I left The Beat Syndicate rather acrimoniously, as at the time of the Pye test we were given a contract to tour professionally, however the rest of the band turned the opportunity down. I was a bit miffed as I thought that was what we were in the music business for, to progress to professionals. The band carried on for a couple of years and disbanded some time in 1968.

Disillusioned, I didn’t pursue my singing career any further, but I have sung with the odd band or two in recent years.   

Previously in 1963, I had been with a group called Johnny & the Bobcats, we changed the name to Group 004 + 1 after a while. We had success supporting groups such as Georgie Fame, The Kinks, The Paramounts and Gene Vincent & the Shouts to name a few.

John Maskell

The Kaleidoscope Machine Dab 45 Why

The Kaleidoscope Machine

The Kaleidoscope Machine Dab 45 WhyWhen this 45 by the Kaleidoscope Machine came up for auction this summer, I threw a bid out for about a third of its reputed value. To my surprise, and subsequent financial distress, I won it. The band had only 200 copies pressed in October, 1967, distributing them to local radio stations. Those copies are mostly lost and this is considered a very rare single now.

According to Buckeye Beat, Dennis Anthony was a student at Toledo University and wrote original songs. He formed a band with his wife’s younger brother and a couple other high school students from the small town of Petersburg, MI, about 30 miles from Toledo. The Kaleidoscope Machine did some shows in Petersburg and Toledo. The band stayed together only a short time, but it was enough to record two of Dennis Anthony’s songs at a radio studio.

The band rocks behind Dennis on “Why”, while “We Can’t Wait” is more subdued. The lyrics to both songs are simple and impassioned, but the performances have a confidence that elevates them above many other singles in this vein. The rarity of this 45 has kept these songs from being compiled and few people have heard either.

Anthony wrote both songs for Barthmare Music, BMI, though I can’t find any trace of them in BMI’s online database. The label is DAB Records, which I assume was short for Dennis Anthony B——? Master #s are 20577/8.
The Kaleidoscope Machine Dab 45 We Can't Wait

Cross Tie Walkers Valley 45 Days I Recollect

Cross Tie Walkers

Cross Tie Walkers Valley 45 Days I RecollectCan’t find much about this group who did this one 45 in 1970. The Cross Tie Walkers included brothers Tony Goggans and Mike Goggans. I’ve read Valley was an Alabama label, and thought the band was from there until Vance Pollack wrote that the brothers had previously been in “the Malabous Ron, aka Malibus / Malibous, etc. of Fayetteville” in North Carolina.

Cross Tie Walkers Valley 45 Girl We Got a While Yet“Days I Recollect is the standout, sounding much like Creedence, but with something original to it. Mike Goggans wrote both that and the flip, “Girl We Got a While Yet”, for Clay Music BMI.

Tony Goggans produced the 45, engineered by Jerry K. Black and arranged by Michael Goggans. The PRP 21841/PRP 21842 code indicates Precision Record Press in Nashville.

Any additional information about the group would be appreciated. Anyone have a photo of the group?

WGXC Record Fair, October 11, 2014, Hudson, NY

1st Annual WGXC Record Fair

WGXC Record Fair, October 11, 2014, Hudson, NYThe 1st Annual WGXC Record & Media Fair is this Saturday, October 11, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Admission is $3, early admission at 8 a.m. is $10.

I’ll be selling LPs and garage 45s up front as you walk in so please come by and say hello. Lots of collectors & smaller dealers will be selling which should make this fun.


Second Ward Foundation
71 North 3rd Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Hudson is about 1/2 hour from Albany, 2.5 hours from New York City (less if traffic is good), and 2.5 hours from Boston.

Vendors include:
Sundazed Records – Coxsackie, NY
Spike Priggen of Bedazzled / 4 Star Vinyl
Slipped Disc Records/Mike Schutzman, NYC
Mark Zip/Zip’s Ziggurat – Saugerties, NY
VInyl Rescue/Michael Overn – Pomona, NY
Jack Skutnick/NY CD & Record Fairs – Binghamton, NY
Ric Zannitto
Chris Bishop, Ghent, NY
John Cleater, Columbiaville, NY
Thomas Konopka
Alex Benson

Free parking in back of the venue and on the street. We should have at least two food trucks and plenty of other restaurants are within a few blocks. Hudson has three record stores plus antique shops that sell records, notably Carousel, plus a few live music venues.

This is a fundraiser for WGXC 90.7 FM Hands-on Community Radio.

Audiodisc Acetate Little By Little

Unknown Audiodisc Acetate

Audiodisc Acetate Have Faith
“Have Faith”

Audiodisc Acetate Little By Little
“Little By Little, Fallin’ Apart”
Here’s an Audiodisc acetate (actually an aluminum disc coated with lacquer, not made of acetate) from an unknown group who may have been from the New York area. There’s no info on the disc at all, so I don’t think this group will ever be found. No one I know has ever heard these songs on any released 45, so this seems to be a one-of-a-kind demo that was never issued.

From the lyrics, the titles seem to be “Little By Little (Fallin’ Apart)” and “Have Faith”. Both songs are great mid-60s garage, I only wish the condition of “Have Faith” was a little better as it’s a quiet song so the wear is audible.

Thank you to Barry T. for the demo and transfers.

Karl Thaler 45 The Storm

Karl Thaler

Karl Thaler 45 The StormKarl Thaler 45 Phoebe

Supreme obscurity here, though not garage at all. Karl Thaler plays acoustic guitar and sings on the excellent composition “The Storm”, and plays guitar and harmonica on the instrumental “Phoebe”.

I have no info other than what’s on the label, which includes the deadwax stamp “45 202 385″ / “45 202 386″. I’m sorry I don’t have a sound clip for you to listen to, my current set up mars every rip I make so I won’t do it right now. Any info on who he is or what music scene this came from would be appreciated.

Sleepers Marvy 45 I Want a Love

The Sleepers

The Sleepers photo

Sleepers Marvy 45 I Want a LoveThe Sleepers were from Mansfield, Ohio, located in the northern part of the state about halfway between Columbus and Cleveland.

Tom Zinser lead the band so they were usually referred to as Tommy Z and the Sleepers, though not on the record label which simply says The Sleepers and lists the members by last name, including Murry, Crause, Davis, and First. Tommy Zinser’s name is spelled Zinzer on the labels.

“I Want a Love” combines a fuzz riff with a jangly guitar sound and unison vocals. There’s a short drum break and the fuzz repeats its riffs without trying for anything ambitious. “Time Will Tell” features hypnotic picked guitar and fine harmonies in backup and on the chorus.

Zinser and Davis wrote both songs. The single was recorded at Audio Recording in Cleveland, produced by E.R. Thomas and E.R. Garnes, and released on the Marvy label in 1966.

Sleepers Marvy 45 Time Will Tell
After the Sleepers broke up in 1967, Zinser went into the Wildlife with guitarist and vocalist Terry Van Auker. The Wildlife released one 45 on Columbia, 4-44369, “Time Will Tell” / “Hard, Hard ,Year”, which I haven’t heard.

Confusingly there was another group with two earlier 45s on Columbia who are listed as the Wild Life (two words instead of Wildlife) which have similar credits, arranged by Chuck Sagle and produced by John Walsh:

“This Is What I Was Made For” / “Somes Times I’m Up (Sometimes I’m Down”) (Columbia 4-44213)
“New Games to Play” / “Where Do You Go” (Columbia 4-44285)

Same band?

In any case, Zinser and Van Auker went into Owen-B which had a self-produced LP recorded at Mus-i-col Studios in Columbus. Another member of Owen-B was Jim Krause, vocals and harmonica. I suppose he could be the same person listed as ‘Crause’ on the Sleepers label.

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